Meet the Team at Our Dundee Facility

Dundee is Kangaroo’s first self-storage store.  And, since the day we opened our doors here, the customers of Dundee have always been particularly special to us.

Graham Neville

Graham is our Senior Centre Manager and he looks after the Dundee Store.
He says; 'I’ve been with Kangaroo for nearly 10 years now. I worked for a few self storage companies beforehand but obviously Kangaroo is the best! I thoroughly enjoy working at Kangaroo with the team in Dundee. Every day is different with its own unique challenges, usually because I’ve forgotten to do something according to Bobbie!'

Roberta How

Roberta, or Bobbie, is our Assistant Manager in Dundee.
Bobbie says, 'I'm affectionately known as “The Old Woman,” I’ve worked with Kangaroo since 2005 that's before the main building was even completely finished. I love every working day here and have seen all sorts put in storage from igloos to beehives (empty) - as well as the occasional bit of furniture and commercial stock of course!

Brenna O'Rourke

Brenna joined the team back in 2008 and she's our Customer Service Assistant.
Brenna keeps the team and our customers in high spirits. She says; 'My team call me 'The Store Radio' (I sing while I work and don’t realise I’m doing it. Apologies in advance!) I’ve had various different customer service roles, from selling and photographing collectibles online to kilt hire, but I found my feet when I joined the Kangaroo team. Working here has added many new strings to my bow, my favourite being a forklift licence.'

Mike O'Rourke

The oldest, and newest (!) member of Kangaroo’s Dundee team. Mike first joined us in 2011, he said; "After 35 years of working for Social Work Criminal Justice in Dundee I find working for Kangaroo a refreshing change. I tried to retire, but the variety of jobs carried out leaves never a dull moment. - I missed it, so I'm back. Always learning!"

Fraser Keir

Fraser is the newest member of the team, joining us in early 2019. He's training as a customer service assistant and is making huge hops - already a great asset to the troop. Welcome!