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Debunking 5 Myths About Self Storage

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With so many "Storage Wars" shows and the exposition they offer self-storage, there are many reasons people often avoid them. For example, fear of hoarding, discovering the unknown from previous rentals, and so much more, we felt the need to debunk some of the more common myths and untrue facts that many of our customers mention when they enquire about our storage units.  

Myth 1: Self Storage Is Only Used by Hoarders 

Whilst there is no denying when watching various auctions of storage units, many of them are filled with unusable and personal items that are insignificant to someone else. However, the misconception that all units are brimming with "junk" is far from reality, especially for our storage unit customers.  

Overflowing filing cabinetsMany of our units are used as additional space for people between house sales and storage for wedding items. We have even seen the odd classic car safely protected from the bitter winter weather with our helpful drive-up units. There are many reasons people choose to rent a storage unit, and few, if any, are due to hoarding. For example, some of our units are only used for a brief spell due to life-changing events requiring extra space. In contrast, some self-storage units, such as our business storage in Glasgow, are popular for storing excess stock before committing to a more permanent business expansion.  

At Kangaroo self-storage, we also offer some of the most competitive rates for student storage. These student storage units are used to free up space at home when a student leaves for university or as valuable space when sharing student accommodation with others. The likes of our Edinburgh student storage facilities are only a 16-minute drive from the University of Edinburgh, making it ideal to use as a base for all those personal belongings that clutter a student's on-campus accommodation.  

Myth 2: Self Storage Is Lifeless and a Bleak Use of Space 

On the contrary, we like to make sure that all of our locations are bright and colourful. For instance, many people love the enormous Roo on the side of our self-storage in Dundee, which can be seen as they pass on the main train line through the city. Let us know if you have ever spotted it.  

We take pride in all of our locations, making sure they feature the bright reds and yellows we enjoy at Kangaroo storage. All of our facilities offer modern and bright receptions, with an incredible team of staff all happily ready to help.  

The exterior of Kangaroo self storage unit In addition, some of our locations even offer play areas for the younger ones to enjoy whilst the adults take care of business, and you never know; you could even find a mini Roo hiding around the units.  

Myth 3: People Aren't Aware of Storage Units 

Considering the vast storage unit facilities in the UK, we struggle to comprehend this. There are more storage units in the UK than there are McDonald's restaurants. Unfortunately, many self-storage units are on industrial estates, so you may never come across them if you rarely need to venture to one. However, we assure you that you can find self-storage in every city.  

At Kangaroo Self Storage, we have eight units across the North West of England and Scotland, with more coming in the future, so if you happen to need storage in these areas, you can rely on us to provide you with a unit to suit your needs.  

Myth 4: Storage Units Are Unsafe, and Anyone Can Access Them 

Again, this is far from the reality of self-storage. Here at Kangaroo Self Storage, we take security very seriously. We need our customers to know that when they rent a storage unit, they can rely on their belongings being safe when they return.   

For this reason, we ensure that we incorporate extensive security across all of our units with 24-hour digital CCTV located on the interior and exterior of the main building, monitoring all entrances and exits.Kangaroo padlocks from the Box ShopIn addition, we have an up-to-date alarm system for all our premises, and you can only access the grounds through the electric gates, which only activate with a unique security mechanism, such as a swipe card, fob or PIN.  

In addition, we ask all of our customers to provide their own locks, which prevents the worry of anyone else having a copy and accessing their unit. We supply new padlocks through our Box Shop, so don't worry if you don't have one when you arrive to move in.  

Myth 5: Storage Units Are Expensive 

This final myth is our favourite, not because it is true, but because of our pride in our lowest price guarantee. This guarantee applies to quotes for individual storage units of the same size from storage companies within a 5-mile radius of our store. We like to ensure that we offer our customers the best possible price. So we regularly have offers available, and if you find a storage unit cheaper for the same terms as the quote we offer, we will promise to beat it by 10%. 

Inside Kangaroo reception area

We also regularly offer promotions for our storage units, and you can rent storage units as small as 6ft². Due to the variety of sizes on offer, you never pay for more than you need, with units perfect for the odd bit of paperwork to more substantial unit sizes for house moves. Feel free to check out our low-cost units in various locations.  

In conclusion, the most common myths about storage units are officially debunked, so if you feel more confident about using our self-storage, you can obtain a quote online. We have storage units across the North West and Scotland. Alternatively, you can visit our FAQ pages for any other questions you may have.  

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