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How Self Storage Supports Small Businesses

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Many small businesses start in the home, at the kitchen table, or in the spare bedroom where there’s no rent to pay and fewer costs than leasing a commercial space. Setting up and running a small business from home has given so many people the kickstart they need to build a successful career and turn their passions into an income. But what happens when your business outgrows the kitchen table, and you run out of places to store stock, organise your inventory and keep track of paperwork?

If your small business has outgrown your home or current space, it’s time to start thinking about giving yourself room to grow. But, finding a suitable space can be tough. Rent on commercial spaces is often out of the question for small businesses, and there are also additional overheads to consider, like utilities and insurance. Luckily, self-storage has the answer, with affordable spaces to help businesses expand – let’s hop into the benefits of Kangaroo’s self-storage for small businesses!

Flexible Approach to Renting Space  

If you have a small online retail business, make products to sell that require materials, or run any company that requires you to hold stock, you need space to hold that stock. Our surplus stock storage units are perfect for that. They offer a clean, secure room to keep and organise your inventory, and unlike a traditional commercial space, there are no business rates, service charges or utility charges. It’s a win-win for your stock and your bank account!

Whatever industry you’re in, we’re sure you’ll agree that the best thing about self-storage for small businesses is the flexibility. At Kangaroo, we understand that your business is constantly growing and changing, so if you choose a unit and find it’s not quite big enough, there’s no need to worry. We won’t make you sign a long-term lease, and you can choose to scale your unit size up or down at any time. We’re here to make your life as a small business owner easier, which includes supporting you in your growth.

storage unit with a desk, boxes, drawers, and a calendar in it

Purpose-Built Office Spaces

So what do you do if you need business storage but also need office space? Somewhere you can officially register as your business address, have your employees work from, and invite clients or customers to visit? Well, some of our facilities have purpose-built office units for rent! Much like traditional office spaces, these units have all the essentials you need to run your business, including:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Power outlets
  • Central heating
  • Kitchen facilities

They can be legally registered as your business address, but best of all, they’re on the same site as your self-storage unit. This means you can organise all your stock in a storage unit on the same site as your office space, which is another great reason to consider relocating your business to self-storage. Find your nearest Kangaroo office space below:

Kangaroo self storage office space

Archiving Services

If your small business creates a lot of paperwork, you probably know how much space this takes up and how time-consuming keeping track of documents is. Believe it or not, self-storage helps with this, too! Our Carlisle, Dundee, Glasgow, and Liverpool locations offer archive storage and services at varying levels tailored to suit your archiving requirements. Whether you have a few boxes of paperwork that need safe storage on a secure site or hundreds of files that require active management, there’s a solution for you. Let’s explore your options:

  • Serviced Archiving. Full retrieval and delivery service of your documents from your place of work.
  • Self Managed Archiving. Deposit and retrieve your documents from a storage unit during our opening hours, and you only pay for the unit rental.
  • Filling Cabinets. Move your existing filing cabinets into a storage unit to free up space in your home or office.
  • Mixed Archiving. Use any combination of the above to suit your business needs; use our retrieval service for documents archived in long-term storage and a self-service unit for anything you need regular access to.

Each Kangaroo Self Storage store also has a Box Shop that stocks a wide range of boxes that you can use for your paperwork or other business items. Whether you’re a property manager and need to store furniture for staging houses, or your small business is in the art industry and you need plenty of bubble wrap to protect your sculptures, we have the ideal boxes and other packing materials for your use.

Kangaroo's box shop

Help with Your Deliveries

Renting a commercial space in a busy city or town is expensive for small businesses and often presents issues when getting stock delivered. If your office or home is on a busy road or not easily accessible to a delivery van or lorry, you may begin to find that as your business grows, getting larger quantities of stock delivered becomes a logistical nightmare.

When you choose Kangaroo for your business storage, our staff will happily accept deliveries on your behalf – they’ll even call you to let you know the goods have arrived! We have pallet storage for bulky items and high-volume goods, forklift trucks for moving stock around our warehouse storage, and wide loading bays for those big deliveries. Whatever it is you need to make delivery collection simple, we’ll go above and beyond to help.

When you choose business storage in Scotland and the North West, you’re not only getting an affordable, flexible space for your business but a service, too. With staff on site and ready to help during opening hours and 24-7 CCTV, you can run your business safely and securely, with fewer financial risks than committing to a lease on traditional office space. If you’re ready to grow your small business, get a quote from Kangaroo Self Storage or hop over to your nearest business storage location today:

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