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Archive Storage in Scotland and North West England

Archive storage should make things more convenient for you – not create another job. From a small space for a couple of boxes to archiving for hundreds of box files, we can support your archive needs.

Archive Storage is available in:
We sell archive boxes to keep your business critical documents orderly and safe. Store your files and boxes as you like; with or without racking. We can arrange racking for hire or purchase and we can fit-out your room to help you make the most of the space inside.

You can change archive room at any time – so as your requirements change, your storage room can too. This way, you only pay for what you need, when you need it. Let us help you find the most appropriate storage room for you. View our rooms.

Choose your service level

Self-Managed Archive Storage
We are open seven days a week, so during our opening hours you can come and go as often as you please to collect or deposit documents. There is no charge for retrieval as you do it yourself; you only pay for the storage space.

Filing Cabinet Storage
Several of our customers simply move their filing cabinets into storage. This not only saves time, but also saves the expense of transferring paperwork into archive boxes and keeps current files intact.

One all-inclusive price

Archiving with Kangaroo has lots of benefits. We offer low prices and further generous discounts if your requirement is likely to be long term. There are no additional charges, that means:

No business rates
No service charges
No utilities

Plus, there are no long-term storage leases or complicated contracts to sign.

If you need storage across multiple sites in Scotland and the North West of England, consider a national business account at Kangaroo. We have business storage in Glasgow, Dundee, Edinburgh, Altrincham, Carlisle, Liverpool, Preston, Warrington, Widnes and Wirral. Give us a call on 0800 012 1528 and let us talk you through the benefits.

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