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With its ambitious plans for improved customer service, Kangaroo Self Storage has advanced one step further by joining more local Chambers of Commerce – in Glasgow and on The Wirral.

Kangaroo has been a proud member of the Chamber in Dundee and Angus for many years and the store manager in Dundee, Graham Neville said; “Our membership is important to us.  It helps us get to know and understand other businesses in our area and it makes us feel a part of our local business community too.  When my peers in other parts of our company asked me about joining their Chambers – I told them that our experience has been positive. You learn a lot from the other members.”


A Room for Better Service

Image of inside a Kangaroo self storage centre

As a business, you need to understand your customers.   Sarah Reston, Store Manager at our Bromborough store on the Wirral said; “You need to know what a business customer wants, how they feel about the products and services you offer, and what they might value in the future.  We see it as our job to make sure we’re providing those things—not just because it’s good for us or good for our customers, but because it’s good for the economy too. I’m hoping that by joining our local Chamber, we’ll be able to take advantage of the opportunities to connect with each other and grow.”


Our Store In Bromborough

Kangaroo self storage in Bromborough

“We are constantly working hard to provide great service and value for our customers who are looking for affordable self-storage options near them. We know that businesses rely on us when they need their belongings stored safely away from work—and that means we have an obligation not only to provide a safe space for them but also to make sure it’s a place where they can feel comfortable coming back again and again,” said Sarah.


A Word from our Store Manager in Glasgow

Out store manager in Glasgow

Brian Murray – our Area Manager for Scotland said; “By attending some of the Glasgow Chamber’s local events, we’ll have a new opportunity to interact with nearby companies and discover more about the needs of potential clients.

“We are looking forward to being an active part of this community and delivering excellent service to those members who are searching for a flexible and affordable way to expand their business.”

In addition to storage Kangaroo offers a range of business services* including free 24hr van hire with our partners, Enterprise; a free delivery receipts service so you don’t have to wait for deliveries; a mailbox service; secure shredding; 24hr access by arrangement plus a full box shop – providing all the packaging materials you might need.


Alongside business storage, Kangaroo also provides household storage and student storage too.  The business operates storage centres in Edinburgh, Dundee, Glasgow, Carlisle and major conurbations in the North West of England.  To get a quote or for more details about self storage with Kangaroo and our other business services contact your nearest store.


* (Not all services are available at all sites.  Please check with your chosen storage Centre for an up to date list of business services.)

stack of pallets

If you run a business, you may have a lot of stock that is taking up room in your home or place of work that you just don’t realistically have the space for anymore. Self storage is the ideal solution for small businesses with inventory they need to keep safe and secure but don’t want to invest in the long term rental of traditional warehouse space. When it comes to organising your stock, pallets go hand in hand with self storage, offering a low-cost way to keep different products separated, elevated and in good condition.



Keep Stock Off the Ground

When you rent a self storage unit like Kangaroo’s business storage in Dundee, you’ll start with a clean, dry, empty unit. If you’re using a high-quality storage facility, you shouldn’t have to worry about anything happening to the items you store inside, as the company will perform regular inspections and maintenance of the site.

That said, by using pallets to keep your goods elevated off the ground, you’ll be safeguarding them against unforeseen problems such as water damage from spillages or more significant issues like flooding. Of course, we hope this never happens, and it’s highly unlikely, but using pallets adds another layer of protection to your goods that wouldn’t be there if you kept them on the floor.

Prevents Mould and Mildew

A reputable storage provider like our business storage in Edinburgh will make sure the facility’s ambient temperature stays at a consistent and reasonable level to avoid either heat or cold having a detrimental effect on items their customers store in the units.

However, there are instances when controlling the temperature of a storage unit isn’t quite as easy. Drive-up container storage units are perfect for people who want 24/7 access to their storage unit and the ability to drive their car or van right up to the doors of their unit for easy unloading. However, this unit style tends to be more exposed because they are outside, meaning they are more susceptible to fluctuations in temperature and will likely be hotter in summer and cold in the winter.

Putting your stock on pallets, particularly if it is a product that is sensitive to temperature changes, will promote good airflow and help keep unwanted moisture at bay. Even items like books, clothing, antiques and vintage furniture, fabrics and cardboard boxes will thank you for placing them on a pallet and not on the ground. The risk of mould and mildew will be mitigated if air can circulate around your stock.

forklift truck for pallets

Great for Bulky Items

Pallets are the perfect choice for storing bulky items or high volumes of goods, particularly if your storage provider has a warehouse facility like we do in Dundee and Glasgow. Traditional warehouse space can be expensive and force you into a long term contract you might not be ready to commit to. Warehouse space at a self storage facility, on the other hand, operates precisely like a storage unit, meaning there are no long term contracts, you only pay for the space you need, and you can scale up and down with the demands of your business.

Pallets are extremely useful for warehouse space like our business storage in Glasgow, and with the help of a pallet truck or forklift service, you can shift heavy stock and high volumes of products around with ease.

Sourcing Pallets

If you only need a few pallets for your storage unit, with just a little bit of searching, you will likely be able to find some second-hand for either very cheap or free. Many retailers, wholesalers and suppliers who receive palletised goods may have an excess they’re willing to part with or sell for a small fee. Local freecycling schemes are also a great place to look for unwanted pallets, or you may already receive your business’ stock on pallets and not have to look far at all.

Wherever you choose to get your pallets from, make sure to wipe them down if they’re second hand, sand off any splinters and make sure no nails are sticking out that could snag either on your stock or you. If you’re concerned about what’s been on the pallet before and don’t want to risk any cross-contamination, a piece of cardboard, plastic sheeting or cloth will provide a simple but effective barrier between the pallet and your items.

stacks of pallets

Get the Most Out of Pallet Storage

To get the most value out of using pallets in self storage, you need to know to stack things on them correctly and how to position them in your unit so you can still access all your inventory.

  • Heavy boxes should be stored on the bottom to prevent lighter boxes from being crushed or damaged.
  • Create alleyways between pallets to make sure you can safely access them from all sides.
  • Label boxes on multiple sides so you can identify things from all angles
  • Place items you need to access the most on pallets closest to the entrance of your unit and those you need the least at the back.

Whether you need space for one pallet or one hundred, Kangaroo Self Storage can help with flexible, affordable solutions. Alongside our three facilities in Scotland, we also have self storage in Altrincham, Warrington and Wirral. When you’re ready, head over to our space calculator to work out how many pallets you’ll be able to fit into a unit, and then get a quote using our quick and simple online service.

forklift moving box around self storage

Many small businesses start in the home, at the kitchen table or in the spare bedroom where there’s no rent to pay and fewer costs than leasing a commercial space. The ability to set up and run a small business from home has given so many people the kickstart they need to build a successful career and turn their passions into an income. But what happens when your business outgrows the kitchen table, and you run out of places to store stock, organise your inventory and keep track of paperwork? If your small business has outgrown your home or current space, it’s time to start thinking about giving yourself room to grow. Unfortunately, finding a suitable space can be tough. Rents on commercial spaces are often unfeasible for small businesses, and there are also additional overheads to consider, like utilities and insurance. Luckily, self storage has the answer, with affordable spaces to help businesses expand.

Flexible Approach to Renting Space  

If you have a small e-commerce business, make products to sell that require materials, or run any small business that requires you to hold stock, you need space to hold that stock. Storage units like our business storage in Edinburgh are perfect for this. They offer a clean, secure room to keep and organise your inventory, and unlike a traditional commercial space, there are no business rates, service charges or utility charges.

But the best thing about self storage for small businesses is the flexibility. We understand that your business is constantly growing and changing, so if you rent out a storage unit and find it’s not quite big enough, there’s no need to worry. We won’t make you sign a long-term lease, and you can scale your unit size up or down at any time.

Purpose Built Office Spaces with Storage

So what do you do if you need business storage but also need office space too? Somewhere you can officially register as your business address, have your employees work from and invite clients or customers to visit? Some facilities, like our self storage in Altrincham, have purpose-built office units for rent. Much like traditional office spaces, these units have all the essentials you need to run your business, including:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Power outlets
  • Central heating
  • Kitchen facilities

They can be legally registered as your business address, but best of all, they’re on the same site as the traditional self storage unit. This means you can organise all your stock in a storage unit on the same site as your office space, another great reason to consider relocating your business to self storage.

office space in self storage unit

Archiving Services

If your small business creates a lot of paperwork, you probably know how much space this can take up and how time-consuming keeping track of documents can be. Believe it or not, self storage can help with this too. Our business storage in Dundee and Glasgow offers archive storage and services at varying levels tailored to suit your archiving requirements.

Whether you have a few boxes of paperwork that need safe storage on a secure site or hundreds of files that require active management, there’s a self storage solution for you:

Serviced Archiving

Full retrieval and delivery service of your documents from your place of work.

Self Managed Archiving

You can deposit and retrieve your documents from a storage unit during our opening hours, and you only pay for the unit rental.

Filling Cabinets

Move your existing filing cabinets into a storage unit to free up space in your home or office.

Mixed Archiving

Use any combination of the above to suit your business needs; use our retrieval service for documents archived in long-term storage and a self-service unit for anything you need regular access to.

Each Kangaroo Self Storage store also has a box shop that stocks both small and large archiving boxes.

stack of paperwork for archiving

Help with Your Deliveries

Renting a commercial space in a busy city or town is expensive for small businesses and can present issues when getting stock delivered. If you’re office or home is on a busy road or not easily accessible to a delivery van or lorry, you may begin to find that as your business grows, getting larger quantities of stock delivered becomes a logistical nightmare.

When you choose Kangaroo for your business storage, our staff will happily accept deliveries on your behalf – they’ll even call you to let you know the goods have arrived. We have pallet storage for bulky items and high volume goods, forklift trucks for moving stock around our warehouse storage, and wide loading bays for those big deliveries.

When you choose business storage in Scotland and the North West, you’re not only getting an affordable, flexible space for your business but a service too. With staff on site and ready to help during opening hours and 24-7 CCTV, you can run your business safely and securely, with fewer financial risks than committing to a lease on traditional office space. If you’re ready to grow your small business, get a quote from Kangaroo Self Storage today.


When running a small business, having a suitable space to work from or to accommodate everything you need to operate is crucial to success. You may start just running your business from a room in your home, but as things develop, you could find stock encroaching into other areas of your house and find yourself outgrowing your available space.

At this point, it might be time to consider relocating your business to a bigger space – or, perhaps, you’re already running your business from an office unit but are curious about alternatives and ways to save money on renting office space.

Today, we will discuss how self storage can help businesses and why you should consider relocating yours to a self storage unit.


self storage office space


Can I Use a Self Storage Unit as an Office?

The answer to this question is yes and no. Whilst you cannot legally register a traditional self storage unit officially as your business location or ask any employees to work from a storage unit as an official office space, you can run a business from a self storage unit. This could include things like:

  • Storing stock and managing your inventory
  • Using the space to pack orders
  • A workspace or quiet place to go and get work done

Self storage units are perfect for online sellers who need somewhere to keep and package their stock. They’re also well suited to contractors and tradespeople who want a secure, safe place to store their tools and materials.

A perfect example of a business utilising self-storage is Cheshire Pianos. They have been using our self storage in Warrington for many years to store, restore and refurbish their pianos.


Cheshire pianos in self storage


Of course, these are just a few examples of businesses that can be run from a storage unit, but what about companies who want to use self storage facilities as their primary business location?


An Office With Storage Space to Rent

For those who want all the benefits of business self-storage and want to officially register their business, hold meetings, and have employees work from the same site, purpose-built office units in self-storage facilities are the perfect solution.

Our business storage in Altincham has office units available for rent alongside traditional self storage units. These spaces are fully kitted out with everything a small business needs to operate, including power points, heating, Wi-Fi and kitchen facilities. The units can be legally registered as the business address, and you’re welcome to have employees work from the units just like a traditional office space.


self storage office space


Why Choose Self Storage For Your Business?

Whether you’re looking for a unit to support your growing business, like our business storage in Dundee, or want to commit to moving your entire operation to a new space, there are several benefits to self storage.

Office and Storage Space All in One Place

Renting a purpose-built office space within a self storage facility means you can also keep your stock at the same location. You can rent out a traditional storage unit alongside your office unit to hold your stock, pack orders and keep things organised.

No Long Term Contracts

Expanding your business and committing to office space can be daunting and costly. Using units like our business storage in Glasgow, particularly whilst you’re finding your feet and getting to grips with how much space you need, offers much more flexibility. You won’t be tied into any long term contracts, and if you find yourself outgrowing your space, you can easily move to a bigger unit without incurring high financial costs.

Safety & Security

When you choose a high-quality facility like our business storage in Edinburgh, you can rest assured that your stock and anything else you keep in your storage unit is safe and secure. Our units are covered by 24/7 CCTV, an electronic security system and security fencing. However, if you were to opt for traditional office space, you may find these measures are not included.

Rewards for Long-Term Storage

Another added bonus of choosing Kangaroo Self Storage for your business is that you’ll actually be rewarded the longer you stay in a unit. We often run discounts and promotions that reward customers who use our units for long-term storage.


kangaroo self storage business space


More Than Just Business Storage Space

Self storage can and should be so much more than simply somewhere to store your stock. Alongside purpose-built office units at select locations, Kangaroo also offers the following services to business customers to help them keep their businesses running smoothly:

  • Self-managed and managed archiving services
  • Warehouse space and pallet storage for bulky items and high quantities of stock
  • Spacious loading bays for deliveries
  • Friendly staff who will accept deliveries on your behalf
  • Separate entrances and visible signage for your business when you choose to rent an office space like those at our Altrincham facility

Here at Kangaroo, we’re experts in business self storage in Scotland and the northwest of England. So, if you’re considering moving your business into a storage unit or office space and want to know more about how we can help, contact us today, and a member of our team will be more than happy to talk you through the available options.


We are delighted to let you know that Kangaroo Self Storage has gained the highest service award by well-known review site, Feefo.


All our self storage stores across Scotland in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee have won the Feefo Platinum Trusted Service award.  An independent seal of excellence, the verified award recognises businesses for delivering exceptional experiences, as rated by real customers.


Feefo gives Platinum Trusted Service awards to businesses that have achieved the Feefo Gold standard for three consecutive years or more.  The Feefo Gold Trusted Service award recognises organisations that have collected at least 50 Feefo reviews in a year and have achieved a service rating of at least 4.5.



Our boss, Chris said: “We’re very excited to receive this award because it’s based on the feedback of our customers, who are the most important judges of all. It recognises how hard the whole team works to give all our customers the best possible experience, especially in the recent tough times.  Everyone at Kangaroo is fully committed to the highest quality of service, we know it’s important for us to listen, understand and respond to all our customers.  The beauty of Feefo is that the feedback and information we receive enables us to improve constantly.  So a big thank you to our customers too.


“At Kangaroo we make storage simple.  We understand that our customers often use storage at challenging or uncertain times in their lives – so service can make all the difference.  Our teams understand this and work really hard to support our customers and make this process as hassle free as it can be.  I’m delighted that the team’s hard work has been so clearly recognised!”


Congratulating the team at Kangaroo on winning the award, Steph Heasman, Director of Customer Success at Feefo, commented: “The Trusted Service award has always been about recognising companies that are outstanding in customer experience and generate great feedback from happy customers.

“Despite the incredible challenges of a global pandemic, so many companies using Feefo have continued to provide remarkably high levels of service and they deserve a huge amount of credit for what they have achieved.“

Give us a call on 0800 012 1528 if you’re looking for self storage in Dundee, Edinburgh or Glasgow.

Kangaroo Self Storage facility at Sighthill, Edinburgh.

Did you know you can run a business from a storage unit? At Kangaroo Self Storage, we offer plenty of units for clients in need of business storage, as well as clients who need office space or somewhere to keep their stock. You don’t have to let paperwork overtake your home – instead, opt for a storage unit to keep your work and personal life separate.

To commemorate our 15 years in business, Kangaroo is looking into 15 types of businesses that can run out of storage units. If you’re about to set up a business or have just started a company and are in need of space, check out how our storage facilities can help.

Benefits of Using a Storage Unit

There are several reasons why you should use a storage unit for your business. For example, renting an office can quickly become expensive, especially because you must pay utility bills on top of your rent. Seasonal businesses will also need more space during certain times of the year but, when things are quieter, they can end up paying for space they don’t need.

By choosing one of our units, you’re not obligated to stay for a long period of time. We offer flexible agreements that allow you to leave as soon as you no longer need storage, and you’ll also find it easy to scale the space you need up or down.

We don’t charge any business rates, service fees or utility bills. All units are also under 24/7 security and have protection against intruders and fire. You can rest assured that your possessions will be safe at all times.

1. Online Shop

If you run an online shop, you know how easy it is to find yourself surrounded by boxes… to avoid your home becoming a fulfilment centre, you can use a storage unit instead, as it allows you to keep inventory, merchandise, and more – it even allows you to take pictures or videos of your products.

By choosing a unit, your home will remain tidy, and you don’t have to spend money on a dedicated office. Take a look at how our units can help online shops.

2. Arts and Crafts

Many people have started – or are interested in starting – a business selling homemade items. However, these types of business can take up a lot of room, as you need the space to keep your materials and your final products, not to mention the space to actually make them.

Your very own unit will help with this, so you can grow your arts and crafts business without worrying about running out of room.

3. YouTube Business

Nowadays, more and more people are becoming YouTubers or using the platform to sell their products. To film an item, a vlog, a how-to video or an ad, you need space; preferably, space that you can decorate as you please! With Kangaroo, you can add your own branding to a unit and film your videos without interruptions.

Professional vlogger sitting in front of a camera

4. Writing Business

Some people work better in silence and without being interrupted so, if you’re a writer, our storage units can provide you with a dedicated writing room where you can shut off the outside world and work in peace and quiet.

5. Charities

Running a charity or a charity shop requires a lot of space for stock and donations, not to mention important documentation. Our units are safe and clean, so you can use them for a range of purposes, from inventory keeping to fundraising.

6. Photo Studio

Are you a professional photographer? At Kangaroo, our storage units are perfect as a studio, especially because you can add any lighting or backgrounds you want to the scene. If you photograph events, like weddings, you can even add a desk and computer in the unit in order to edit the photos. We have all the space you could possibly require, since we offer a range of unit sizes, so speak to us if you’d like more information.

7. Independent Publisher

Small publishers often have a lot of products to move and need the necessary room to keep them, be it books or magazines, for example. Our units will give you plenty of dedicated space to store everything, pack it all, and make sure it’s all ready to go to shops and industry events.

You can be confident that your stock will be secure and clean, so that nothing becomes damaged whilst in storage.

8. Landscapers

As a landscaper or gardener, you do all your work outdoors, but you still need a place to keep your machinery and equipment. Tools of the trade are expensive, so you can’t simply leave them in your van. You may not be able to keep them at home either, since they tend to be bulky.

By storing the equipment in one of our units, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your shovels, hedge trimmers, lawn aerators, and more, are safe and sound – and ready for you to collect them at a moment’s notice. For instance, we’re offering 24-hour services at our Glasgow facility (and have plans for Edinburgh later in the year), allowing you to easily retrieve your business tools at any time of day or night.

turf Grass Installer. Replacing Old Lawn with Fresh Natural Grass.

9. Local Contractors

Contractors like builders and plumbers also need a safe space to store business materials and tools. We offer equipment storage services and units that range from the smaller 16 square feet to over 500 square feet. This means we can accommodate all sorts of machinery and equipment, so you don’t have to worry about running out of space.

If you want to move to a smaller or bigger unit, don’t hesitate to let us know. The process is easy and straightforward.

10. Theatre Company

Our units can be used for virtually anything, including a storage space for theatre companies. Due to the many sizes we provide, you can store your set design, costumes, lighting, props, and more, without a hassle at Kangaroo. And our units make great spaces for practicing and rehearsing as well.

11. Fashion Designer

Another thing that can quickly get out of hand is to run your sewing or fashion designer business from home. Even if you live in a large house or flat, finding the necessary space for all your fabrics, models and a sewing machine can be tough. At Kangaroo Self Storage, you’ll be able to work without interruptions and have all the space you require for your equipment.

No more struggling with surfaces at home! We also have plenty of boxes and other materials at our box shop, which you can use to store designs or pack completed projects before sending them off to clients.

12. Event Organiser

As an event organiser, staying on top of everything is important – in fact, it’s what you’re paid to do. From binders to advertising materials, space can quickly run out, leaving you struggling for a way to store everything efficiently and safely.

However, this isn’t the case with storage space. When you choose one of Kangaroo’s many units, you can securely keep your clients’ information, store all materials and promotional equipment when not in use, and sit down to plan your next big job in peace and quiet.

13. Luxury Items Seller

As we’ve seen, selling items can become an easier and faster process if you rent a unit to store all products. The same is true for high-end and high-cost items. Instead of risking leaving the items in your garage (which is not viable as you grow your business anyway), you can put them into storage and relax knowing they’re protected against accidental damage and theft.

Maybe you sell appliances or maybe you’re in the furniture business – no matter what you’re selling, you want to make sure that you can retrieve your products at all times and that only you have access to them.

Close Up Of Woman Upcycling Furniture In Workshop At Home Painting Wooden Chair

14. Sports Club or Gym

Gym equipment is bulky and heavy, so it’s not feasible to run a fitness business from your home unless you have plenty of space – something most people don’t have. From machines to marketing tools, you can store it all with Kangaroo.

15. Cake Decorator

While you may not be baking cakes in your Kangaroo self storage unit, you can still make use of that space to decorate your creations. You can set up lights and tables as you see fit and, with a base of operations close to your clients, you can finish a cake and deliver it immediately too.

Whether you’re looking for business storage in Edinburgh, business storage in Glasgow or business storage in Dundee, we can help. You can work from our units or use them as a way to keep stock – it’s up to you.

We also accept deliveries on your behalf so that you don’t have to visit your unit regularly if you don’t need to, allowing you more time to grow your business. Contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Dundee Exterior

Kangaroo Self-Storage has just appointed Bryan Lee as our new Chief Financial Officer.

Bryan has almost 25 years of experience in industry and commerce and has held leadership positions in a range of businesses, from household names to those private-equity-backed and family-owned. (more…)


The number of businesses online has been rising for a long time. 2020 saw a boom in online businesses like no other. According to Growth Intelligence, more than 85,000 businesses launched online stores or joined the online marketplace in the first few months following the first lockdown.

In a post-pandemic era, businesses need to be more flexible and able to adapt to changing circumstances. Self-storage can help play an essential role in this, but how can Kangaroo Self Storage help businesses move online?

Keeps Costs Low

Kangaroo offers a wide range of storage spaces for businesses at great prices. If you’re thinking of moving your business online, a storage unit allows you to store your inventory safely and securely. Our self-storage services are tailored to your requirements and are ideal for companies that need to store excess stock, expand their operations or create more space at home or in the office.

At Kangaroo, we do not charge business rates, security fees or utility bills. The costs you save with us can be invested in your business instead.

Our services offer your business the flexibility it needs, allowing you to rent as much space as you require only for as long as you need and no longer. In uncertain times when you want to minimise your financial exposure, storage space can reduce your high street presence.

When you rent storage space with Kangaroo, you can reduce your overheads with our fixed rates, so you always know exactly where you stand with your cash flow.

Free Up Space

It can be a challenge to store your entire inventory for an online business without a physical premises.

But when you have a dedicated storage unit, you don’t need to rely on storing boxes and packages in your home. At Kangaroo, we have storage units in a vast range of sizes, so you can easily find a unit that is as big or small as you need for your requirements, available when you need it. You can scale your unit up or down for no extra cost to suit your business as it develops.

Units as Fulfilment Centres

Our self-storage units are great for storing stock, but they can also be used as a mini fulfilment centre. You can request lighting and racking so you can organise your space exactly how you need it. You can pack and label your items easily, ship boxes to where they need to go and keep your dedicated space organised to meet your needs.

At Kangaroo we have everything you need, from shelves, desks, computers and a fast internet connection. So you can move your business online with minimal disruption, just as fast as you can set up your website. Simply move in your business and take advantage of our self-storage units.

Get Flexible Office Space

Businesses need to be flexible, and Kangaroo provides a flexible service to suit. We adapt to you, not the other way around.

We offer incredible deals and services, including a flexible storage agreement from as little as just seven days. So you won’t be tied down to any long-term contracts, great for start-ups and established companies. You are in complete control of your storage space, able to run your business as you see fit and control the costs.

If your business changes during your stay with us, you can scale up to a bigger unit or downsize at any time, such as if you take a big delivery or want to cut costs. We make it easy for you so that you can focus your business.

When you rent a unit for 12 weeks, get six weeks free!

Online small business owner packing drop product on box.

Lose the Retail Space

Storage units make it easier than ever for businesses to move online because they remove the need for a physical retail space. If you no longer want to pay rent for a premises you are not using fully, or you want to switch to online operations completely, you can rely on storage units to give you the space you need.

Whether you are an eBay seller, a YouTube business or anything in between, a self-storage unit has a wide range of uses. It can be used to store your merchandise, but our business customers also use our units as an office or even a studio to create product listings or photograph items for their online store.

Kangaroo is ideal for those needing business storage, as you can save on rent while also benefiting from a goods receipt service. You could also combine your rental with other services such as our mailbox service. Our units have free Wi-Fi too.

Enjoy Fully Secure Storage Facilities

Security and safety will likely be high on your list of things you want from a storage unit. At Kangaroo Self Storage, you can have peace of mind knowing your belongings are always safe with us due to our 24/7 security systems, access door entry controls, intruder alarm systems and fire and safety precautions.

All our stores are completely COVID-secure. Our staff wear face coverings while providing a friendly service, and there are sanitation stations in our loading bays. Our facilities are deep cleaned throughout the day to ensure most commonly touched areas like PIN pads and door handles are being cleaned regularly.

Why is Kangaroo Self Storage the Right Option?

Our storage facilities offer clean, modern units for you and your business needs, be it for office space, offsite stock room or large space storage. We can even provide you with drive-up units for your stock. Our services are very cost-effective and ideal for businesses that are just starting up and don’t require a high street presence, or for those wanting to scale down and move their business online.

So whether you no longer need retail space or you’re setting up an online business, Kangaroo can give you the flexibility you need for your business.

55 sq ft room with items to show scale

Contact us today to learn more about our services if you’re looking for self storage in Edinburghself storage in Dundee and self storage in Glasgow.

Glasgow - Store View Exterior

The team here at Kangaroo Storage would like to wish all of our valued customers a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

It means the world to us that you choose to use our services, and we have been working tirelessly to ensure your storage solutions haven’t been interrupted despite the challenging year we have all had. Thank you to everyone for continuing to use Kangaroo Storage, we have some exciting plans for 2021, so watch this space!

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Empty 75 sq ft storage room

When starting a new business, every penny counts, which is why so many new companies start at home. Working from home can save you money, but you can quickly run out of space, especially with the whole family spending more time at home these days.

Renting or outright buying an office space is a costly venture, and in these uncertain times, it can be risky too. A great option is to use a self-storage unit as an office space, as they offer a low-cost alternative without a long-term contract.

At Kangaroo Self Storage, we believe in supporting start-up businesses and so we offer business storage in EdinburghGlasgow and Dundee. Many businesses have set up shop in our storage units, as they provide many benefits, including:

  • Wide variety of unit sizes
  • Rental flexibility
  • Cost-efficient
  • Friendly service
  • Secure access
  • Accept deliveries on your behalf

Glasgow - Store View Exterior

Wide Variety of Units

At Kangaroo, we offer a large number of storage units at our centres for you to choose from, which are ideal for your needs. We know that every business has its own size requirements, so we have units that range from a small 16sq ft locker to a 500sq ft unit.

You can take a look at our full range of unit sizes to figure out which one is right for you and your business.

With a wide range of units to choose from, Kangaroo can make the running of your business just that bit easier. Working from home is great to start with, but space soon becomes scarce, and your stock will encroach on the dining room table or kitchen counter. Keep your home life and work separate with cost-effect storage.

Our storage units are dry, clean and modern, allowing you to separate your personal and professional life with ease. If you need to meet clients or work partners, they can also be a great option, as they can help you present a professional front to your business. Whether you’re a tradesperson or an eBay seller, you will find what you’re looking for with Kangaroo.

55 sq ft room with items to show scale

Complete Flexibility

There are many advantages to choosing business storage with Kangaroo and using a storage unit as an office. For starters, you will have complete flexibility from day one, which will be incredibly important to you as a business owner.

When your business starts to take off, Kangaroo makes it super easy for you to scale up to a bigger storage unit. The same applies to downsizing, whether to cut costs or because it suits your business better. Whatever your needs or reasons, you can switch to a smaller or bigger storage unit completely free of charge.

We have flexible agreements starting at just seven days, so you can rent for as long as you need and no longer. You can also take advantage of our special offers such as six weeks of free storage when you rent for at least twelve weeks.

Cost-Effective Service

Another benefit of choosing Kangaroo is that we have no business fees or hidden costs.

Whether you are a start-up or a well-established company, we offer a unique and tailored service to all our customers that provide you with cost-effective self-storage.

We do not charge business rates because we want to help you grow your business instead of spending too much money on storage space. You also won’t have to pay utility bills, and we don’t charge security fees.

Using our storage units as office space is a cost-effective way to run your company that you should consider today. We are on hand to answer any questions you might have, so don’t hesitate to talk to us if you would like to know more about our business storage options.

Double doors to larger rooms

COVID-Secure Stores

We want to support any essential businesses and customers that are classed as key workers. Kangaroo has remained open throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Health and safety is incredibly important to us, and we know it’s important to you too. Behind their masks, our staff are still providing the same friendly service you can expect. We ask that you also wear a face-covering when in-store and use our sanitation stations in the loading bays.

Rest assured that we have implemented cleaning routines throughout the day to ensure that the most commonly touched areas are regularly sanitised. This includes:

  • Communal door handles
  • PIN pads
  • Lift buttons
  • Reception desks
  • Toilet flushes
  • Card readers
  • Chair arms

We ask that you also adhere to the social distancing measures currently in place.

Secure Access

The security of your business assets and belongings is crucial. Kangaroo has 24-hour security systems in all our stores that allow us to monitor the facilities and control access. Each site has access door entry controls, allowing us to monitor who has access and when, as well as security alarms that are active throughout all stores.

Additional Advantages of Choosing Kangaroo Self Storage

We pride ourselves on offering top-notch service to all our customers, which is why we provide additional benefits such as:

  • Pallet trucks, trolleys and forklift trucks –this machinery is at your disposal to help you to move things around with ease (and we do not charge you extra for using them).
  • Shredding service – certified and secure document shredding for your business.

Our units are for more than just storage. If you are interested in running your business from one of our units, be it from our self storage in Edinburgh, self storage in Dundee or self storage in Glasgow, just let us know.

Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help you run your business from a self-storage unit.