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As Coronavirus lockdown guidelines ease, the following procedural measures exist in stores. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause, but the health and safety of our staff, customers and suppliers is our priority.


Kangaroo Self Storage encourages you to get in touch with your store team directly if you have any questions. They can be reached on T: 0800 012 1528


Store Opening:

Your storage centre is open 7 days a week for all customers. These are the opening times:

  • Monday – Friday: 8 – 6pm (9 – 5pm; Edinburgh store)
  • Saturday: 9 – 4pm
  • Sunday: 10 – 2pm

Reception is manned by a member of staff.  They are supported by a member of staff working remotely and you can reach them by telephone or email.  There are posters at store with these details.


Store Access:

We are following Government’s instruction to minimize contact with others and therefore all customers must enter the store via our loading bay and not the reception. There is a sanitisation station in the loading bay and you are kindly asked to make use of it.  If you do need to speak to our member of staff please telephone them. If it is critical that you enter reception, or you come across another customer, you must observe the Government’s social distancing guidelines and the Scottish Government’s Phase 3 physical distancing guidelines. Whilst in store we ask you to wear a face covering.


If further restrictions are later imposed, we are able to provide access even without having a member of staff on site.


Store Services:

All store services are available and once again our shredding services and free collection service is up and running. Our box shop is open too.


Store Cleaning Routines:

Our staff have intensified the daily cleaning routines of our stores, especially in the most commonly touched areas i.e. communal door handles, PIN pads, lift buttons, toilet flushes, card readers, reception desks, chair handles etc.  Hand sanitisers are available.


If you are showing any symptoms of the Coronavirus, or have been in contact with anyone showing symptoms, we ask you to please stay at home.  For more information go to


Thank you for your support.


Looking for activities to occupy the kids with this summer? Why not have them colour-in our kangaroo mascot?



Can you help us at Kangaroo Self Storage to name our new mascot?

We’re looking to give a name to our reimagined kangaroo mascot, and we need your help. That’s why we’ve decided to put it to the public and ask you to vote for your favourite name for our furry friend.


2020: Goal, Plan, Action

As we steam ahead into 2020, you might still be thinking about how you can tackle the year and achieve your goals.

For some people, setting goals for the new year means losing weight, reading more or giving up smoking. But goals don’t have to be about stopping or starting habits, particularly as most of these well-meaning ideas are abandoned by February. Trying to make 2020 the best year it can be is about more than small self-improvements, it can be about finally making steps to get to where you want to be in life.

Whether you’ve always wanted to own a business, take the plunge into a brand-new career sector or get that promotion, make 2020 the year you stop hoping and start doing. Looking at your professional life, here’s how you can do just that:

Think About Where You Want to Be

The first step to making 2020 your year is to establish where you are now, and where you want to be. How do you want your year to look? Are you hoping to work less, go back to work, or  work for yourself?  Whatever you want your future to look like, deciding what it is the first step to making it happen.

If you’re uncertain or don’t have a concrete idea of where you want to be, consider answers to carefully chosen questions; for example:

  • Are you happy in your current role?
  • What change would make your role more enjoyable?
  • What is preventing you from getting started?
  • What aspects of your current role make you happy?
  • How can you do more of what makes you happy?

Jot a few answers down so you can get a look at a clear picture of your goal. It could be that you wish you had more flexibility in your current role, or a higher income, or less working hours. Once you’ve pinpointed where you can get the most happiness from your career, you can start to take steps in the right direction.

Take SMART Steps

You may have heard of the SMART technique before. If not, it’s an acronym that sets out a way to create, well, smart goals:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time-based

By using the SMART method, goals become more manageable and easier to set out. As you follow each letter of SMART, you are forced to think carefully about the goal, and it allows you to make sure that goal is realistic and attainable.

Specific – The goal needs to be clear and precise. What is it you want to accomplish? Why do you want to achieve it? What or who is involved, and what resources do you need? Set out your goal as clearly and with as much detail as possible.

Measurable – How will you know when you’ve achieved your goal? Track your progress to help you stay motivated and meet your deadlines. Set your own benchmarks to accomplish as you go along, as well as the overall completed goal at the end.

Achievable – Goals need to be attainable, so you need to be honest about what is realistically possible, especially within the timeframe you’ve set yourself. Think about how you will achieve your goal, and whether it’s realistic based on constraints, such as financial factors.

Relevant – Is your goal relevant to you? Does it seem worthwhile and match your other needs? This step ensures your goal matters to you and fits into your broader wants and needs.

Time-bound – Every goal should have a target date, a deadline to focus on to help you move forward. When do you want to complete your goal? What can you do in the next six months to work towards this? What can you do right now? Remembering this step helps to prevent every-day, mundane tasks get in the way of your long-term goals.

Write down your goal and apply the SMART method so you can start to see your action plan come to life. Pin it to your fridge or your desktop so you can always see it and be aware of the next step.


Take Initiative

Take the initiative with your goals. If you want to progress in your current role, book some time with your manager or supervisor and speak to them about taking on more responsibility, or ask about potential training development you want to undertake. Show that you’re keen to learn and advance.

If you want a new role, brush off that dusty CV and get to work. Look for networking opportunities and start that job hunt. Don’t head straight for the sofa to binge Netflix the second you come home from work, take the initiative and plough ahead with that crucial first step.

If you want to start your own business, start your research. There is so much information available online, so even if you have no clue how to set up a business, set aside time to find out. Message small business owners through sites like LinkedIn and see if any would be willing to have a chat with you about the process.

If your business is going to be home-based, don’t forget to think about storage space for your business assets. At Kangaroo, we offer self storage in Edinburgh, self storage in Dundee or self storage in Glasgow at fantastic rates in a huge range of unit sizes.

Business Deal

Maintain a Positive Outlook

Setbacks and failures happen to everyone; what sets apart the people who succeed and those who don’t is how they handle that failure. Don’t let a bad day or a bad week sour your motivation. Take some time to shake it off, return to your SMART goal and pick up where you left off.

And don’t forget to share your goal with your friends and family, celebrate your wins with them, no matter how small. Their support will help you keep that positive energy focused on your goals.

Evaluate and Re-adjust

A year is a long time to plan for, and it will go by in a flash. If you find yourself struggling, or you think your wants may have changed, there’s no shame in adjusting your goal accordingly. After six months or so, evaluate your progress so far.

Take a look at where you started 2020 and what you’ve managed to achieve so far. Maybe you’ll have already completed your goal, or perhaps you didn’t manage to get started. Either way, take some time to reflect on your progress and re-adjust if necessary.

We hope you feel inspired to make the change you’re looking for in 2020. From everyone at Kangaroo Self Storage, we hope this year brings you what you’re looking for.


Putting up the Christmas decorations is an exciting time. For many of us, it signals the true start to Christmas, and gets us ready and in the festive mood for the holidays. However, come January when it’s time to take it all down, all that festive joy, time and patience is well and truly gone.

You know you should make sure you put the decorations away properly and in an organised manner so that it’s easy to put them up next year, but it can feel like far too much effort now that the holidays are over and life returns to normal.

But by following some simple tricks and tips, putting away those Christmas decorations is easier than ever, and you’ll be super prepared for next year.

Tackle that Tree

If you’ve got an artificial tree, it will need to be stored properly so that it lasts for many years without needing to be replaced. The original box or bag is the ideal way to store these, but if you no longer have it, or it’s seen better days, dismantle the tree into the sections and wrap each one in an old bed sheet and tie them closed.

Put each piece in a large, sturdy box (don’t forget to label it!) and tuck it away for next year.

Repurpose Household Items

When storing ornaments and various miscellaneous Christmas trinkets, you don’t need to spend money on specific storage containers. You can repurpose items from around the home for storing baubles that you probably have lying around right now.

Egg cartons, sandwich bags, vegetable punnets and gift bags are all perfect for storing Christmas decorations. Keep the same kinds of baubles together in the same cartons and stack them in their own labelled box so you know where to find them next year. They will be kept safe and sound, and you’ll be repurposing things that would otherwise be thrown away.


Hang that Wreath

Christmas wreaths are delicate, and they need to be stored in a way that won’t damage their shape so they can be used year after year. One of the best ways to do this is to keep them hung up so they don’t end up being crushed under something in the back of a cupboard. Use a coat hanger and a plastic covering (like a bin bag) and keep the wreath hung up in a wardrobe in the bag to prevent it from getting flattened and bent out of shape.

Keep Those Lights Knot-Free

Christmas lights are one of the trickiest decorations to cope with. There just doesn’t seem to be any way of keeping them organised in a way that doesn’t result in them taking hours to untangle come next year.

Well, a handy tip is to wrap the lights around a piece of cardboard – you’re likely to have loads lying around after Christmas – to keep them from getting tangled up. Cut a slot on both sides of the cardboard, one for the plug and one for the end of the lights, and wrap the lights around the middle.

Garment Bag for Paper

How often do you have leftover Christmas wrapping paper, yet when it comes to the next year the rolls often end up getting crushed or lost altogether? A good tip is to keep them side by side inside a zip-up garment bag and hanging them up in a wardrobe (along with that wreath!). The paper will stay perfect and pristine for next year, so you won’t even need to go and buy any more.



If your Christmas decorations are still taking up too much space – even after you’ve neatly organised them and put them away, it could be time to consider self-storage. Self-storage units are a great way to store bulky items that you need and want to keep but that you don’t really have space for.

At Kangaroo Self Storage, our storage units are flexible and affordable. There are no complicated, long-term contracts, you can store with us for as long as you like, and we only need one weeks’ notice when you wish to vacate. And, just to make it easier, we offer a free collection service. You don’t even have to take your items down to our storage facility yourself, it’s just that easy.

At Kangaroo, we offer self storage in Edinburgh, self storage in Dundee and self storage in Glasgow. If you have any questions, feel free to contact a member of our friendly team.  We are here to help.



As it gets closer to the depths of winter, now is the time to sort out your home so it’s ready for those cold, long months ahead. And Kangaroo Self Storage is here to help. As we say goodbye to the last of the family visitors over Christmas and put away the fold up bed, table extension and spare chairs now is a good time to get the house and garden in order ahead of the inevitable cold snap.

Here are some tips on how to prepare your home for the cold weather.


Make Sure Your Property Is Insulated

Winter has the potential to make those energy bills skyrocket, and there’s nothing worse than rising energy bills. The best way to keep heat in the home and help keep those bills down is to ensure your home is well insulated. Check the level of insulation in your loft and secure those draughty windows and doors with draught excluders.

Keep curtains closed to help keep heat in, especially in older buildings that may not have double glazing. As well as keeping costs down, your home will be all cosy and ready for cold winter nights snuggled up by the fire.


Make All the Repairs Sooner Rather Than Later

Things like home repairs and maintenance can seem daunting.  It’s easy to put them off for a later date. However, it pays to be on top of things. Check your guttering for cracks and blockages so the wet weather won’t lead to more significant problems down the line, like leaks in your roof or walls that could cause severe water damage. If you have one, get your chimney checked so you can get that fire roaring on those chilly winter nights.


Make a Home Cold Weather Pack

Make sure you know where you’ve put your candles and torches – and check you’ve got matches and batteries too. You might want to consider putting a few cupboard essentials together; long-life milk; tea and coffee; biscuits – a camping stove and blanket. You should stock up on household fuel and other necessities like medicines – especially if you live rurally and travel in poor weather is difficult.

Keep a note of useful telephone numbers to hand – or make sure you’ve entered them into your mobile phone. Looking around for contact details for electricians and plumbers just when you need them can often make a stressful situation worse.


Put Outdoor Summer Items in Storage

Space is precious and often limited. A garage and attic can only get you so far, and you may not have those – or you’d rather keep essential things in there like your car. If your summer furniture, not to mention the BBQ, are still flying around outside or cluttering your drive, you should move them so they don’t become damaged by the weather..

But if you don’t have the space what can you do with them?

You can put them into self-storage of course! With our 24/7 security system, your unused items can be kept safe and secure inside one of our self-storage units. You can store with us for as long as you need, and with our flexible storage solutions, you won’t be locked into a lengthy contract. You can upgrade or downgrade to differently sized units completely free of charge.

Make Room At Home for Bulky Winter Items

The glory of self-storage is that you can use it to help organise your home throughout the seasons and make it a more enjoyable space to live. Using self storage will now mean you have room for all those bulkier, winter items, such as fluffy blankets and portable heaters. It’s winter after all, do you really need your swimwear, inflatables, beach towels and picnic baskets taking up all that space?

Make some space and  store away all those summer items that you won’t be using for many months. Make way for blankets, big coats, scarves, hats and gloves. Get those beach accessories and garden games into storage to make room for your wellies and raincoats.

At Kangaroo Self Storage, your items are always safe and sound with us. You can even purchase boxes and packaging accessories like tape and bubble wrap and we’ll deliver them to you.  You don’t need to store with us to get some great deals on boxes and throughout January there’s 25% off too.

At Kangaroo Self Storage, we offer self-storage in Glasgow, self-storage in Edinburgh and self-storage in Dundee, so there will always be a unit for you to store your things in over winter.

Please don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions about our storage facilities. Our friendly team are more than happy to help.

Merry Christmas

Christmas is always a busy time of year. So, to help you get organised with your storage, here’s plenty of notice about our opening hours over the holiday season.

Our Opening Hours over the Festive Period this year will be:


Saturday 7th December 9.00am – 3.00pm
Sunday 8th December CLOSED
*Our Dundee store will be open and operate normal opening hours on both 7 & 8 December.
Monday 23rd December 8.00am – 6.00pm
Tuesday Christmas Eve 9.00am – 2.00pm
Friday 27th December 9.00am – 4.00pm
Saturday 28th December 9.00am – 4.00pm
Sunday 29th December 10.00am – 2.00pm
Monday 30th December 9.00am – 4.00pm
Tuesday New Year’s Eve 9.00am – 2.00pm
Thursday 2nd January 2020 CLOSED
Friday 3rd January 2020 Normal Opening Hours Resume


Please be advised that we are closing early on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve and after 2pm there will be no access to units. There will be no access to any of our units at all on Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Year’s Day.

Please get in touch with your store customer service team if you have any questions.

Christmas Tree

From everyone at Kangaroo Self Storage, we would like to say a very big thank you to all our customers and wish you a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year.


Self-storage with Kangaroo Self Storage is an affordable way to safely secure your belongings for as long as you need. Using self-storage can make a lot of things easier. It can take that pressure off the move in day during the house moving process; to just having somewhere to put things that you haven’t decided what to do with yet. Here are some of the benefits of self-storage that can help make your life a lot easier.

Large single doors

Declutter Your Home

It’s easy for a home to become overrun with belongings, especially after a significant life change like a long-distance house move or family bereavement. We live busy lives anyway, so finding time to give everything a “place” can be difficult at the best of times. Too often we add to already full cupboards, rest things in the spare room, ready to be put away later – or fill up the garage.

Well, make some breathing space and keep your home clean and tidy too. Move as many of the things that you don’t think you need right now into a self-storage unit. You can store it there as long as you want, and when you finally have the time to sort through it and decide what to do, it’s safe and secure in its storage unit, waiting for you.

Don’t make a rash decision and throw away something you might regret later. Put it into self-storage so you have the time to clear your home and your mind and tackle it with a fresh perspective.

A Garage that Needs Decluttering

Security from Theft

If you’re concerned about certain belongings being stolen and you’re not confident in the security of your home or the area you live in, you can store it safely away in a storage unit to put those worries to bed.

Kangaroo Self Storage has extensive security features designed to keep your belongings safe while they are stored with us, including 24-hour CCTV located inside and outside the building, an alarm system and coded electronic gates. Additionally, your storage unit is secured with your own padlock, so only you have access to the unit and your belongings. You can rest assured that your belongings will be safe with us.

Burglar Trying to Open a Window

A Base for Your Business

Self-storage units aren’t just for personal belongings; you can also use them to get your business off the ground. Whether it’s to store your stock and merchandise, raw materials, or even to operate the business from within, a self-storage unit can be the ideal solution for all your business needs.

You can rent a unit with just enough space to hold all your business assets – or you might want to create a workstation in the unit too.  A storage unit can also provide the perfect space with its neutral spaces for video or photography-based businesses. The possibilities are endless.  We take deliveries too, so you don’t need to be onsite when they arrive.

A Business in a Storage Unit

Transition Between Homes

When you move to a new house, the most significant stress can be getting all your belongings from one property into another. There’s a lot to think about, such as uninstalling the big appliances, getting enough hands to help move all the bulky items and making sure that nothing goes missing or breaks during transit.

A self-storage unit can be the ideal middleman between moving into your new home. You can store your belongings in a unit gradually over time before the big moving day, making the whole process much easier and less stressful than trying to move everything in one go. It allows you more time to properly pack and label everything to move it into the unit before you’re ready to move it into your new home.

And, of course, if the moving chain doesn’t quite link up and you need to go into rented accommodation for a while, then self-storage can provide a simple solution for all your belongings and help you manage the process.

Taping up a Moving Box

Store Belongings as a Student

Storage units aren’t just for families or business owners; students can also rent a storage unit to help make their accommodation transitions much smoother. Whether you’re jetting off on a gap year, volunteering abroad in the summer or you don’t have your accommodation available to you over the holidays, a self-storage unit can help you keep your belongings safe and secure.

It also means you don’t have to move everything to your parents’ house only to move it back to your accommodation, making it an especially great choice for international students who will be returning to the UK after the holidays. At Kangaroo, we offer student storage in Edinburgh, student storage in Glasgow and student storage in Dundee.


Store Seasonal Items

Not everything is needed all year round; those skis and snow boots certainly aren’t much help in summer, and those deck chairs aren’t going to get used during winter. Rather than cram these seasonal items into various spots in your house that could be put to better use, consider putting them in a self-storage unit when they’re not in use.

This way you keep your home clean and tidy, and it’s a great way to protect these often bulky items.  Your garden equipment and outdoor furniture are at particular risk from the harsh winter conditions, so it makes sense to store these carefully instead of stacking these items in the garage or against a wall.


Help Downsize for Retirement

If you’re heading into your retirement years, you may be thinking of downsizing your home as you start to think about your health and the practicalities of where you’re currently living, or maybe you want to be close to your family and friends. Whatever the reason, with a self-storage unit, you can store your belongings during the move, or keep some belongings that you may no longer have space for in a smaller home, but that you don’t know what to do with just yet.

You could keep some furniture in a unit that you may want to give to your children one day, or store some precious sentimental items, so they remain safe and secure. Self-storage can help take the stress out of downsizing your home.

Older Couple Celebrating

At Kangaroo Self Storage, our self-storage is incredibly flexible, you can store with us for as long as you like, and there’s no charge for switching to a smaller or bigger unit, should you need to. If you’re looking for self storage in Edinburgh, self storage in Dundee or self storage in Glasgow, contact Kangaroo Self Storage today, and a member of our friendly team would be happy to answer any questions.

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