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How Does the Fashion and Photography Industry Benefit from Self-Storage?

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As a fashion or photography business owner, you must face quite a few challenges, including a constant effort to balance improving operational efficiency and cutting down costs. On top of that, you need a space to work that you can design on your own terms, host clients, and get creative. If that sounds like something you've been thinking about, there’s a solution that might not come as obvious at first – self-storage!

So here, we'll explore how our self-storage units have become an unexpected asset for fashion or photography business owners. Let’s explore how you can start benefitting from creating a studio or workspace in the blank canvas of our self-storage units!

Photo Studio on a Budget? Self-Storage Is the Answer!

Are you a small business owner just starting to enter the world of fashion or photography and asking a question: Can I run a photo studio from self-storage spaces? Yes, you KAN! In fact, it's a great opportunity for anyone right at the beginning of the journey, and here's why:

  • Cost-effective: Self-storage is a great way to save money on expensive purpose-built studios. Think about how you can spend that money on better equipment!
  • Availability: Having your own studio means that you can use it anytime you want, with no need to book or schedule. That will give you more freedom whether you’re a night owl or an early bird.
  • Size and layout: In self-storage, you decide on your studio size. To learn more about this, read our blog: A Guide to Changing the Size of Your Storage Unit with Kangaroo.
  • Short-term commitment: At Kangaroo Self-Storage, there's no long-term commitment, which means more flexibility for you!
  • Security: Security systems, including 24/7 cameras and individual alarms for each unit, make sure that your items are always monitored. At self-storage, your equipment is always safe.
setting up a camera in a photography studio

Setting Up Your Self-Storage Photo Studio

So, once you’ve decided on your unit, it’s time to get creative in building your studio. Of course, first, you need your photography equipment, including cameras, lenses, and lights, and don't forget your backdrops and stands. You might also want some props or furniture, depending on what you're shooting. Whatever you choose to make your creative vision come to life, make sure you have the right storage boxes or shelves to keep things tidy and organised when you're not using them. Remember, the main idea is to make this space yours and make it a comfortable place where you can create great photos or fashion projects. The good thing is, with a self-storage unit, you can leave everything set up, ready to go the next time you have a job!

What Is a Safe Way to Store Fashion Collections?

For anyone working in the fashion industry, storing seasonal clothes safely is a challenge, but there's a simple solution — the same as in the case of photo studios. Self-storage gives you a private space that only you can access, where you can store all the art pieces without worrying about anyone else having access to them.

At Kangaroo Self-Storage, we provide units that are secure, clean and dry, with a constant temperature throughout the year. That means maintaining the quality of your delicate fabrics and protecting them from extreme temperatures, humidity, and mould. As mentioned, they’re also equipped with strong security measures, including cameras, alarm systems, and secure access points so you can be sure your collections are well-protected against theft.

wheeling boxes into a self storage unit

Using Self-Storage as a Workshop Space

Both fashion business owners and photographers face many challenges in their industries. Usually, having a tight budget is one of the most limiting aspects, but that shouldn’t stop you from dreaming big! If you're considering having your own workshop but want to save up some money, using self-storage is an excellent option.

As well as being the perfect place to host fashion shoots, storage units are also the ideal wide and open space to give you everything you need for a workshop. One corner could hold all your sewing tools and fabrics. Another corner has a neatly organised space for your admin tasks, such as a small desk and a computer. You could even hang some of your favourite designs on the wall for inspiration. Also, you may want to set up some comfy seating for when you need to take a break or chat with your team. You’re the one who controls the layout, and you can mix and match to create a space that works just right for you. Many people are turning self-storage units into office spaces, so think of a self-storage space as a blank canvas where you can create your perfect workshop without spending much. It's your business dream come true!

workshop set-up for a fashion business

Self-storage units, like at Kangaroo, are a great help for those in the fashion and photography industries. We offer cost-effective solutions for a range of your needs. From secure, climate-controlled storage for delicate items to flexible spaces for photo studios, the benefits are clear. Ready to simplify your business and save? Contact us today!

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