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Create the Perfect Workspace Out of Your Spare Room

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Working from home can help you to boost your productivity, especially because you don’t have a commute or travel costs; this makes it a great option for small business owners or sole traders. However, working from home can have some downsides too – mainly, how difficult it is to focus if there are distractions around you.

At Kangaroo Self Storage, we’re taking a look at how you can create a workspace out of a spare room, so that you can set up your perfect office.

Which Room Will You Use as a Workspace?

The first thing you’ll need to do is to decide which space in your home will be transformed into an office. You'll probably spend a lot of time there, so this is an important decision. Think about why you need a home office; will you require absolute silence in order to contact clients? Are you looking to work there every single day of the week? Do you need somewhere you can't be interrupted?

No matter the reason why you want your very own home office, consider choosing a quiet location where you can’t hear noises and, therefore, won’t be distracted. Lighting is another important factor to keep in mind – pick a space with a lot of natural light, which can help your wellbeing and productivity. In addition, your Wi-Fi connection should be strong, so make sure the signal is good in the space you choose.

Start from Scratch

It's very difficult to create a home office if the space is full of clutter. For that reason, clear out everything in order to know what you’re working with and where you’re going to put your furniture. Who knows, you might realise the room is even bigger than you thought once you take everything out.

If storage space in your home is limited, why not opt for household self storage? If you're a student working from home, why not look into our Student Storage in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee?

Kangaroo Self Storage is still open for essential access, so you can easily leave your items with us. Just view our unit sizes to figure out the next option for you and get in touch.

What Will You Need for Your Office?

You also need to consider what you require in your office. While you may just want a chair and a desk for your computer, this is not very conducive to creativity and productivity. By keeping in mind the environment you want to work within, you can more easily create a space where you can stay motivated and focused at all times.

From plants to artwork and music, think about what makes you happy and relaxed – and what can help you to enter ‘work mode’. Decide what you want ahead of time by creating a layout before filling the space with furniture.

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Transform Your Space into a Distraction-Free Zone

There is no denying that working from home has many positives, but it can also be distracting; maybe you have kids or noisy neighbours, for example, but, while you can’t help the distractions, you can still create a workspace that minimises them.

Make sure everyone in your household knows that you shouldn’t be interrupted unless it’s an emergency and leave a note on the door if you’re in a meeting or on a call.

If noise distracts you, you might want to avoid listening to music or having the TV on in the background, so turn everything off. And avoid social media as well, since it’s easy to waste a lot of time there.

Streamline Your Layout

You don’t want to keep having to get up every five minutes to pick up a notebook or anything else you need to do your job – your items should be within easy reach of your desk, so make sure to streamline your workspace. If you have a lot of stuff you rarely use but can’t throw out, like old documents, you can also put them into storage. This will help you to organise your home office.

At Kangaroo Self Storage, we understand that many people are now working from home, so it’s important that they have an office space where they can work distraction-free. We provide self-storage in Edinburgh, self-storage in Dundee and self-storage in Glasgow, so we’re well located and ready to take in your belongings.

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