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11 Businesses You Can Run from Your Storage Unit

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Charities, bookkeeping and eBay sellers, these are just a few of the different kinds of businesses that can be based in a storage unit. Instead of piling your kitchen table with paperwork or taking over your garage with stock, a storage unit can offer the perfect solution to keeping your work and home life separated.

Leasing an office space can be expensive; rising rents as well as the costs of utility bills and business rates along with the requirement for a long-term commitment make this option risky and costly  And, if you have the type of business that sees the demand for space fluctuate – you can often end up paying for space that just isn’t needed very often.

Well, with a storage unit from Kangaroo Self Storage, you won’t be tied to a long contract as there are no long leases. It’s also very easy to upscale or downscale to a different sized unit if you need more or less space – and there is no penalty.  With one fixed monthly invoice that includes all your business rates and utility charges – costs are transparent and easy to manage too.

Here’s a look at just some of the businesses you could base in a storage unit. If you are interested in business storage in Glasgow, Dundee or Edinburgh, we can help. South of the border we can also offer business storage in Liverpool, Warrington, Preston, Altrincham, Carlisle, Widnes and the Wirral.

Online Seller

If you sell products online, you don’t want your house to become an order fulfilment centre. Whether you’re selling goods on eBay, Amazon or Etsy, cluttering up your home with products is never the solution. A self-storage unit can safely store your merchandise, and even provide a space to photograph it and create product listings. Moving everything into a storage unit allows you to clear up the goods piled everywhere in your house.

Online Seller Taking a Photo of Goods

Arts and Crafts

Handmade items have exploded in popularity over the years due to the growing appeal of websites like Etsy. It can be challenging to find the right place to both store the raw materials and the final products but to also craft those products in the first place. So, whether you need a workspace, a place to store your finished products prior to sale, or you need space to keep your crafting supplies, self-storage can help.

A Woman Making Jewellery

Video Business

If you run a video-making business such as a channel on YouTube, a storage unit can help make your business operations easier. The walls of your storage unit can be great as a neutral background for vlogs and instructional videos, or you can decorate as you see fit. You’ll also have the necessary quiet to film uninterrupted. No more disruptions from your home life. Our units have lighting and electricity sockets, and we also offer Wi-Fi at Kangaroo Self Storage, so you can upload your online content the same day you film it.

A Vlogger Filming

Writing Business

Don’t have your own office at home to concentrate on writing? Tired of being tempted by delicious cakes and overpriced coffee at the café instead of finishing that first draft? Or perhaps you get distracted people-watching, instead of writing? For many writers, it can be incredibly challenging to focus when surrounded by noise or constant interruptions. A storage unit could be the space that helps you concentrate on your work and boost your productivity.

Writing in a Notebook

Theatre Company

When you think of storage units, theatre is probably not what comes to mind. However, a storage unit can provide a world of benefit to businesses in the arts, such as theatre. There is an awful lot of materials needed to put on a show: costumes, props, backdrops, lighting, sound equipment etc. So, a storage unit can provide you with the space to store it all and keep everything secure and protected. You could even use the storage space for some last-minute rehearsals!

Props and Costumes


If you run a charity, it’s essential to have a dedicated space to store all the donations and any stock, as well as a place to securely keep records and sensitive information. You could also use your self-storage unit as an operations base for fundraising, including storing marketing material and competition prizes.

Group of Volunteers

Independent Publishing House

Independent publishers will deal with a lot of stock like books, brochures, magazines and pamphlets. Before shipping these materials or distributing them to retailers, you need a place to store, sort and label everything. A self-storage unit will give you all the required space you need and ensure that your products remain safe and don’t get damaged. At Kangaroo Self Storage, we have units in many different sizes, so you can expand as your company grows.

Packing Books into a Box

Photo Studio

Is there a better place than a storage unit to shoot your photos? With some simple adjustments, such as professional backdrops and lighting, no one will ever be able to tell where those photos were taken. Storage units are also an excellent space for post-production editing; just add a desk for your laptop, and you’re ready to touch up those photos.

Photography Studio


Contractors, like landscapers, can benefit from a spacious and safe place to store their equipment, supplies and tools. Not only is landscaping equipment expensive, but it’s also bulky and not easy to keep at home if you don’t have a safe space. This could be anything from lawnmowers, ladders, leaf blowers or woodchippers. Rather than disrupt your home life, store your equipment in a self-storage unit to keep it safe and secure.

Landscaping Contractor

Fashion Designer

Tired of discovering thread and fabric in every corner of your house? Don’t know where you’ve put your spare bobbins? Well, with a self-storage unit, you have the perfect space to be creative and store all your materials at the same time. Whether you need a desk to draw your designs or a power outlet to plug in your sewing machine, Kangaroo Self Storage can help by providing you with the space required to run your business.

Fashion Designer

Event Organiser

Planning events is a very methodical job that requires intense organisation skills to ensure the event runs smoothly. Carrying around binders with crucial information, keeping relevant documents lying around the house or dragging essential equipment with you every time you have to be somewhere is not making the best use of your time.

Instead, a storage unit can provide you with a secure space to keep everything from props to client information and business cards. This way, you can work in peace, be prepared for anything and plan spectacular events without worrying about missing information or materials.

Brainstorming Notes

Our storage units are perfect for business use. Whether you need to work from them or are using them for storage alone, they can take away the stress of running your business and ensure you only need to focus on your day-to-day activities.

At Kangaroo Self Storage, we also accept deliveries on your behalf, so you’re not tied to your unit 24/7. We’ll keep them safe and let you know they’ve arrived.  We provide a forklift service and we have plenty of trollies to help move your goods to your unit. At some locations we can even provide office space: Altrincham, Edinburgh, Liverpool, and Preston.

If you need self storage in Edinburgh, self storage in Dundee or self storage in Glasgow, we can help; contact us today if you have any questions.

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