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New CFO Joins Kangaroo Self-Storage

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Kangaroo Self-Storage has just appointed Bryan Lee as our new Chief Financial Officer.

Bryan has almost 25 years of experience in industry and commerce and has held leadership positions in a range of businesses, from household names to those private-equity-backed and family-owned.

Chris Stevens, Kangaroo’s Chief Executive Officer, says: “We’re thrilled to have Bryan as our new CFO with his vast experience in both smaller and larger businesses. Kangaroo started as a small family company but we’ve grown and are now looking to expand.”

Bryan's portfolio and experience are invaluable. He's a chartered accountant with Scottish & Newcastle Plc and has worked in the food and drinks sector (he was part of the management team of the award-winning gluten-free manufacturer Genius Foods Ltd for a few years), the manufacturing and logistics industries, the digital market and the real estate sector.

He has a strong background managing large teams, as well as a lot of expertise in cash management, financial reporting and control, business partnering, and commercial and operational decision support. In addition, Bryan has worked as Group Financial Controller for Cupid Plc, where he helped develop the business’ acquisition strategy, and had a hand in multiple mergers and acquisitions.

This is incredibly beneficial to Kangaroo at the moment, especially as there's a growing investor interest in the sector due to the soaring demand for self-storage across the UK.

As Chris Stevens puts it: “Bryan’s appointment is really to strengthen the merge and acquisitions skills within the finance team, and he will have a key role in identifying opportunities and securing the finance to enable us to grow. He sits on our Board and is part of our senior management team.

“This is the perfect time for the company, as we’re looking for opportunities for growth, including acquisition and joint ventures, across the UK.”

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