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How Drive-Up Storage Units Help the Gardening Industry

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Are you a professional gardener who turned a simple hobby into a thriving gardening and landscaping business? Are you seeking efficient storage solutions for your equipment and tools? We know how important it is to store your precious tools safely and easily; this is why, today, we’re here to spotlight drive-up units as a practical, spacious, and incredibly convenient way to protect your tools. 

Here, we’re providing valuable and helpful insights on how our drive-up units here at Kangaroo can be real game changers, revolutionising the way you organise and look after your gardening machinery, whether hedge trimmers, hand trowels, weeding forks, or lawnmowers! From easy access to improving security and efficiency, we’ll explore the main benefits of these units to take your landscaping activity to the next level! 

What Are the Benefits of Spacious Drive-Up Units for the Gardening Industry?  

At Kangaroo, we’re proud to assist companies with our business storage from a wide range of industries, including gardening and landscaping. While any of our storage unit sizes could come in handy for this sector, our spacious drive-up units are specifically designed with this sector in mind. Here are some of the key benefits of choosing this type of storage unit as a gardener or landscaper.

Drive-Up Units to Keep Your Gardening Tools and Machinery Safe 

We pride ourselves on our security, so you can rest assured that whatever you’re storing, we will keep it safe and secure. Gardening machinery can be pretty expensive, and despite being built for the great outdoors, it usually can’t sit around in the elements for long periods of time without getting damaged. Our drive-up storage units provide the 24/7 security and shielding from the weather that they need.

Also, because you can (quite literally) drive up to your storage unit, there’s less need for manual handling. This means that tools and machinery are less likely to be dropped or damaged when navigating corridors and stairs. All you need to do is get them from your vehicle parked outside and into your unit – it’s simple!

Easy Access for Gardeners 

One of the best things about driving straight up to your storage unit is how easy the access is, which is why many gardeners and landscapers choose this type of storage solution. Business owners can easily load up their units or take out their items with ease. Whether you’re storing lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, bags of compost, or other tools and supplies, this easy access saves you time and effort, streamlining your operations.

Also, as you can see pictured above, our drive-up container storage units have wide driveways, meaning you can bring your tractor, truck, van, or car to your storage unit, and it won’t be an issue. Just hold off driving your combine harvester – that one might cause some problems!

Making Gardening Activities Simple and Efficient 

As mentioned, these units are the best choice for those looking for easy accessibility to their storage needs. Alongside this, they help make your job as a gardening or landscaping business owner simple and efficient. Rather than being forced to carry equipment to and from a worksite in a work van, you can just keep everything stored in your unit and take out what you need each day. This way, you won’t ever need to fight for your tools in the chaos of the back of your van; you can just take what you need and leave behind the things you don’t have a use for on that job. Easy, time-saving, and much more efficient!

Hop on Over Kangaroo for Drive-up Storage Units

Are you ready to simplify your operations and find a new way to store your wheelbarrows, gravel, and expensive lawnmowers? We’re all ears! All our spacious drive-up containers are 160 sq ft, meaning you have plenty of room to store your business items. And you can rest assured that our 24/7 CCTV and individual padlock for each unit is the peace of mind you need to leave your gardening equipment for as long as you need to.

Alongside all the benefits above, we make sure our drive-up storage solutions are as cost-effective as possible and never include long-term storage leases or complicated contracts to sign. As part of this, you can expect low rental prices, a range of discounts and offers depending on your location, and no further charges, which means:

  • No business rates.
  • No service charges.
  • No utilities charges.

Whether you choose Dundee, Widnes, or Wirral, you’ll be pleased to know that our friendly staff are onsite during business hours to answer any questions and welcome you in with a smile. So, what are you waiting for? Find your nearest Kangaroo drive-up storage location below, or get in touch to find out what we can do for you:

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