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Rethinking The Traditional Office: How Office Spaces Have Changed

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Everything we know about office working has changed over the last few years.

While many people would already work from home, the coffee shop or a bench, they still typically had a permanent office base to go to. However, traditional office requirements have changed significantly in recent years. Many people who thought working from home was impossible due to the nature of their job have discovered that this isn’t the case, and they have been able to work effectively from the comfort of their own homes.

Rethink Your Office Requirements

With the changes to the way we approach office working, it's essential to consider the various aspects of successfully managing the workplace. Many companies have started to adopt remote working, leading to the introduction of hybrid workweeks, where employees split their time between working from home and the office.

This shift in working style has encouraged companies to be more flexible with their requirements for office spaces, prompting a re-evaluation of how facilities should be utilised. In response to these changes, we not only provide business storage across the UK,  but we also provide office spaces for more adaptable working environments in prime locations:

By rethinking traditional office requirements, we aim to create more dynamic spaces that promote collaboration and productivity in the changing world of work.

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The Impact of Remote Work on Traditional Office Spaces

With the only requirements being a computer and internet connection, the traditional office space as we know it has likely changed forever. Many people don't have to commute anymore, and others do their jobs from where they find it most convenient. Let's look at some potential downsides of working remotely and how we can help resolve them.

Potential Downfalls of Remote Work and Prospective Solutions

While remote work comes with numerous benefits, it has its challenges. Here, we explore some potential downsides of remote work and how we at Kangaroo Self Storage can assist in finding solutions:

  • Feeling Isolated: Working remotely can sometimes lead to feelings of isolation. At Kangaroo Self Storage, we offer office spaces where remote teams can gather for regular in-person meetings, facilitating stronger connections and teamwork.
  • Blurred Work-Life Balance: Merging home and work life can disrupt your work-life balance. Our storage units can double up as personal workspaces, creating a dedicated area for work and separating it from home life.
  • Lack of In-Person Collaboration: Virtual collaboration can't replace the efficiency of in-person teamwork. Our centrally located facilities can act as shared co-working spaces for hybrid teams aiming to combine remote work with occasional in-person collaboration.
  • Home Workspace Issues: Our diverse unit sizes adjust to the varied needs of remote workers. If your home isn't an ideal workspace, consider renting one of our units.
  • Technical Hitches: While we might not solve internet hiccups, our storage units offer a quiet, distraction-free environment that can help you focus and troubleshoot technical issues peacefully.
  • Security Concerns: At Kangaroo Self Storage, security is our priority, and that includes your remote data security. We make sure that any physical files, equipment or sensitive documents stored at our facilities are well protected.

Companies have the option to lease office space in a more cost-effective location or change their office size as their requirements evolve. Some business owners have even chosen to create their own office space here at one of our locations throughout England and Scotland. Our units are perfect for both business storage and office space. They are equipped with everything you might need to run a business, including powerful Wi-fi.

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Kangaroo Self Storage Can Help with Your Storage Needs

Creating a remote office at home can bring its own unique challenges, such as a lack of space or noise disturbances from family members or neighbours; that’s where Kangaroo Self Storage can help. We offer flexible leases across our storage units, including a lowest price guarantee. We also provide a range of business-specific services. There’s free Wi-fi, and we can accept deliveries on your behalf, so you won’t need to wait around. We have a shredding service and can provide you with pallet storage, archive storage and warehouse storage.

If you lean towards the conventional office setup but consider downsizing for cost savings, you have the option to lease a smaller office space. This allows for a flexible arrangement where some staff members can work remotely while others follow a rotational schedule, ensuring that only a portion of the team is present in the office each day.

So are you interested in changing your office space? Don’t forget we offer office space in Preston, Edinburgh,  Liverpool, and Altrincham. For further information on our office space, get in touch with our team today.

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