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A Nice Testimonial

“In Nov 2012 I was set to move house having successfully sold my own property. However, the property i was due to move to fell through, with the “seller” pulling out of the sale 7 days prior to the move being scheduled to take place. I then found myself in the position of having nowhere [...]

Self Storage Comments

The BBC wrote an interesting article recently on self storage that attracted a lot of comments. We couldn’t have put the case for self storage Glasgow better ourselves. Here’s a selection: In Britain spec builders dominate housing and design to the minimum possible standards omitting storage space. No-one is assumed to possess anything that cannot [...]

Self Storage Dundee: Record Breaking May

Kangaroo Self Storage Dundee is delighted to report their highest ever levels of demand in May 2011. Customer enquiries and move-ins smashed all previous monthly records. Businesses, domestic customers and students all contacted Graham and his team in Dundee seeking a high quality storage solution. It’s quite common to experience some seasonal uplift in demand [...]

Self Storage Glasgow: Record Demand

Kangaroo Self Storage Glasgow experienced record levels of demand in May and this trend has continued into June. Self storage usually shows a seasonal uplift in demand during the spring and summer months, but the surge in enquiries in Glasgow this year has broken all previous records. Interestingly this jump in enquiries has been strong [...]

Self Storage Glasgow Customer Feedback

Kangaroo Self storage Glasgow  have just added a customer feedback page for customers to rate the service in Glasgow’s favourite self storage facility. The new page has hopped into action with some very positive initial reviews. Ratings are given for Access, Cleanliness, Security, Staff attitude and Value for money. So far all the scores have [...]