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Clever Storage Ideas for Busy Homes

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When starting a family, it’s easy for the organisation of our homes to take a backseat to more important things. But once you’re settled in with a routine and everything’s calmed down, you may look around at the disorganised, cluttered mess that was once your home and ask yourself, what on earth happened?

It happens to the best of us. Keeping our homes free of clutter can be difficult and seem near impossible if you’re short on space. However, clever storage ideas can help you make the most of the space you do have. Here are some great ideas to free up space in your home:

Drawer Organisers

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to find something you need amongst a pile of stuff that’s just been thrown into a drawer. With drawer organisers, you can separate your drawers into categories that not only makes finding specific things easier, but it gives everything in your house a home of its own. A slot for hairbrushes? Check. A compartment for batteries? Yep. A space to keep miscellaneous items that don’t have anywhere else to go? Drawer organisers have you covered.

Put Laundry Supplies in Containers

Detergent pods and powders always come in such big, bulky boxes that take up far too much room on a shelf. Simplify your laundry room by transferring your detergent into something like glass containers. They look far more attractive than the original packaging and will be much more convenient to use. Just make sure you put them up high, out of the way of tiny hands.

Peg Board Mounted to the Wall

Not just great for garages and tool sheds, pegboards can make great space savers in the likes of bedrooms and kitchens. Give it a coat of paint to match the interior design of your home and you can use them to hang just about anything. Not only will they save on space, but you’ll have better access to the things you need, such as all those kitchen accessories that are no longer cluttering up a cupboard or drawer.

Slide Out Storage Shelves

Make use of every last bit of space with some narrow, slide out shelves. These make an ideal storage solution for the likes of spices and canned goods that can just slot away into a tiny space until they’re needed.

Mount Bikes to the Wall or Ceiling

Bikes are great for commuting to work and general fitness, but they take up an awful lot of space inside a home if you don’t have a garage to store them in. Save on floor space by incorporating your bike into the décor when it’s not in use. Consider using the wall or ceiling as a funky way to store your bike. It’ll give your home a cool, unique look whilst also saving loads of space.

Hang Laundry Baskets on the Back of a Door

Nobody wants a laundry basket lying around; they’re one of those things that are entirely necessary but also a complete nuisance. They certainly take up valuable space. Try a laundry bag instead, and hang it up on the back of your bedroom or bathroom door. This will instantly give you some extra space that you didn’t even know you had.

Over the Door Shoe Rack

Even the most organised shoe rack takes up an awful lot of space. Consider utilising all that empty space on the back of a cupboard or wardrobe door with an over-the-door shoe rack. You’ll free up all the floor space, and you’ll have easy access to all your different pairs of shoes.

Chairs with Secret Storage

Chairs: where would we be without them? Virtually every room in the house has chairs; the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom…so why not make them more versatile? Chairs don’t need to be practical in just one way. You can get chairs with built in storage space to store the likes of books, children’s toys and so much more. Once those things are put away inside the secret storage in your seats, it’s like they’re not even there.

Wall Crates for Children’s Books

Your child’s bedroom is probably one of the trickiest places in the home to keep free of clutter. What is it with kids and wanting their carpet to be teeming with things that don’t belong there? A simple solution is to install some crates on their wall that they can use to store all their books. Crates are easier for children to put things in than bookshelves, and they’ll easily be able to see all the books they have so they can pick one out for bedtime reading.

Mesh Pockets for the Bathroom

Bathrooms can become very cluttered very quickly with the sheer number of toiletries, cosmetics and bath toys scattered across every available surface. Rather than sacrifice your banana scented hair mask in an effort to clear some space, utilise a mesh shoe organiser. With lots of pockets to hold everything from shampoo bottles to rubber ducks, your bathroom accessories will be easily accessible during shower time as well as freeing up all the space on the surfaces.

We hope you find these tips and tricks for storage at home useful. And, if you just don’t have space for everything, you should consider putting your belongings into self-storage. Store seasonal items and swap them over as you need them.

At Kangaroo Self Storage, we have household storage in Edinburgh, Dundee, Altrincham, Carlisle, Liverpool, Preston, Warrington, Widnes, the Wirral and Glasgow. We offer a range of unit sizes from just a locker to a 500 sq ft unit. If you’re looking to create some extra space in your home, you can store your belongings with Kangaroo Self Storage for complete peace of mind. Call us for a quote today.

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