Do you find yourself fighting to get down your hallway with all those coats, bags, and clutter taking up valuable space? Have you found yourself avoiding the dreaded spare room because the overflowing wardrobes and piles of things on the bed are too much to tackle? We hear you!

Finding space for everything can be tricky, especially for growing families. With other responsibilities, the time for reorganisation and decluttering can pass you by, but the team at Kangaroo is here to help.

So, this is our guide to maximising space in your home! We’re sharing our best tips, tricks, and storage solutions to get the most out of the room available, whether you live in a one-bedroom flat or a six-bedroom house.

Starting with a Declutter

Whether you’re starting with the dining room, the bathroom, or the hallway, the first thing you need to think about when trying to maximise your space is decluttering. Unfortunately, this is where you need to be a little bit ruthless! We recommend having three bags or boxes to collect your ‘keep’, ‘store’, and ‘get rid’ items. Go around the room separating your things into these sections, and you’ll be surprised by the amount you want to get rid of! Don’t forget, this doesn’t mean throwing them away. You can go back into your ‘get rid’ box when you’re finished and divide it into ‘donate’ (either to friends or family or a charity shop) and ‘bin’ for those broken or unusable bits and pieces.

before and after decluttering

After your initial declutter, we’re sure you’ll be thrilled with the results! This is often the hardest bit, and parting with your belongings can be challenging, but don’t forget household storage is an option. For the items you just don’t have space for but aren’t ready to part with, our storage units are perfect because they keep the things out of your home but in a clean, secure place ready for you whenever you want them.

Opting for Modular Furniture

Once you’ve been to the charity shop, emptied the bins, and taken things to your storage unit, you’ll be left with the items that you actually want and need in your home. From here, you can begin planning how best to utilise the space you’re left with. If, during your clearout, you moved some things into furniture storage or decided to finally take that old sofa to the tip, it may be time to consider new furniture.

This is a great opportunity to purchase some modular items. Modular furniture pieces, such as sofas, shelving units, and dining tables, come in various separate pieces that can be removed or rearranged depending on the space available and intended use. For example, if you have a modular couch, you could leave it in one piece for family film nights, but when a spare bed is needed, you can rearrange the seats to transform it into a comfortable sleeping arrangement! Similarly, a modular dining table may mean it’s extendable, so you can seat more friends and family when it’s time to host, but day-to-day, you can remove the centre or the end of the table to fit more comfortably in your dining room.

expandable table

Clever Storage Solutions

Whether you’re tight for space or not, clever storage solutions are always a good idea! Here are a few of our favourite tips and tricks:

These are just some of the ways you can adopt clever storage solutions. If you’re handy with the tools, you could always DIY some shelving or racks – it’s completely up to you and what you need.

Using Mirrors, Lighting, and Décor to Expand Your Space

Did you know that maximising space goes beyond under-the-bed storage and decluttering? It actually has to do with the way you choose to decorate, too.

For example, positioning mirrors on empty walls and opposite or next to windows (as pictured below) is a great way to help reflect light, let it bounce around the room, and make the space feel light and airy. This simple trick doesn’t physically expand your space, but it creates the illusion of a larger room, which is ideal when you want to expand the space that is available in your home.

living room with grey couch and large freestanding mirror

There are also some décor dos and don’ts to consider when making a room seem bigger than it is; let’s take a look:

Choosing Household Self-Storage to Maximise Space

When it comes to making the most of the available space in your home, there is no better solution than self-storage. Coming in a range of unit sizes, our storage spaces are the perfect place to keep unwanted furniture, your out-of-season clothing, toys that have been outgrown, and almost any other household items.

At Kangaroo, we understand your needs and go above and beyond to make sure they’re listened to and have a domestic storage unit that works for you. With straightforward contracts, the option to upscale or downsize should you need to, and easily accessible locations across Scotland and North West England, there’s no better choice than Kangaroo. Find your nearest household storage site below and get in touch with our team to find out how we can help you get the most out of the space in your home:

According to the 2024 Self Storage Industry Report, 73% of self-storage customers in the UK are residential; however, only 43% of people surveyed claimed to know what self-storage actually was. At Kangaroo, we think that the knowledge gap is because there are so many questions surrounding self-storage, particularly for domestic customers. So, we thought we would help increase that 43% with a household self-storage Q&A!

We are using our self-storage experience to help answer all your burning questions and provide you with the information and confidence you need to store your household belongings with us.

What Is Domestic Self-Storage?

The first question people need answering before they can confidently use our services is ‘What is self-storage?’. In a nutshell, the self-storage industry rents out storage space, whether it’s storage units, pallet space, warehouses, or mailboxes, to individuals and businesses.

Household storage, specifically, is catered to domestic customers who may need some extra space in their home, they’re moving house and need somewhere temporary to store belongings, or they’re renovating and need to protect their items.

What Can I Store in My Unit?

If we were to list everything you can store in a unit, we would be here all day, so it’d be easier for us to list the things you can’t store! At Kangaroo, we have certain prohibited items:

Why Would I Need Domestic Self-Storage?

There are many reasons that people choose domestic storage, and a lot of the time, people come to us during stressful life events and in times of crises. In these instances, we’re the breath of fresh air you need and provide the extra space and protection of your belongings so you can focus on other aspects of your life. Here are some of the most common reasons people use household self-storage:

However, this is not an exhaustive list – whatever the reason for needing the extra space, we can accommodate you.

How Long Can I Rent a Storage Unit?

The beauty of self-storage for household use is that it’s completely flexible. At Kangaroo, we have a minimum chargeable storage period, which is 14 days, but you can take out your items whenever you need them again – even if it’s the next day! If you’re looking for a solution a little more long-term, that’s okay, too. You can keep your items in your unit for as long as you need; weeks, months, years, it’s completely up to you. All you need to do is give us 14 days’ notice of your intention to leave.

What Happens If I Need More or Less Space?

Again, flexibility is one of the main reasons people choose self-storage, and upgrading and downsizing your unit size fits into this as well. If you need more space, just let us know, and if we have the space available, we’ll be more than happy to allow you to move in. Similarly, if you don’t think you’re using your unit to its full potential, that’s fine! Talk to the team, and we will move you into a smaller space so you can get the most out of your money.

Is Self-Storage Secure?

In short, yes! Self-storage is a safer and more secure alternative to keeping your belongings at home, in a garage, or in an empty building. At Kangaroo, we have 24/7 CCTV, smoke and burglar alarms, and individual padlocks on each unit, so you can rest assured that only you (or those you give keys to) have access to your unit.

How Much Is Domestic Self-Storage?

This is a trickier question to answer as there are a few factors that go into the price of your storage unit. It largely depends on the size you choose – of course, smaller units will be cheaper, and larger spaces will cost more. The best thing to do is check out our unit sizes on our website or request a quote online to get an accurate estimate of how much it will cost. Please note, though, we offer a fantastic range of deals and offers depending on your location, so speak to our team to find out which incentives you can benefit from!

When Can I Access My Storage Unit?

Here comes the flexibility benefit again! In theory, you can access your storage unit whenever you need to. Whether it’s three in the morning or lunchtime, we can accommodate access – just let us know if you need extended hours or 24/7 access, and this can be made available. This is perfect for our domestic customers who may work nights or are catching a flight in the early hours of the morning and need quick access to their unit.

Does My Home Insurance Cover My Storage Unit?

No, most home insurance policies don’t automatically insure your items when they’re in storage. Because of this, you must make sure you arrange for cover before you start storing with us, and our staff will ask you to confirm this when you sign your agreement.

Are Household Storage Units Accessible?

At most of our locations, you’ll encounter stairs and long corridors, but we also have lifts available to make getting your items to and from your unit easier. However, if you require a little more accessibility, we recommend taking advantage of our drive-up storage units. You can, quite literally, drive to the door of your unit, load and unload, and drive away again – it’s simple!

Can My Family and Friends Share My Storage Unit?

As mentioned, each storage unit has an individual padlock, which you must bring yourself. If you don’t have a padlock, you can purchase one at our Box Shop either online or at any of our storage sites. By keeping your unit secure this way, only people with the key can access your belongings. So, if you’d like a friend or family member to be able to access your unit, that’s entirely up to you.

Is There Anything Else I Need to Know Before Using Domestic Self-Storage?

While we’ve covered most of the common questions about household storage, we understand you may still want some more information before you decide if it’s the right choice for you. If so, you can head over to our FAQ page, where we’ve provided the answers to many more general self-storage questions. Or, if you have something more specific to ask, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, and a member of our friendly and knowledgeable team will be more than happy to help.

However, if you have all the information and are ready to start storing, hop on over to your nearest Kangaroo today:

How much useless junk do you have stuffed away in your attic? Do you really need it all? Attics are such an underutilised space that have so much potential. Imagine having a whole room that gets used for nothing more than letting boxes of Christmas decorations and old photo albums get dusty. That wasted space could be used for so much more: a much-needed quiet workspace, a playroom for the kids, a hobby room or an extra bedroom for guests! These are just some of the potential rooms you could have at the top of your house following a clear-out, some easy DIY, and a bit of creativity.

So, as experts on all things extra space, here’s a how-to from Kangaroo on how you can give that old attic a new lease of life!

Figure Out Costs

First things first, you need to make sure you’ve budgeted for the change of use or conversion. If your attic needs a complete conversion, like reinforcement of the floor, skylights, insulation, a staircase, lighting and heating and electrics, then you’re looking at costs in the £15,000 to £20,000 range. For a complete change of the roofing structure for your conversion, you’re looking at a much more costly investment of upwards of £40,000.

However, if your attic is already a room with heat and light, provides safe access, and all it needs is a makeover, you could achieve that new room right now and benefit from the extra space. It’s the perfect time to give it a thorough clean, lick of paint and some new furniture. So, whatever your requirements, consider the costs carefully and create an appropriate budget for furniture and fixtures, with an extra 10% of the expenses set aside for those pesky, additional, unexpected costs!

Two people on a laptop surrounded by decor planning things to plan their attic conversion

Time to Design

Once you’ve sorted the costs, you can get to work on the design and layout of your brand-new space. Sit down and take a look online to get some inspiration. Pinterest is great for this! If you’re creating a hobby room or a place for the children to play or even setting up a classroom environment to help your kids while they’re out of school, you should take a look at example rooms online to get inspired. This is the time when you get to really let your creativity shine; think of your attic as a blank canvas and let your imagination take over. Just don’t forget, in amongst the fun of décor, you’ve got to think about the boring bits, such as storage solutions, too, so you don’t end up with a cluttered space again.

The Dreaded Clear-Out

Once you’ve done your research and all the admin, if you’ve decided to do a full conversion, it’s time to start actually putting those plans into practice. Put aside a day (or a couple of days, depending on the amount of stuff you have) to get everything down from the attic and sort out a new home for it all so you can see all that glorious space. This will involve going through it all and deciding what you might want to get rid of, what you want to donate to a charity shop and what you need to keep hold of. Sort through your items and box and label everything while you’re decluttering to save you another task of sorting through your things again. This is a big task, and you’ll probably uncover all sorts of things you’d forgotten about, from old school work to that DVD collection you’ve been clinging to. But don’t worry. If you can’t part with all of your old things but still want extra space in your attic, we can help!

Kangaroo boxes inside a kangaroo storage unit

How Kangaroo’s Household Storage Can Help You Transform Your Attic

Whether you want to turn your attic into a cosy home office, an inviting guest bedroom, or a dedicated playroom for your kids, Kangaroo’s household storage helps you do just that! Our storage solutions offer complete flexibility for your convenience, making it an exciting opportunity to enhance your living space in a way that suits your changing home.

We’ll keep your belongings safe and secure until you need them again. With our 24/7 CCTV, burglar and fire alarms, and individual padlocks for each unit, you can rest assured that your things are safe under our roof. And, if you find that you need to up or downsize your storage unit, you can! We make storage simple so you can focus on other things, like what paint colour you’ll use in your attic space.

Put Together That New Room

Now, with the space tidied up, you can concentrate on cleaning and redecorating. Give the room a good scrub from top to bottom, making sure every nook and cranny is clean. What’s the point in renovating or having a clear-out just to put things back in a dirty room?

Once this is complete, it’s finally time to create the room you really need. You could reutilise furniture from other rooms to save yourself even more space all over the house, or maybe you have some things in your garage that you can finally bring out and put to good use. Again, we recommend you consult your online inspiration board for ideas. If the room is for your children, why not get their input? Let them help you with the layout and design, or perhaps enlist their services and get them to create a piece of artwork for the wall. Whatever you choose to do, just have fun with it.

Attic room that has been converted into a children's play room

Once the room is complete, take a step back (or a step down the ladder) and admire your new space! You won’t believe the transformation you’ve worked so hard to achieve. So, what are you waiting for? Make this dream a reality, and if you’ve got an attic going to waste, make it your mission to get it converted into a beautiful new space for you and your family.

Don’t forget we can help you here at Kangaroo, so find your nearest domestic storage facilities below and get in touch to start your journey to a brand-new attic space:

Are you excited about the big change coming into your life with a baby on the way? Of course, alongside the excitement comes stress about making sure everything is perfect, including the safety and comfort of your child. To make this happen, you’ll need to designate a special place in your home for your baby, whether that be a nursery or an area of your bedroom. Don't worry; if you're wondering where you will fit all the baby essentials, there's a clever solution!

Kangaroo Self Storage offers a variety of unit sizes to declutter and safely store your items, creating that extra space in your home. Keep on reading to discover how to transform the cluttered space in your home into a nursery.

Three Steps to Transition Your Cluttered Room into a Nursery

If you're in need of additional household storage space, you might not even realise that you already have space; it’s just hidden with clutter! We all have that spare bedroom or cluttered corner of the room where we keep seasonal things or just items we rarely use. This is your sign to go through these cluttered spaces and rethink which items you really need to keep. This way, you’ll get that extra space you need for a nursery. Let's go through three simple steps to do just that.

keep, donate, and discard piles of clothes

Step 1. Sorting and Decluttering the Room

The very first step you need to do is declutter your room. Try to get at least one free afternoon to face this challenge so that you can calmly think about the things you will no longer need. Consider donating your items to local charity shops or selling some of them on online platforms such as eBay, Gumtree, or Vinted; this way, you can put the extra cash toward new items for your baby.

Step 2. Utilising Storage Solutions

For the things you can’t let go of, you’ll need a secure and trustworthy place to store them. That’s where we can help! Using a storage unit means your things are safe with 24-hour CCTV, alarms, and smoke detectors. All you need to do is decide on the right storage unit size – whether you’re storing a spare room’s worth of items or just a cupboard-full, we have a unit for you. And, if you have any questions, our experienced team will be happy to help you. It's an affordable way to keep your items until you need them again. We all need extra storage space from time to time!

Step 3. Designing and Organising the Nursery

Once your room is free from clutter, thanks to your hard work and self-storage solution, it's time to turn it into the perfect nursery! Just think about this exciting process of getting ready for your baby to come. First, choose where the cot should go — place it away from windows and cold drafts and in a place you can get to easily. Then, consider picking some gentle colours that will give you a feeling of calmness and a cosy atmosphere. Finally, try to keep the balance between making it look nice and cosy and being practical. This way, your baby's room will be a place where both of you love spending time.

couple picking out colours for a nursery

Holding on to Outgrown Baby Clothes and Accessories

Babies grow up fast, and in the blink of an eye, they will outgrow their clothes and all the accessories you bought right at the start. Again, this is why keeping your space clear is so important! Here, self-storage can be your best friend as you can keep baby clothes, toys, and other things neatly packed away until you need them again. It's perfect for when you're saving things for a younger sibling.

Storing outgrown baby items has its emotional perks, too. Your baby’s first time rolling over, sitting up, or taking their first steps - think about all these emotional moments! Each piece holds a story you might want to share with your children as they age.

man putting things in storage

How Does Storage Help When Your Family Grows?

As the years roll by, your family changes and grows. As your little ones grow into big kids, your home needs to grow with them, too. So, with this in mind, consider self-storage to help with these family-life changes.

Picture this: it's been a few years, and now your kids are in school. You've got science projects, sports kits, and all sorts of new treasures to keep. Suddenly, those baby clothes and cots are swapped for football boots and school papers. Or maybe your family starts going camping? Where would you store your gear? With our Kangaroo Self Storage, changing your storage plan is easy. You can upsize or downsize your unit without a fuss. It's like your storage can grow just like your family does. Even if you find yourself moving house, we have the storage for you.

For more on how we can help you depending on your location, find your nearest Kangaroo below:

Why Trust Kangaroo Self Storage for Your Growing Family Needs?

Whenever you need that extra space, we're ready to help at Kangaroo Self Storage. We make it possible by providing a secure, flexible space to store your belongings.

So, choose Kangaroo Self Storage and benefit from solutions designed to make your home a perfect space for every stage of your family’s journey. Contact us today.

Life transitions can often feel daunting, and moving homes is no exception. Among the jumble of boxes, bubble wrap, and checklists, stress becomes an unwelcome guest. Often slowing down the process, becoming overwhelmed with stress while navigating moving house is the last thing we need.

At Kangaroo Self Storage, we offer solutions that not only meet your specific needs but also elevate your moving experience, making packing and moving home a hop, skip, and a jump! So today, we wanted to explain just how our self-storage services assist those moving home by providing the peace of mind we desperately need during this exciting transition to a new chapter.

Stress-Free Packing and Moving

Every move begins with packing. Proper planning and having the right resources ensure minimal stress and maximum efficiency. With Kangaroo Self Storage, you don’t need to be the ultimate Tetris champion to pack your belongings effectively; you just need to know how to pack for self-storage. It’s simple; make sure to use all space available (including verticle space), use categories and labels so you can find everything easily, and always remember to leave a pathway for quick and simple retrieval of your items.

Expanded over 20 different unit sizes, our storage units provide a perfect fit for your possessions. Whether you’re moving a studio flat or a five-bedroom family home, large item or a small trinket, we accommodate them all.

Flexible Temporary Storage Options

Although we all hope for the best when moving home, delays and setbacks are all too common. Because of this, storage flexibility is crucial, and here at Kangaroo, this is at the forefront of our services. We provide 24-hour access, flexible contracts, and personalised services to cater to various customer needs, and only ask for 14 days’ notice when you with for your contract to end, but give you the freedom to move your items in and out whenever works for you.

Perhaps your new home isn’t ready, or you want to stagger the move to make time for decorating? No matter the circumstance, Kangaroo offers flexible storage options for all. Whether you need to store your items for a week, a few months, or even longer, we provide hassle-free, contract-flexible options.

man packing a storage unit

Protection for Furniture and Valuables

As a homeowner, one of the most critical aspects of relocating is ensuring the safety of your furniture and valuables. Our modern, well-maintained furniture storage facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art security features, such as 24-hour CCTV surveillance, highly responsive burglar alarms, and reliable smoke detectors. These safety measures work together to secure your belongings under our constant vigilance.

At Kangaroo, we pride ourselves on prioritising our customers’ unique needs and peace of mind. The moment you entrust your items to us, their safety becomes our top concern. We strive to provide you with a hassle-free and seamless storage experience, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your move. Ultimately, you can rest easy knowing that your cherished furniture, valuable heirlooms, and other treasured possessions are in the safest hands imaginable.

Downsizing and Simplifying Your Home

It’s often said that less is more. This philosophy rings true when you’re downsizing. In recent years, people have been downsizing their homes primarily because of high mortgage rates and interest costs. As mortgage and interest rates rise, the monthly payments of homeowners also increase, making it increasingly challenging to afford their current homes. This financial strain encourages people to downsize to smaller, more affordable homes to minimise their mortgages and the impact of interest rate increases.

As you simplify your spaces, self-storage can be an essential tool in decluttering and organising. Our storage units serve as an extension of your home, offering you the privilege of keeping your cherished items without cluttering your home. And, our household storage units are far cheaper than a mortgage, meaning you can save your cash, too!

blocks with images of houses on showing a decline in house prices

Why Choose Kangaroo for Moving House Storage?

You need easy access to your belongings when moving home, which is why our facilities are conveniently located across Scotland and the North West of England, ensuring you’re never far away from your stored items. In addition to our strategic locations, we offer drive-up access, making it a breeze to load and unload your possessions. Plus, with free parking and flexible contracts, it’s simple to arrange for swift access whenever you need it.

In addition, amidst the tsunami of moving expenses, we ensure costs don’t add to your worries. Priding ourselves on our lowest price offering, we deliver quality service without breaking the bank. Backed by our price match guarantee, you won’t find a more economical storage solution!

Our ultimate goal is to simplify the process of moving and provide you with peace of mind, knowing your belongings are secured and cared for. At Kangaroo Self Storage, we offer more than just storage; we offer trust, security, and hassle-free transitions. No matter what your storage needs are, choose Kangaroo as your reliable partner and navigate life’s transitions effortlessly.

So, whether you’re looking for self-storage for moving house in Scotland or North West England, we can help. Find your nearest household storage facilities below:

Self-storage is advantageous no matter what time of year. It allows us to make space during renovations and redecorations, store bulky and expensive items, and shield outdoor belongings from the elements. But is this more useful during the winter when the weather is harsher and protecting items becomes a necessity?

We’re helping to answer this by looking into whether winter is the best time of year to take advantage of self-storage. We’ll be exploring all the benefits of self-storage during the colder months and how Kangaroo Self Storage can help you store through winter.

Is Storing Items During Winter More Important Than Other Times of the Year?

In short, it depends on the items and where they’re stored when not in self-storage. If you have belongings, such as outdoor furniture, which require protection from the elements during the brutal British wintertime, then yes, their storage is more important than during summer.

Additionally, winter is often when home renovations take place, whether in time for Christmas or as a New Year’s resolution, and this is a perfect reason for using self-storage during the colder months.

On the contrary, people need self-storage all year round, whether for storing surplus stock, protecting their vehicles, or keeping confidential documents, so you could argue that just because it’s winter, it doesn’t mean storing becomes more important.

looking out of a drive up kangaroo storage unit

Preparing Your Home for Winter

Ensuring you’ve prepared your home for winter before the cold weather hits is crucial. Here’s a checklist of maintenance to consider and how self-storage can assist:

Decorating Your Home in Time for Christmas

Christmas is undoubtedly the most wonderful time of the year, but it can also be a period of chaos and clutter if you’re not prepared. With winter being a popular time for home renovations and improvements before the festive season, self-storage can be a lifesaver. Not only can you make room for your decorations, but you can also store your belongings in a secure, clean space while you make those much-needed changes in your home.

During the winter months, it’s typical to see a surge in interior design projects and renovations that aim to refresh and upgrade living spaces. From installing new flooring or repainting walls to upgrading kitchens or bathrooms, self-storage can provide the temporary solution you need to store your furniture and valuables securely. This way, you won’t have to worry about them getting damaged, and you can focus on your project with peace of mind.

christmas lights pouring out of a cardboard box under a christmas tree

Kangaroo Self Storage offers flexible, secure, and well-maintained storage units that cater to your varying needs during the hectic winter season. Whether it’s making room for a new home office setup, decluttering before the arrival of houseguests, or embarking on that major remodelling project, our self-storage facilities can accommodate your possessions and ensure their safety.

Also, our self-storage units prove immensely beneficial not just during the decorating process but even after the festivities. As you prepare to take down the fairy lights and pack away the tinsel, consider using self-storage as a convenient place to keep your Christmas decorations until the next festive season arrives. This will not only free up valuable living space but also save you the hassle of searching for a suitable spot to stash your decorations all year round.

Making Room for Guests During the Festive Season

Winter, specifically Christmas, is a time of year when family and friends gather together. If it’s your turn to host the in-laws, you may look at your home and wonder where you’ll fit everybody. With self-storage, you can transform your home office or gym into the perfect spare bedroom without worrying about where you will put your desk and chair or running machine during their stay; just give them to us until your relatives have gone home!

Make your guests feel at home this Christmas and give them space to relax with our help.

Storing Expensive or Bulky Outdoor Furniture During Winter

If you enjoy spending time in the garden, you probably have all the furniture and outdoor items to make your garden your paradise. However, many of these items cannot handle the British wintertime and will rust, rot, or grow mould in cold, wet weather. Self-storage is the answer! Don’t clutter your garage with mountains of outdoor chairs, tables, and parasols; let us take them off you and protect them from the elements until the sun shines again.

snow all over outdoor table and chairs

Preparing for Winter Travel

Planning a winter getaway? Use self-storage to declutter and secure your belongings. From leisure equipment to important documents, safely store items in our flexible, cost-effective units while you jet off to avoid the British wintertime. With a variety of sizes, we cater for all needs. Whether you’re clearing your personal belongings out of your house to rent it while you’re away, or you just need to store a few valuable items you don’t want to leave in an empty house, we have what you need. Rest easy knowing your possessions are protected while you’re away, and enjoy your travel knowing we’ve got the practicality of your storage needs covered.

Packing Away Your Summer Wardrobe

Shopaholics, come clean – do you have a winter and a summer wardrobe? If the answer is yes, you may have found that your summer clothes become a burden during the winter and vice versa. Use our wardrobe boxes available from the Box Shop and store your seasonal clothing with us, leaving your home a sanctuary of calm and relaxation, not overcrowded with clothes.

Here at Kangaroo, we have self-storage stores across the country, so you’re never too far away. Visit our:

Hop over to one of our stores or contact our team today to discuss your storage options.

Autumn is a transitional season because it marks the shift from the warmth of summer to the coolness of winter, with changing colours, falling leaves, and shorter days. But as well as this, it marks the beginning of festivities, making it the season of preparation. Whether you’re preparing for Christmas, family coming to stay, or getting ready to start the new year on the right foot, autumn presents us with the perfect opportunity to get organised.

And, as the colder months approach, there are many reasons why autumn is the best time to start your self-storage journey, helping you prepare for winter and the festivities ahead. So, in this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of storing your belongings during this transitional period and how it can make a positive change in your life.

Transitioning to a Clutter-Free Season

If you’re looking for a clutter-free, organised lifestyle, there’s no better time than autumn to make a fresh start. As summer draws to a close, it’s the perfect opportunity to declutter and embrace a new beginning. Autumn invites reflection and renewal, so it’s the ideal season to evaluate your belongings and create space for new opportunities, either during the winter period or for a fresh start in the new year.

But if you’re not quite ready to part with items that hold value, consider our self-storage units. We understand that you may still want to keep certain items, even if they’re not currently in use. Our wide range of unit sizes means you can easily store those important belongings until the right time to use or display them.

At Kangaroo, we provide more than just a safe and convenient storage space for your items during the colder months. We offer peace of mind, flexibility and accessibility. Our units are designed to accommodate various needs, from autumn home renovations to long-term storage of sentimental items. You’ll have access to your items whenever you need them, and our expert team is always on hand to provide assistance and support.

woman organising clothes to donate

Preparing for Seasonal Changes

Autumn is the perfect time to utilise self-storage for seasonal changes and protect your belongings, like garden furniture, from potential damage caused by cold weather. As the temperature drops, it’s crucial to safeguard your outdoor items. Storing them in a secure unit ensures they remain in excellent condition throughout the colder months. This protects your possessions from the elements, including dampness and the cold, so they’re ready to use when the temperature rises again.

Our self-storage units provide the peace of mind you need, knowing that your items are protected and easily accessible when you need them. Don’t risk exposing your valuable belongings to the harsh autumn and winter conditions; safely store them with Kangaroo and be well-prepared for the seasonal changes ahead.

Renovations and Remodelling Projects

Autumn presents the ideal opportunity to tackle home renovations and remodelling projects, ensuring everything is in place before Christmas and the new year. You can establish a clutter-free environment by utilising self-storage, allowing easy movement and efficient project completion before winter festivities begin.

Our storage units offer a secure and safe space to store your furniture, household items, and personal belongings throughout the renovation process. Whether you’re revamping your living room to create the perfect backdrop for family pictures, or your kitchen needs a full remodel to tackle Christmas dinner, we can keep your items safe while you get started. With the knowledge that your possessions are protected and out of the way, you’ll have peace of mind as you make your living space perfect.

In addition, autumn marks the beginning of the festive season, which, for many, means welcoming family and friends into their homes. Self-storage can be an invaluable solution to clear a spare bedroom before accommodating family and friends during the festive season. With self-storage, you can securely store belongings, such as furniture, boxes, and other items, that are cluttering the space. By freeing up the spare room, you can create a comfortable and inviting space for your loved ones without compromising on the storage of your belongings.

As you can see, autumn serves as an excellent time to start your self-storage journey. From transitioning to a clutter-free season to protecting your belongings from cold weather, Kangaroo Self Storage is here to make your experience easy and affordable. Whether you require storage for your spare room for a few months or you wish to keep your garden furniture protected until next year, we are your reliable partner in keeping your belongings safe.

So, to find out more about how we can help this autumn, or to book your storage unit, contact our team at one of our conveniently located self-storage facilities in Scotland and the North West of England:

If you’re considering self-storage for your belongings, knowing how to pack effectively can make all the difference. After all, proper packing not only protects your items but also maximises your space and minimises your cost. So, in this post, we're sharing the dos and don'ts of packing for self-storage to help you get the most out of your storage experience.

From choosing the right containers to labelling your boxes, we'll cover everything you need to know to best pack your storage unit. Whether you’re moving home, packing up your office, or travelling the world, we’re here to provide you with not just the space but the top tips as well; read on to discover how Kangaroo can help you.

Efficient Packing Techniques

Efficiently packing your items is crucial when making the most of your self-storage space. So, to prepare your belongings for self-storage during the packing stage:

Man holding packing boxes

Essential Packing Supplies

Using the right packing supplies is crucial for the safety and security of your stored items; here is what we recommend:

You can purchase all the packing materials you will ever need at Kangaroo Self Storage Box Shops located at each of our storage facilities.

Organisational Strategies

Implementing effective organisational strategies will make it easier for you to access and retrieve items whenever needed. Consider the following top tips from our storage experts:

Woman smiling stood next to boxes and holding a packing checklist

Security Measures

Keeping your stored items safe and secure is of utmost importance, and at Kangaroo, we take this incredibly seriously. We recommend you follow these security measures when packing for self-storage:

Insurance and Documentation

Insuring your stored items and maintaining proper documentation is crucial to protecting your belongings. As we cannot insure your belongings for you, you must consider the following:

Empty storage unit at Kangaroo Self Storage

Storing Safely at Kangaroo Self Storage

At Kangaroo, your peace of mind is our priority, which is why our storage experts are always on hand to answer your questions and help out wherever we’re needed. You can visit our storage stores at these locations:

Or, feel free to contact us, and we will do our best to help you prepare for storing with us.

As an estate agent or property manager, your job is to help your clients buy, sell, rent or manage properties. However, the process of buying or selling a property can be overwhelming for clients, and they may need additional services to make the process smoother. This is where our self-storage comes in!

Our self-storage for businesses will provide a range of benefits to estate agents and property managers, such as extra space for storing furniture or decluttering a property before a viewing. So, as part of our series looking into how different businesses benefit from self-storage, we’re exploring the advantages of our services for estate agents and property managers.

Increased Space In Homes Up for Sale

Clearing clutter from a home is essential in preparing it for sale. Too much clutter will make a home appear smaller and less appealing to potential buyers, so by using self-storage to declutter, estate agents can remove excess items from the home, creating a more open and spacious feel.

Clearing clutter also helps to depersonalise the home. For example, personal items such as family photos or collections make it difficult for potential buyers to imagine themselves living in the home. So by storing these items, estate agents will create a blank canvas allowing potential buyers to visualise their own belongings in the space.

Whether you need to store items from a studio apartment or a five-bedroom home, we have plenty of unit sizes and are sure to have the right storage space for you.

Estate agent with couple in new home

Safe and Secure Storage for Clients’ Personal Belongings

As well as depersonalising and decluttering a home, self-storage is excellent for estate agents and property managers who want to store clients’ belongings for house viewings. During a viewing, some potential buyers may be more prying than others, and the seller may not feel comfortable leaving personal or valuable items in the home if they’re not present for viewings.

If the sellers have nowhere to move the belongings, self-storage is the next best option. All self-storage facilities here at Kangaroo have 24-hour CCTV, which record and monitor all activity in the building, as well as individual padlocks on each unit. As a result, estate agents can put sellers’ minds at ease, and they will relax knowing their belongings are safe and secure.

The Perfect Storage Space for Staging Props and Furniture

Sometimes, estate agents and property managers will be responsible for staging a home to sell. This is common in new build estates or property developments to provide potential buyers with a showhome that exhibits the home’s potential.

Self-storage provides the perfect solution for storing staging furniture. You can store everything in your unit, allowing you to switch around the furniture seasonally. Then, you have the option to decorate the showhomes for Christmas or set out the garden for a summer barbeque! Whatever the weather, you’ll be able to showcase everything the home offers to potential buyers.

For sale sign outside a house

Secure and Organised Space for Maintenance Equipment and Tools

As we discussed in our blog about how those in the construction industry can benefit from self-storage, our storage units are excellent for keeping maintenance equipment and tools organised. When a property manager flips a home, several contractors may work on the property simultaneously, so a self-storage unit can act as a tool's central hub.

Our equipment storage makes your tools accessible to the whole team; they just need to ensure they bring a key to the unit’s padlock!

Excellent Flexibility for Changing Deadlines

Self-storage facilities have extensive benefits for those involved in selling a home. If you’ve been through the process before, you’ll understand that deadlines may change and being flexible is key. Luckily for you, our self-storage is an excellent, flexible storage option!

We invoice storers on a four weekly (twenty eight day) basis payable in advance. However, we only ask for fourteen days’ notice when you vacate your room, and we refund any unused storage charge. This is particularly useful for people involved in selling a home with changing deadlines, as they may need to store their belongings for a longer or shorter period than anticipated.

Empty storage unit at Kangaroo

In addition, we give you the option to up or downsize if and when you need to (space depending), so if you’re not using all the space you’re renting, or business gets busier, and you need more room, you can!

Here at Kangaroo Self Storage, we offer self-storage for businesses across Scotland and North West England; take a look at our locations to find your nearest Kangaroo:

As always, don’t forget you can get in touch with us for more information or to book your storage unit.

If all that clutter that seems to have piled up over the winter months has pushed you to breaking point, it’s probably time for a good clear out, and what better excuse for a spring clean than, well, spring?

We’ve all heard the saying, ‘a tidy home is a tidy mind,’ but you might be surprised just how psychologically beneficial a good clear out can be; here’s just a handful of the benefits of having a tidy home:

So, whether you’re planning a top-to-bottom spring clean of your home or just want to clear out that spare room and turn it into a home office, here are our five spring cleaning hacks from our self-storage experts.

1. Tackling Your Home Room by Room

First things first, you’ll need to decide where you’re going to start. Even if you plan on cleaning your whole home, we recommend taking it one room at a time; otherwise, it’ll overwhelm you very quickly.

On the other hand, if you’re tackling the whole house in one go, you’ll probably need to think about decluttering and putting some of your items into storage so they’re out of the way.

Storage unit with boxes inside

2. How to be Ruthless When It Comes to Getting Rid of Items

If you want to do it properly, a spring clean will involve getting rid of some of your belongings that have been lying around and not getting used for longer than they should have. Of course, to do this, you must be ruthless, so here are a few tips for doing just that:

Remember, being ruthless doesn't mean being wasteful. Consider recycling, repurposing, or composting items that can't be donated or sold. Additionally, if you really don’t want to say goodbye to your belongings but need the space in your home, you can take advantage of our household storage at Kangaroo.

3. Get the Whole Family Involved

With half-term coming up and the summer holidays looming around the corner, you may be trying to build a list of things to entertain the kids. Spring cleaning and decluttering is the perfect task to get the whole family involved and will help speed the process up and leave you with a tidy home in no time.

Children love rummaging through old bits and bobs, so even if they might not be the most effective little helpers, it could keep them occupied while you get on with the real work.

Family cleaning together

4. Think About Putting Rarely Used Items into Storage

We’ve all got those items that only come out at certain times of the year, whether it’s your Christmas decorations that seem to double in number each year or the exercise bike that only gets used in winter. Rather than clutter up the spare room with these items, consider putting them in storage. Suddenly, you have a spare room as a home cinema, your zen office space, or a junk-free gaming room; a little bit of extra storage space could go a long way.

5. Consider Redecorating at the Same Time

Redecorating while decluttering can be beneficial for a number of reasons; for example, it can help you envision a new space. When decluttering, it’s easy to get stuck in the mindset of just removing items from your home. However, redecorating can help you envision your space with a new layout, furniture, or décor, which can motivate and give you a clearer goal to work towards.

In addition, redecorating your space also helps you think about how to organise your belongings better. For example, you might rearrange your furniture to create more storage space or add new shelves or organisers to keep things tidy. This can help you maintain your decluttered space in the long run.

Of course, redecorating doesn't have to mean a complete overhaul of your space. Even small changes like painting a room or adding a new piece of furniture can make a big difference. The goal is to create a space that feels fresh, organised, and welcoming and supports the changes you're trying to make in your life.

So, stop putting it off and get that clutter-free living space back. Remember, a tidy home is a tidy mind. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help, or check out our household storage locations below to find your nearest Kangaroo:

Kangaroo are thrilled to announce the opening of yet another storage store! This time, Roo and the gang have hopped over to Carlisle, and over the past few weeks, we’ve settled in quite nicely. The city is thriving and proven as a popular place to reside, study, and start a business, which is why we believe we’ll fit in very well.

We’re so excited to widen our reach and be able to help even more people with our storage services. So today, we’re taking a deep dive into our new home and providing you with a guide on living, studying, and owning a business in Carlisle. In addition, we hope to provide some insight into the city and why it’s the ideal place for so many different types of people.

Carlisle’s Rich History

One of the main reasons Carlisle is so popular is its incredible history, which is still visible throughout the city. Many of Carlisle’s famous landmarks have a rich history and, upon visiting, provide you with insightful knowledge of the city’s past. Here are a few of the most famous historic spots in Carlisle:

It’s clear that great history is found around every corner in Carlisle, making it a fascinating place to live, work, or study. We couldn’t be prouder to make Kangaroo history by bringing our storage stores to the beautiful city.

Carlisle cathedral

Things to Do in Carlisle

For those residing in Carlisle, you can be sure you’ll never get bored of the many things to do and see in the city centre and slightly further afield. Here are some of the top things to do:

  1. Walk along Hadrian’s Wall. Providing stunning views and the best picnic spots, this walk can be as short or as long as you wish, and you can start at multiple different viewing points in Carlisle.
  2. Shop at the Lanes Shopping Centre. Whether you need to grab a last-minute birthday present, have some time to kill on your lunch break, or are looking to treat yourself, the Lanes Shopping Centre has everything you need.
  3. Take a stroll in Rickerby Park. Rickerby Park offers a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of Carlisle city centre.
  4. Visit the Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery. With both evergreen and seasonal exhibitions, you’re sure to find something that catches your eye in the city’s most famous museum.
  5. Store with Kangaroo Self Storage! Of course, Kangaroo Self Storage has recently made Carlisle our new home, so you’re more than welcome to visit us. If you’re local to the area, our household storage in Carlisle is exactly what you need to provide breathing space while you reorganise, redecorate, or renovate your home.

man loading boxes into storage unit

Studying in Carlisle

Carlisle is a fantastic, bustling place for students to enjoy their university years. As discussed above, there are plenty of things to do and see, meaning you’ll never be bored during your downtime away from your studies.

The city boasts several high-quality educational facilities, such as the University of Cumbria, which offers an incredibly diverse range of courses.

In addition, Carlisle has been noted for its fantastic career prospects. Studying in the Cumbrian city opens up a variety of career opportunities, particularly in the tourism industry. This is because the university is surrounded by the stunning Lake District, which welcomes over 15.5 million visitors annually.

We offer student storage in Carlisle, so if you are studying in the city, please don’t hesitate to enquire about storing with us. We offer plenty of deals, offers, and discounts for students so you can save while you store!

Starting a Business in Carlisle

Running a business in Carlisle provides a long list of benefits, including:

  1. Growing economy. Carlisle’s economy provides ample opportunities for new businesses to thrive.
  2. Strategic location. As well as being a thriving city, Carlisle is brilliantly located close to major cities such as Glasgow, Manchester, and Newcastle.
  3. Supportive workforce. The local government and business community support entrepreneurship and provide resources and assistance to help new businesses succeed.
  4. Growing tourism industry. Carlisle’s growing tourism industry presents business opportunities in the hospitality, food and beverage, and retail sectors.

If you’re looking for business storage in Carlisle, we’re here for you. We now have first-hand experience running a business in Carlisle and can vouch for all of the above, so if you’re considering starting a company in the Cumbrian city, this is your sign.

Don’t forget, we also have locations across the rest of North West England Scotland, including:

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team or visit one of our stores in person to discover how we can help you, whether you’re a local resident, student, or business owner.

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