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The BBC wrote an interesting article recently on self storage that attracted a lot of comments. We couldn’t have put the case for self storage Glasgow better ourselves.

Here’s a selection:

In Britain spec builders dominate housing and design to the minimum possible standards omitting storage space. No-one is assumed to possess anything that cannot be stuck on a living room or bedroom wall. In many other countries it would be unthinkable not to have cellars or other storage whether in houses or blocks of flats. Using damp garages and hazardous lofts for storage is a joke. Richard.

Modern housing is sold on the number of bedrooms and ensuites – storage has been ‘designed out’ and is not mentioned. Even storing a tennis racket is a problem let alone spare furniture. No wonder warehouses are the only places to put it. David.

I had an attempt at clearing our loft of old toys that the kids had outgrown years ago. I was throwing stuff out, my wife was putting it back. I even found an old pushchair with a wheel missing, my wife was convinced the kids might find a use for it if they had kids of their own.
I think she’s a bit of a nutter. :) George.

The article makes no mention of a big reason. People want to live in bigger houses than are being built. An oversupply of tiny shoe-boxes and under supply of proper homes. A problem exacerbated by government policies such as 35 homes per hectare and “affordable housing” quotas. These shoe-boxes will be affordable if there were a good supply of bigger homes. Then there’d be room for our stuff. Sarah.

In UK I think the popularity of self storage units has more to do with the fact that Britons live in some of the smallest spaces in the western world! In many “Houses” aka Flats there is hardly room for furniture let a lone space to fit in even modest facilities for storage. The storage unit phenomena I think actually reflects a problem with the unreasonably small size of living space in the UK. Zak.

It was interesting to see the antics at a skip delivered several years ago to a neighbour. Before he had a chance to use it, a few others had dumped their unwanted things in it, but he really funny part was others passing, seeing some of the stuff inside, and removing it for their own use. perhaps a “help yourself” facility could be installed alongside the bottle banks. Bill.

New houses and flats, despite being unaffordable for most of us are little more than shoe-boxes. We have the most cramped housing in Europe, as well as the most expensive, our population is growing at an unsustainable rate and we are building no decent affordable homes. When will we wake up? Cob.

We used storage for about 6 months during a house move that dragged on and on (thanks, mtg company!). The guy there said that most of his smaller units were used by people in the throes of marriage dissolutions and home break ups. People put stuff in storage until their lives settle down again. This enables them to temporarily go and live with friends or family without taking up much space. Alan.

When my parents died, I found myself with an entire extra houseful of stuff. Despite the childhood memories, there was no way I had room to keep it all. Most had to go, but it was quite a wrench parting with it, and there are still some things I couldn’t bear to part with, despite them being of no use to me whatsoever. They are like my last link with my parents. Graham.

I`ll always remember the story of the guy who had an unwanted fridge-freezer, so he put it at the front of his house with a sign that read “Free to anyone who can take it away”. It was there for a couple of weeks so he replaced the sign with another which read “Good working order-£50″. He awoke the next day to find it had been stolen. Now`t as queer as folk. Buck.

We use a storage unit because we don’t like ‘stuff’ filling up what little space we have in our flat. The ‘stuff’ however is the sort of thing that we wouldn’t throw away, like tools, my wife’s wedding dress and other sentimental things. It’s definitely worth the £10 per week and works out much cheaper per cubic foot than our mortgage so makes sense! Beancounter.

My wife and I split because she spends a fortune on junk she doesn’t need. Consumerism in England is out of control. Chris.

One factor is our increasing reluctance to buy or use second hand items. This prevents the passing on or selling of the stuff we have replaced, much of which has a few good years left in it. Andy.

Sad when you see that most of our “treasures” have not seen the light of day for years and years , and the next generation will just throw them out anyway ! I used to save our sons old books and toys that they did not want , but now I’m ruthless ( well with most things ) . its like holding onto the past . Sylvia.

I’ve had a unit for three years. I’m self employed, & use it to store stuff like the stand fittings & furniture I use for trade shows – yes, & some sentimental stuff, and furniture that doesn’t fit my current home but I didn’t want to sell… Had to saccrifice the garage so I could work at home. Modern houses = too small! Sue.

I’ve found the best way to stop myself from hoarding is to ask myself, ‘do I need it’ before buying. This year I’ve substantially reduced the clutter in my bathroom by choosing to use up products rather than buy new ones. I got my favourite shoes repaired, rather than buy two or three new pairs almost the same. De -cluttering is wonderfully liberating – and I’m happier in a less messy house. Debs.

I think a lack of suitable storage in modern housing is the biggest cause. E.g. Our second bedroom has space for a bed and nothing else, which means the hall cupboard has become a makeshift wardrobe for my flatmate. Necessary items like the hoover and ironing board have to sit out in the hallway. The kitchen only has 1 useable cupboard. One. Once the plates are in, there’s nowhere to put food! Scot.

The article had over 200 comments, most bemoaning the lack of storage space in modern houses. So it looks like more and more people will use self storage.

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