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Pallet Storage with Kangaroo Self Storage

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Whether you need to store your palletised products for months or just a few weeks, Kangaroo Self Storage can support your logistics operations. We have storage centres with high bay warehousing in several key locations in the North of England and across Scotland.

Our warehouses can accommodate standard pallet (1m x 1.2m) deliveries numbering just a few individual pallets to up to a single shipment of more than 1500 pallets in some of our warehouses. We understand that businesses require extra warehouse space for all kinds of reasons, and that needs can change – so flexibility is key, and this makes pallet storage a cost-effective choice.

The Benefits of Pallet Storage

Flexibility is a key benefit of pallet storage – enabling businesses to respond efficiently to fluctuations in demand and ensure the ability to meet seasonal peaks for stock requirements. Particularly, where the requirement for additional space is only likely to be temporary then pallet storage is a very cost-efficient solution. Further benefits include:

  • Business agility – there is no long-term lease, instead only flexible storage agreements
  • Cost savings – overheads can be reduced, and storage is per pallet, so you only pay for the number of pallets stored
  • Supply chain issues can be more easily managed
  • Creation of a low-cost storage base close to customers to support last mile logistics sector

Factors Affecting Pallet Warehousing Costs

Warehousing costs are influenced by a range of factors including the level of warehousing services provided – as well as the duration of storage. Other factors include:

  • Storage location
  • Pallet size
  • The number of pallets
  • Specialist storage requirements that demand additional certification
  • Warehousing services and operations support
  • Fulfilment services

Longer-term storage is often cheaper and will deliver keener pricing options.

Pallet Storage with Kangaroo Self Storage

A leading self-storage company, Kangaroo has been providing pallet storage for over 15 years at sites in Scotland and the North West of England. In Carlisle, our warehouse is particularly well-suited for pallet storage, with a capacity of 24,500 sq ft.

Here, we have two large loading bays with a vehicle access height of 6.1m. We have a minimum eaves height of over 10m, and the warehouse is fully racked – to eight levels. On site, we offer a counterbalance forklift as well as a reach forklift. Whilst our opening hours are 9-5pm Monday to Friday – we offer extended hours access, enabling customers to access 24/7 by arrangement, supporting a flexible operations schedule.

All our sites are located at key arterial junctions, offering easy transport access. And, Carlisle is no exception – within the Kingstown Industrial Estate, Kangaroo Self Storage Carlisle can be found just off the M6 at Junction 44, where the A69 meets the motorway. 

We can store a wide variety of general cargo; however, we don’t hold specialist licences, which precludes the storage of hazardous goods and foodstuff / perishable items and goods requiring temperature-controlled storage.

We offer long and short-term storage agreements that ensure you always remain in control. Whether you’d prefer to sign up for a matter of weeks or enter into a longer service agreement, there’s no restriction – with long-term offers and short-term deals subject to warehouse availability.

Our warehouses are covered by state-of-the-art security systems, including alarms and CCTV monitoring. So, you can be assured that your cargo and deliveries are secure, and our team is onsite 6 or 7 days a week.

Find out More

To find out more about our services, site locations and our prices, or to get a quote, contact Mike Brown at [email protected]. Storage prices are per pallet and special rates are available for longer-term contracts and larger requirements. 

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