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Why Schools Should Choose Self-Storage this Summer Holiday

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The summer holidays are fast approaching, so what better time to get your school organised and ready for the next academic year? Six weeks is a long time, and many headteachers, maintenance staff, and school caretakers take this opportunity to clean, redecorate, and get prepared while there aren’t any children or teachers in the building.

But what do you do with the classroom furniture when you’re deep cleaning? And what happens to all the confidential documents when there’s no staff around to keep them safe? You’ve guessed it – self-storage is the answer!

Here, we’re exploring how Kangaroo Self Storage helps schools during the summer holidays by acting as the extra space they need to store both bulky items to make room for cleaning and redecorating and confidential items while there’s nobody there to protect them.

Summer Break and the Storage Challenges for Schools

Schools need to remain organised, clean, and an appropriate setting for children to learn and spend this crucial time in their lives. If a school is in disarray, with overflowing stationary drawers, messy stock cupboards, and cluttered classrooms, it becomes impossible for teaching staff to get the right supplies when they need them. This not only leads to chaotic lessons and children not getting the most out of their education, but it can also be a health hazard. With mess comes tripping risks, uncleanliness, and hidden dangers such as rotting, mould, or out-of-date materials that could become toxic, such as art supplies.

There’s not always time to stay on top of cleaning and organising during term time. Whilst cleaning staff will hoover and wipe down surfaces at the end of the day, it would be impossible for them or the teaching staff to keep every inch of the classroom tidy and organised while the children are present. The summer holidays present the perfect time for staff to gut their classrooms, throw away unwanted items, arrange the things they wish to keep, and clean or redecorate ready to start fresh in September.

Classroom Makeovers: Furniture Storage for Renovations

During the summer, children are off having fun and spending a well-deserved break away from school, which gives staff the ideal opportunity to refresh their classrooms. Many teachers and caretakers take this chance to give the space a fresh lick of paint, create new display boards, or switch out the make-believe area for something new. While this is a great idea, classrooms typically aren’t very spacious, and it can be quite challenging trying to re-paint while the chairs and tables are in the way.

Thankfully, our furniture storage is the ideal solution! These self-storage units are clean, spacious, and available to rent for a minimum of just two weeks, meaning you can keep all your classroom tables, chairs, teachers’ desks, and other furniture to make space while you redecorate ready for your new students.

Keeping Confidential Documents Safe with Self-Storage

In term time, someone always has their eyes on the filing cabinets filled with confidential data about the children. Whether it’s home addresses, family issues, or behavioural details, this information must be kept safe as it could be incredibly dangerous if in the wrong hands. While some caretakers and other staff will pop in and out of the school during summer, there will also be long periods of time when the building remains empty. Because of this, it’s much safer for schools to keep these files in suitable archive storage.

There are many benefits of archive storage for educational institutions; for example, even during term time, it helps maximise space in offices where storage space may be limited. Of course, as mentioned, it’s a much more secure alternative to keeping things in an empty school, especially here at Kangaroo, where we have 24/7 CCTV and individual padlocks for each unit.

Managing Supplies and Inventory Control

Another of the main reasons that school staff take advantage of our self-storage units is that it gives them the extra breathing space they need to stay in control of their supplies. It can be difficult to stay on top of inventory, especially because, quite often, teachers tend to order more supplies at the start of each academic year. During the year, things get broken and lost, but there are often still many supplies that remain usable. Because of this, staying organised is essential; otherwise, supplies get forgotten about, and drawers and cupboards end up overflowing with clutter.

Self-storage gives teaching staff some extra space to keep their classroom items sorted and under control. With our wide range of unit sizes, teachers can choose the right fit for their needs, whether they’re storing one classroom’s worth of items or an entire school’s worth of supplies. And, here at Kangaroo, we can even add storage racks to your unit, meaning when you store your items, they remain organised so you can easily find what you need and take them back to the classroom when you need them.

Enabling Thorough Cleaning Operations

Finally, school caretakers and cleaners consider the summer holidays to be the perfect chance to deep clean. As mentioned, there’s usually time for a quick hoover at the end of the school day, but carpet cleaning, scrubbing floors, and wiping down every nook and cranny takes time, which is why it’s always easier to do when the children are away.

Here, self-storage is the best way to keep classroom furniture, computer equipment, and sports apparatus safe and out of the way while this deep clean takes place. These secure, clean, and spacious units are the best places to house school items to give you the space you need to get into every corner and make the school sparkle, ready for September.

Trust Kangaroo for Self-Storage for Schools

Now is the perfect time to start getting ready for the summer holidays, so why wait any longer? Trust Kangaroo for your self-storage and benefit from a cleaner, reorganised, and fresh classroom ready for the new academic year.

We have storage sites across Scotland and North West England with easy access, drive-up units available, and a wide range of sizes to suit all schools. Find your nearest Kangaroo here:

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