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Top 5 Reasons Why Students Need Storage Space

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Heading off to university is one of the most exciting adventures you'll take on in life. It's a time of transition from teenage years to adulthood, and the possibilities are endless. You get to explore a new city, meet new people, and experience newfound freedom. But, with all this excitement comes the challenge of packing up your life and moving it to a new place. Whether you're moving into student accommodation on campus or a compact apartment in the city, space can be tight, but here at Kangaroo, we're here to help.

Our self-storage for students is the perfect way to keep your belongings safe and secure while you enjoy your university experience. Let's explore the top five reasons why you'll need self-storage space while at university so you don't have to stress about packing up your things and instead focus on the adventure that awaits you!

1.      You've Run Out of Space

We all know that student accommodation isn't exactly the most spacious, especially when you're sharing it with others. Before you know it, your room can start to look like a cluttered mess, with your textbooks, clothes, and personal keepsakes taking up all the space. But fear not! Student storage is a simple solution that helps you keep your items safe and secure while freeing up some much-needed space. You can store any items you don't need every day, like your winter clothes during summer or any empty luggage you used to help you move in, which would otherwise take up a lot of room in your small space!

2.      You Don't Want to Keep Moving Your Belongings Around

If you're heading back to uni or college for the next academic year and don't want to bring all your belongings home during the summer holidays, self-storage is the answer yet again. Our units allow you to keep all your items in one safe and secure place, away from your parents' watchful eyes. No more converting the spare room or garage into your personal storage unit because your mum's turned your bedroom into a home gym; let Kangaroo handle it all. Our hassle-free storage options mean you can store your stuff over the holidays and retrieve them when you're ready to start again in the new term.

3.      You Need Space For Your Hobby

Have you ever been so excited to get into a new hobby, only to realise it comes with a tonne of equipment? Maybe you live in Liverpool, and you've finally got that wakeboard. You've wanted to take up lessons on the docks, but you realise that it takes up half of your student accommodation. Pursuing your passions is a big part of university life, but finding space to store all of your gear can be a real challenge. Luckily, with our secure facilities and convenient access, you can finally have a more organised life where you can pursue your hobbies.

4.      You're Afraid of 'Sticky Fingers'

Living in student accommodation comes with its challenges, especially when sharing spaces with different personalities. While you might find yourself with great roommates, there's always a risk of encountering someone a bit too comfortable borrowing your belongings without permission. But fret not, Kangaroo Self-Storage has got your back. With our term-time storage solutions, you can store all your important and valuable items safely and securely. Our storage units are clean, safe, and monitored 24/7, so you can focus on your studies without worrying about sticky fingers!

5.      You're Running a Side Hustle

Student life is tough on your bank account. From funding nights out to trains home to budgeting for your weekly food shop, there's a lot to consider, and sometimes the student loan just doesn't quite cover it. You may want to think about getting a job in a local bar, café, or retail store, but if you're a savvy entrepreneur, you might run a side hustle! While this is an exciting thing to take on, let's be real, storing your products in your student halls doesn't sound like the best idea. Of course, you guessed it, self-storage is the saviour once more. Our units keep your inventory in perfect condition and, as mentioned, keep your living space clutter-free so you can separate your studies from your side business. Plus, with our dedicated Royal Mail Collection Service and delivery acceptance, you won't have to worry about missing a parcel again.

Along with all the benefits listed above, students will also be pleased to know that our storage facilities are conveniently located in close proximity to universities and colleges, meaning you won't have to carry your things far! Find your nearest Kangaroo below and enquire today to start your storage journey:

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