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5 Helpful Tips to Make Moving in Together Painless

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Are you and your partner finally ready to take that big step and move in together? You’ve thought it over, talked through all the emotional aspects and now you’ve decided it’s the right time.

But have you thought about the logistics? Combining all your possessions is going to create a mountain of belongings. What will you do with all your books and prized collectables that won’t fit in your new home? Take a look at our helpful tips for making the moving in process as easy as possible and take the stress out of the move.

Where Are You Moving?

First things first, where exactly are you moving? Are you moving into your partner’s home, are they coming into yours or are you picking out a new place together? It’s a crucial decision, but once made you’ll have a better idea of which belongings you want to bring with you – and what you’ll need to buy.

Talk it out together and make a list of pros and cons for each option. Your place might have excellent transport links, but your partner’s home might be larger or more affordable. It’s a tough decision but one you need to make together!

Couple Planning a House

Declutter Your Home

It’s always best to start the moving process with a good declutter. Assess your belongings. It’s normal to accumulate stuff over time, but it’s unlikely you will be able to take every little thing with you when you move in together. So, this is a fantastic opportunity to declutter and sort out what you want to keep.

If you both live in your own homes currently, you’ll inevitably have at least a few pieces of the same items of furniture, such as kitchen tables and sofas, and you’ll end up with a mountain of cutlery. However, it’s understandable that you might not want to throw your possessions away or donate everything, especially if you have expensive furniture or things with sentimental value.

Work together to figure out what you need from both current homes and pack accordingly. You might be tempted to leave this until you’ve already moved in, but you’ll create more work and it will be harder to get organised if you’re trying to manoeuvre around a living room with two sofas, three armchairs and two coffee tables! Additionally, if you’re paying someone to move your things, you’ll end up paying more.

So, instead of having to let go of what you might want in the future, why not put some of it into storage?

In the future, if your family grows, you can move to a bigger place and take your stuff out of storage. And, of course, if things don’t work out with your partner, you’ll still have all your own belongings too.

Packed Belongings

Make Sure You Both Have Your Own Space

Personal space is essential in any relationship. No matter how much you enjoy someone’s company and they enjoy yours, it’s healthy to have some time apart to enjoy your own company and interests. If your new place is too small to create a space for yourself, try an activity out of the home. Compromise is essential, especially as you will now need to get used to sharing communal areas on a daily basis.

It might be something you need to talk about and come to an arrangement if the two of you have different ideas about personal space.

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Choose the Interior Décor Ahead of Time

Talk about how you want your future home to look together before moving in. It’s something you may have to find compromises on if you both have different ideas of how you want your home to look. It can be particularly hard, especially if one person is moving into their partner’s already established home; if you’re going to live together, it’s important you both have something you like, whether it’s artwork, furniture or wallpaper. It will help you both appreciate your new living situation more.

Decorating House

Tidy Up or Don’t Tidy Up?

Cleanliness and messiness can cause friction in a relationship. Some people have very different ideas of what clean and tidy is, and you both must decide what you're comfortable with and are willing to tolerate. It doesn’t matter if the entire place is completely spotless, so long as you’re both happy with it.

Discuss your expectations before moving in together. Hopefully, you already have an idea of what your partner is like from dating them, but if you’re a clean freak and your partner is more relaxed, you may need to compromise to keep the peace, and vice-versa. If there are habits you just wouldn’t be able to live with, get it out in the open before the big move!

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