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Relocating Your Business to Self Storage

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When running a small business, having a suitable space to work from or to accommodate everything you need to operate is crucial to success. You may start just running your business from a room in your home, but as things develop, you could find stock encroaching into other areas of your house and find yourself outgrowing your available space.

At this point, it might be time to consider relocating your business to a bigger space – or, perhaps, you’re already running your business from an office unit but are curious about alternatives and ways to save money on renting office space.

Today, we will discuss how self storage can help businesses and why you should consider relocating yours to a self storage unit.

self storage office space

Can I Use a Self Storage Unit as an Office?

The answer to this question is yes and no. Whilst you cannot legally register a traditional self storage unit officially as your business location or ask any employees to work from a storage unit as an official office space, you can run a business from a self storage unit. This could include things like:

  • Storing stock and managing your inventory
  • Using the space to pack orders
  • A workspace or quiet place to go and get work done

Self storage units are perfect for online sellers who need somewhere to keep and package their stock. They’re also well suited to contractors and tradespeople who want a secure, safe place to store their tools and materials.

A perfect example of a business utilising self-storage is Cheshire Pianos. They have been using our self storage in Warrington for many years to store, restore and refurbish their pianos.

Cheshire pianos in self storage

Of course, these are just a few examples of businesses that can be run from a storage unit, but what about companies who want to use self storage facilities as their primary business location?

An Office With Storage Space to Rent

For those who want all the benefits of business self-storage and want to officially register their business, hold meetings, and have employees work from the same site, purpose-built office units in self-storage facilities are the perfect solution.

Our business storage in Altrincham has office units available for rent alongside traditional self storage units. These spaces are fully kitted out with everything a small business needs to operate, including power points, heating, Wi-Fi and kitchen facilities. The units can be legally registered as the business address, and you’re welcome to have employees work from the units just like a traditional office space.

self storage office space

Why Choose Self Storage For Your Business?

Whether you’re looking for a unit to support your growing business, like our business storage in Dundee, or want to commit to moving your entire operation to a new space, there are several benefits to self storage.

Office and Storage Space All in One Place

Renting a purpose-built office space within a self storage facility means you can also keep your stock at the same location. You can rent out a traditional storage unit alongside your office unit to hold your stock, pack orders and keep things organised.

No Long Term Contracts

Expanding your business and committing to office space can be daunting and costly. Using units like our business storage in Glasgow, particularly whilst you’re finding your feet and getting to grips with how much space you need, offers much more flexibility. You won’t be tied into any long term contracts, and if you find yourself outgrowing your space, you can easily move to a bigger unit without incurring high financial costs.

Safety & Security

When you choose a high-quality facility like our business storage in Edinburgh, you can rest assured that your stock and anything else you keep in your storage unit is safe and secure. Our units are covered by 24/7 CCTV, an electronic security system and security fencing. However, if you were to opt for traditional office space, you may find these measures are not included.

Rewards for Long-Term Storage

Another added bonus of choosing Kangaroo Self Storage for your business is that you’ll actually be rewarded the longer you stay in a unit. We often run discounts and promotions that reward customers who use our units for long-term storage.

kangaroo self storage business space

More Than Just Business Storage Space

Self storage can and should be so much more than simply somewhere to store your stock. Alongside purpose-built office units at select locations, Kangaroo also offers the following services to business customers to help them keep their businesses running smoothly:

  • Self-managed and managed archiving services
  • Warehouse space and pallet storage for bulky items and high quantities of stock
  • Spacious loading bays for deliveries
  • Friendly staff who will accept deliveries on your behalf
  • Separate entrances and visible signage for your business when you choose to rent an office space like those at our Altrincham facility

Here at Kangaroo, we’re experts in business self storage in Scotland and the northwest of England. So, if you’re considering moving your business into a storage unit or office space and want to know more about how we can help, contact us today, and a member of our team will be more than happy to talk you through the available options.

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