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Can You Use A Self Storage Unit as An Office?

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When starting a new business, every penny counts, which is why so many new companies start at home. Working from home can save you money, but you can quickly run out of space, and the lines tend to blur between work and play.

For many, the next step tends to be moving out of the spare room or dining table and renting or outright buying an office space, which is a costly venture. However, it’s not the only option. At Kangaroo Self Storage, we have the perfect solution for those who need a workspace but don’t want the hefty bills of renting or buying an office – self-storage.

Yes, that’s right, here, we’re looking into how you can utilise your self-storage unit as an office, saving you money and getting you out of your WFH set-up.

Why Use a Storage Unit as an Office?

You may be under the impression that our business self-storage units can only be used for, well, storage! That’s far from the truth. In fact, recently, more businesses than ever before have been utilising our units as offices, and we’re here to explain why.

Complete Flexibility

There are many advantages to choosing business storage with Kangaroo and using a storage unit as an office. For starters, you’ll have complete flexibility from day one, which is incredibly important to you as a business owner.

When your business starts to take off, Kangaroo makes it super easy for you to scale up to a bigger storage unit. The same applies to downsizing, whether to cut costs or because it suits your business better. Whatever your needs or reasons, you can switch to a smaller or bigger storage unit size.

Alongside this, we have flexible agreements starting at just seven days, so you can rent for as long as you need and no longer. Whatever you need, we go above and beyond to make happen, so your time with us is simple, easy, and stress-free.

office desk in storage unit

Cost-Effective Option

Another benefit of choosing Kangaroo is that we have no business fees or hidden costs! Whether you’re a start-up or a well-established company, we offer a unique and tailored service to all our customers that provides you with cost-effective self-storage. We don’t charge business rates because we want to help you grow your business instead of spending too much money on storage space. You also won’t have to pay those pesky utility bills, and we don’t charge security fees.

Safe and Secure

The security of your business assets and belongings is our top priority here at Kangaroo, which is why we have 24-hour security systems in all our stores that allow us to monitor the facilities and control access. Each site also has access door entry controls, allowing us to monitor who has access and when, as well as security alarms that are active throughout all stores.

Which Industries Would Benefit from Using a Self-Storage Unit as an Office?

If you’re considering using a self-storage unit as an office but are unsure whether it’d work for your business, we’re here to provide a little more detail. There is a vast range of companies running operations from their units, all from a long list of different sectors. For example, Cheshire Pianos have used our self-storage in Warrington for many years to store, restore, and refurbish their pianos as well as run their admin!

man from cheshire pianos in a storage unit

Of course, this is a unique example, and any office-based business will benefit from using our units as a workspace; let’s take a look:

  • Content creators and influencers
  • Writers
  • Digital marketers
  • Charities
  • Estate agents
  • Solicitors

Regardless of your industry, if all you need is a quiet, secure place to work, then a business self-storage unit will work perfectly for you.

Creating the Perfect Working Environment in Your Storage Unit

At first thought, you may think of a storage unit as a boring, dingey space that couldn’t possibly be used as an office! Well, you’d be wrong! When you switch your mindset and instead think of your storage unit as a blank canvas, that’s where the creativity can begin. Once you’ve selected your perfect unit size, you can look at designing the interior with a detailed floor plan to place your furniture, equipment, and storage shelves efficiently.

We recommend opting for functional and practical furnishings to avoid overcrowding and enhance comfort while you’re working. Remember, the goal is to optimise productivity in a clutter-free, well-organised workspace.

sketching out plan for storage unit office

Why Run Your Business from a Kangaroo Storage Unit?

At Kangaroo Self Storage, we pride ourselves on offering outstanding service to all our customers, which is why we make sure there are many advantages to choosing us. As well as those explored here, we provide additional benefits to our storers and those using their units as an office, such as:

  • Pallet trucks, trolleys and forklift trucks. This machinery is at your disposal to help you move things around with ease.
  • Shredding service. Certified and secure document shredding for your business to give you peace of mind.
  • Drive-up options. If you’re loading your desk, chair, and other office furniture into your unit, then our drive-up storage may be the best choice for you.

As well as this, you’ll be pleased to know that all our business storage units are conveniently located near to or in city centres with easy access to motorways for those travelling in. Find your nearest Kangaroo below:

kangaroo purpose built offices

Purpose-Built Office Spaces at Kangaroo

Remember, if you’re struggling to manage in your storage unit or you’d like to upgrade to a more professional setting to host meetings and welcome clients, then we also have purpose-built office space to rent at some of our sites. These serviced offices are located within our storage centres, offering a sense of separation, easy access, free parking, and free wi-fi! And, like our storage units, the lease terms are flexible, with a minimal commitment of just four weeks.

Our offices cater to businesses of all sizes, and they come with fantastic facilities designed to make your working day easier, such as kitchen and toilet amenities, 24-hour access, and exceptional security measures. Additional facilities such as storage space and mailbox rental are also available, along with hot-desk options subject to availability. Experience a hassle-free way to rent an office with Kangaroo!

Find your nearest purpose-built Kangaroo offices below:

So, whether you’re interested in utilising a storage unit as an office or you would prefer to use our purpose-built office spaces, we want to hear from you. Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help you run your business!

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