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How Does the Art Industry Benefit from Self-Storage?

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As leading providers of business self-storage, we have had the opportunity to work with people from a long list of sectors, including estate agents, construction workers, event planners, retail store owners, and so many more. During this time, we have learned so much about how our services benefit various industries, and the art sector is no different.

From preserving valuable artworks to providing space for creative endeavours, self-storage facilities offer a range of advantages that cater specifically to the needs of the art industry. Whether you are a gallery owner looking for a secure location to store your collection or an artist seeking a versatile workspace, self-storage can be the perfect solution to safeguard your artistic vision.

Protecting Against Environmental Damage

Self-storage units prioritise the protection of art against environmental damage through various means. One key method is the insulation within the units helping maintain a consistent internal temperature and shield art from extreme weather conditions much more so than in a garage, shed, or attic.

In addition, when stored in a self-storage unit, art is protected from UV rays. This means that the risk of sun damage and fading is reduced, which is especially important for framed artwork, such as paintings, photographs, and other pieces that could be subjected to fading if left in the sun.

Storage unit with a few boxes piled up

Safe and Secure

Our self-storage units employ various measures to ensure the safety of stored art. For example, our controlled access systems restrict entry to authorised individuals only, minimising the risk of unauthorised access. Alongside this, we ask that each person storing with us bring their own padlock, which means nobody can access your unit unless they own the key. If you do not have a padlock, you can purchase one at our Box Shop either online or at any of our self-storage sites.

In addition, we also have 24-hour CCTV for additional peace of mind, with its ability to deter potential theft and vandalism. With strategically placed cameras throughout our facilities, CCTV provides continuous surveillance, monitoring activity in real-time so you can rest assured that your art’s security is tracked 24 hours a day.

These safety and security features collectively create a reliable and protected space for storing art. However, it is important to note that you must organise your own insurance coverage and consult with art professionals for specific security and preservation requirements to ensure you’re protecting your pieces appropriately.

Flexible Space for Exhibitions and Museums

The art industry is vast, and while some people need a place to store their prized pieces, others need somewhere to showcase them. Self-storage facilities offer exhibitions and museums flexible space solutions to meet their diverse needs. They serve as temporary exhibition spaces, allowing museums and galleries to transform units into pop-up galleries for showcasing artworks and installations.

Framed art on a white wall

As well as this, the units offer ample storage space for exhibition materials such as display cases, lighting equipment, and signage, enabling museums to easily organise and access these items no matter what the exhibition requires.

Additionally, our business self-storage units are ideal for storing artworks not currently on display, allowing museums to rotate their collections and offer visitors fresh experiences. For example, seasonal exhibitions may be displayed annually, so these pieces must be stored safely and securely until it’s their time to shine.

Off-Site Storage for Artists and Collectors

As mentioned, self-storage facilities play a crucial role in providing off-site storage solutions for artists and collectors; let’s take a look at how:

  • Secure storage space. Self-storage units offer secure and dedicated storage space for artists and collectors to store their valuable artworks, supplies, and collections.
  • Space optimisation. Self-storage units come in various sizes, allowing artists to select the appropriate space that meets their specific storage requirements. With the flexibility to upsize or downsize units, artists can easily adapt to their changing storage needs.
  • Organisation and accessibility. Our units enable artists and collectors to keep their artworks and collections organised and easily accessible with the ability to label and arrange items within the unit.
  • Privacy and confidentiality. Storage units provide artists and collectors privacy and confidentiality for their stored artworks. They can rest assured that their valuable pieces are protected from unauthorised access or public view, maintaining the integrity and exclusivity of their collections.

Workspace for Art Professionals

Self-storage units not only serve as storage solutions but also provide versatile workspaces for art professionals. Renting a dedicated studio or workspace can be expensive, especially for emerging artists or those on a limited budget. So, self-storage units offer a cost-effective alternative by providing spacious areas that can be transformed into functional workspaces.

Woman painting inside a storage unit

In addition, our units offer flexibility in terms of layout and customisation; they’re a blank canvas! Artists can adapt the space to suit their specific needs and creative processes, whether it's setting up easels, workbenches, or specialised equipment, art professionals can tailor the unit to create an environment that fosters their artistic endeavours.

Whether you need the space to display, store, or create your art, Kangaroo Self Storage offers the solution. We have a number of facilities across Scotland and North West England, including our:

As always, don’t forget you can get in touch with us for more information or to book your storage unit.

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