Heading off to university is one of the most exciting adventures you'll take on in life. It's a time of transition from teenage years to adulthood, and the possibilities are endless. You get to explore a new city, meet new people, and experience newfound freedom. But, with all this excitement comes the challenge of packing up your life and moving it to a new place. Whether you're moving into student accommodation on campus or a compact apartment in the city, space can be tight, but here at Kangaroo, we're here to help.

Our self-storage for students is the perfect way to keep your belongings safe and secure while you enjoy your university experience. Let's explore the top five reasons why you'll need self-storage space while at university so you don't have to stress about packing up your things and instead focus on the adventure that awaits you!

1.      You've Run Out of Space

We all know that student accommodation isn't exactly the most spacious, especially when you're sharing it with others. Before you know it, your room can start to look like a cluttered mess, with your textbooks, clothes, and personal keepsakes taking up all the space. But fear not! Student storage is a simple solution that helps you keep your items safe and secure while freeing up some much-needed space. You can store any items you don't need every day, like your winter clothes during summer or any empty luggage you used to help you move in, which would otherwise take up a lot of room in your small space!

2.      You Don't Want to Keep Moving Your Belongings Around

If you're heading back to uni or college for the next academic year and don't want to bring all your belongings home during the summer holidays, self-storage is the answer yet again. Our units allow you to keep all your items in one safe and secure place, away from your parents' watchful eyes. No more converting the spare room or garage into your personal storage unit because your mum's turned your bedroom into a home gym; let Kangaroo handle it all. Our hassle-free storage options mean you can store your stuff over the holidays and retrieve them when you're ready to start again in the new term.

3.      You Need Space For Your Hobby

Have you ever been so excited to get into a new hobby, only to realise it comes with a tonne of equipment? Maybe you live in Liverpool, and you've finally got that wakeboard. You've wanted to take up lessons on the docks, but you realise that it takes up half of your student accommodation. Pursuing your passions is a big part of university life, but finding space to store all of your gear can be a real challenge. Luckily, with our secure facilities and convenient access, you can finally have a more organised life where you can pursue your hobbies.

4.      You're Afraid of 'Sticky Fingers'

Living in student accommodation comes with its challenges, especially when sharing spaces with different personalities. While you might find yourself with great roommates, there's always a risk of encountering someone a bit too comfortable borrowing your belongings without permission. But fret not, Kangaroo Self-Storage has got your back. With our term-time storage solutions, you can store all your important and valuable items safely and securely. Our storage units are clean, safe, and monitored 24/7, so you can focus on your studies without worrying about sticky fingers!

5.      You're Running a Side Hustle

Student life is tough on your bank account. From funding nights out to trains home to budgeting for your weekly food shop, there's a lot to consider, and sometimes the student loan just doesn't quite cover it. You may want to think about getting a job in a local bar, café, or retail store, but if you're a savvy entrepreneur, you might run a side hustle! While this is an exciting thing to take on, let's be real, storing your products in your student halls doesn't sound like the best idea. Of course, you guessed it, self-storage is the saviour once more. Our units keep your inventory in perfect condition and, as mentioned, keep your living space clutter-free so you can separate your studies from your side business. Plus, with our dedicated Royal Mail Collection Service and delivery acceptance, you won't have to worry about missing a parcel again.

Along with all the benefits listed above, students will also be pleased to know that our storage facilities are conveniently located in close proximity to universities and colleges, meaning you won't have to carry your things far! Find your nearest Kangaroo below and enquire today to start your storage journey:

Using self-storage can make a lot of things easier. It can take that pressure off move-in day during the house-moving process, it can be the place to store items when expanding your office, or it can just provide you with somewhere to put things that you haven’t decided what to do with yet!

Of course, here at Kangaroo, we know the ins and outs of self-storage and are well-equipped with the knowledge that our storage units have plenty of benefits, but we also know that not everyone is aware of the advantages that it can bring into your life. In fact, according to the 2023 Self Storage Association Report, less than 50% of the public has a good understanding of self-storage.

So, without further ado, let’s hop straight into the top seven benefits of using our storage units and help you learn more about our fascinating industry!

1.      Declutter Your Home

It’s easy for a home to become overrun with belongings, especially after a significant life event like a long-distance house move or family bereavement. We live busy lives anyway, so finding time to give everything a “place” can be difficult at the best of times. Too often, we add to already full cupboards, rest things in the spare room, or fill up the garage with things ready to be put away later.

Well, in this scenario, household self-storage makes some breathing space and keeps your home clean and tidy, too. You can move as many of the things that you don’t think you need right now into a self-storage unit, store it there as long as you want, and when you finally have the time to sort through it and decide what to do, it’s safe and secure, waiting for you.

Don’t make a rash decision and throw away something you might regret later. Put it into self-storage so you have the time to clear your home and your mind and tackle it with a fresh perspective.

labelled boxes ready for house move

2.      Security from Theft

If you’re concerned about certain belongings being stolen, whether from your home, business premises, or student accommodation, you should store them safely away in a storage unit to put those worries to bed.

Kangaroo Self Storage has extensive security features designed to keep your belongings safe while they are stored with us, including 24-hour CCTV located inside and outside the building, an alarm system and coded electronic gates. Additionally, your storage unit is secured with your own padlock, so only you have access to the unit and your belongings. You can rest assured that your belongings will be safe with us.

3.      A Base for Your Business

Self-storage units aren’t just for personal belongings; you can also use them to get your business off the ground. Whether it’s to store your stock and merchandise, raw materials, or even to operate the business from within, a self-storage unit is the ideal solution for all your business needs.

You can rent a unit with just enough space to hold all your business assets – or you might want to create a workstation in the unit, too.  The benefits of this in comparison to renting or buying brick-and-mortar are endless. For example, we don’t charge business rates or service and utility charges, and we take deliveries, too, so you don’t have to be onsite waiting for your important packages. Basically, our business storage makes your life easier so you can focus on other areas of running your company – what more could you ask for?

4.      Transition Between Homes

When you move to a new house, the most significant stress can be getting all your belongings from one property into another. There’s a lot to think about, such as uninstalling the big appliances, getting enough hands to help move all the bulky items and making sure that nothing goes missing or breaks during transit.

A self-storage unit can be the ideal middleman between moving into your new home. You can store your belongings in a unit gradually over time before the big moving day, making the whole process much easier and less stressful than trying to move everything in one go. It allows you more time to properly pack and label everything to move it into the unit before you’re ready to move it into your new home.

And, of course, if the moving chain doesn’t quite link up and you need to go into rented accommodation for a while, then moving house storage provides a simple solution for all your belongings and helps you manage the process.

boxes and things inside storage unit

5.      Store Belongings as a Student

Storage units aren’t just for families or business owners; students can also rent a storage unit to help make their accommodation transitions much smoother! Whether you’re jetting off on a gap year, volunteering abroad in the summer, or don’t have your accommodation available to you over the holidays, a self-storage unit can help you keep your belongings safe and secure.

It also means you don’t have to move everything to your parents’ house only to move it back to your accommodation, making it an especially great choice for international students who will be returning to the UK after the holidays. At Kangaroo, we offer fantastic student storage facilities in close proximity to many universities, including the University of Edinburgh, the University of Liverpool, and UCLan. In fact, our self-storage in Preston is actually just an 8-minute walk from UCLan, making moving your belongings a breeze!

6.      Store Seasonal Items

Not everything is needed all year round; those skis and snow boots certainly aren’t much help in summer, and those deck chairs aren’t going to get used during winter. Rather than cram these seasonal items outdoors or into various spots in your house that could be put to better use, consider putting them in a self-storage unit when you don’t need them.

This way, you keep your home clean and tidy and protect these (often bulky) items from the elements. Your garden equipment and outdoor furniture are at particular risk from the harsh winter conditions, so it makes sense to store these carefully instead of stacking them in the garage or against a wall.

7.      Help Downsize for Retirement

If you’re heading into your retirement years, you may be thinking of downsizing your home as you start to think about your health and the practicalities of where you’re currently living, or maybe you want to be close to your family and friends. Whatever the reason, with a self-storage unit, you can store your belongings during the move or keep some belongings that you may no longer have space for in a smaller home but that you don’t know what to do with just yet.

You could keep some furniture in a unit that you may want to give to your children one day, or store some precious sentimental items so they remain safe and secure. Self-storage can help take the stress out of downsizing your home and provide you with the peace of mind you need during your retirement.

old couple surrounded by boxes having a cup of tea

At Kangaroo Self Storage, our self-storage is incredibly flexible. You can store with us for as long as you like, and there’s no charge for switching to a smaller or bigger unit, should you need to. Find your nearest Kangaroo, or contact us today, and a member of our friendly team would be happy to answer any questions.

As the calendar resets to 2024, we grasp the chance for a fresh start. A new year always opens the door to new opportunities, renewed focuses, and revised goals across our professional and personal lives. Fortunately, we will help you achieve your goals by providing a safe, secure storage space for items that are just cluttering your life.

Read on for our tips on how our widespread storage facilities have helped many individuals and businesses build a fresh start to their new year.

Clearing Clutter and Organising Your Space for a Fresh Start

Whether you have a complex inventory, too many items in your home or are moving into student accommodation, embarking on a decluttering journey can be overwhelming as it can be difficult to see the wood for the trees. With our tailor-made storage solutions, we make the process of clearing out your space a breeze.

Our decluttering storage units act as an extension of your home or office, offering a home for possessions that are not frequently used. By storing such items in our secure facilities, you free up much-needed space in your main premises. Consequently, this makes for a more organised environment, devoid of clutter, where every item has its place.

Creating such a sanctuary has profound psychological benefits. A clutter-free space enables a clear mind, reduces stress and boosts productivity. With Kangaroo Self Storage, realise the joy of living and working in a space that nurtures harmony and well-being.

Creating Space for Hobbies and New Year Resolutions

The advent of a new year often encourages people to explore new hobbies or fitness routines. However, the lack of space at home will pose a significant hurdle and make you think you can’t explore new things.

For example, if your New Year resolves to paint large canvases or build home-crafted items, you're confronted with substantial space requirements. These projects occupy a significant footprint and might overrun your living area.

Perhaps fitness is your focus for the upcoming year, which could mean new equipment — an exercise bike, weights, or yoga mats, for instance. These items often require dedicated spaces to avoid clutter.

Maybe music captures your interest, and you're considering a dedication to playing an instrument like the drums or the cello. Instruments often claim substantial space and, when not in use, need secure, safe housing away from potential damage.

Fortunately, this is another area where we help offer the perfect solution with our extra storage space. No matter what hobby you choose, Kangaroo Self Storage stands with you as a loyal partner as we provide a safe space for your equipment and even vehicle storage.

Our goal is to aid your pursuit to ensure space never becomes a liability. Embrace your New Year resolutions with renewed vigour, knowing we're here to support your hobby-related needs. Experience the joy of unrestricted creativity and freedom courtesy of Kangaroo Self Storage. Let's create amazing together.

Transitioning to a New Home Smoothly with Self-Storage

Moving home is a major event often linked to stress, and we strive to ease this burden with our flexible storage solutions. As you transition to your new home, we provide reliable interim storage for moving house, simplifying the process substantially.

Packing and unpacking can be taxing, especially under pressure. Storing non-essential items at our facilities allows you to unpack at a leisurely pace, preventing burnout. Additionally, it ensures your new home remains clutter-free from the outset, encouraging an organised, fresh start.

These convenient, tailored options provide an opportunity for decluttering before moving. By sorting belongings into 'keep', 'discard', and 'store' categories, you only bring essential items with you, potentially even saving on removal costs.

Starting a New Business Venture with the Help of Storage Solutions

New businesses require a strong foundation, and if 2024 is the year you finally want to put your commercial plans into action, we are here to assist. At Kangaroo Self Storage, we support entrepreneurs by offering:

At Kangaroo Self Storage, we provide flexible offerings ranging from 150 sq ft up to 15,000 sq ft that you can adjust as per your business cycle. Our facilities accommodate everything from single pallet storage to larger items, ensuring solutions for businesses of all sizes. With our all-inclusive pricing model, which rules out business rates, service charges, and utility bills, and our simple, flexible terms without long leases or complex contracts, we ensure a straightforward business storage solution.

Our office spaces provide temporary solutions, keeping your costs lean and adaptable to your business's growth. With no long-term lease commitments, businesses maintain the agility to expand or reduce their footprint as their needs evolve. By partnering with Kangaroo Self Storage, entrepreneurs focus on crafting their business vision, assured in their spatial needs.

Varied Storage Centre Options Across the UK

Our flexible storage space solutions clear the way for your 2024 aspirations and build efficiency when pursuing your goals and deciding what you need. With Kangaroo self-storage helping you, you’ll build an accomplished and well-organised persona and business life in 2024.

Interested in storing with us and having access to your belongings whenever you need them? We’re never too far away; find your nearest store below:

At Kangaroo Self Storage, we understand that the education sector has unique storage needs. From students requiring temporary storage during holidays to educational institutions needing space for books and equipment, self-storage offers practical solutions.

So, in this blog, we’re exploring how the education sector can benefit from our secure and affordable self-storage facilities. Let's delve into the various ways self-storage can positively impact this industry, whether you’re studying, teaching, or managing an educational facility.

Temporary Storage for Students

Moving between accommodations during holidays can be challenging for students, but our self-storage makes the process seamless and stress-free. Our flexible storage options allow students to store their belongings conveniently and securely. Whether for a few weeks while they get settled in their student accommodation, or for complete term-time storage, our units provide a safe haven for their possessions. From sports equipment to musical instruments and seasonal clothing, students can rest easy knowing their items are protected until they need them again. No need to burden family and friends or worry about limited space in halls; our self-storage facilities are here to help.

Storage for Educational Materials and Equipment

Educational institutions have a constant need for storage space. The demand for books, teaching materials, and equipment can quickly overwhelm limited on-campus storage facilities. Often, teachers share stockrooms, and alongside their endless to-do lists, it’s hard to find the time to organise these spaces and also decide whose responsibility it is to do so.

blurry photograph of a school library

That's where our self storage units shine. Our wide range of unit sizes ensures that educational institutions can find the perfect fit for their storage needs. Whether it's storing surplus textbooks, maintaining a resource library, or safeguarding important equipment like projectors or lab tools, self-storage offers a secure and cost-effective solution. It also gives teachers space outside of the school building to dedicate to their supplies, which can offer the breath of fresh air needed to focus on other areas of teaching.

Space Outside of Student Accommodation

Student accommodation often lacks the space required to comfortably accommodate all of a student's belongings, especially during breaks. Self-storage allows students to easily declutter their halls and store extra items in a safe and accessible facility. Our student self-storage at Kangaroo provides ample space for furniture, appliances, and personal belongings. By temporarily moving these items to our facilities, students can create a more spacious and stress-free living environment, which is crucial for an enjoyable university experience.

Archive Storage for Educational Institutions

Educational institutions deal with extensive amounts of paperwork, records, and archives. Therefore, it's crucial to have a reliable storage solution that maintains the integrity and accessibility of these important documents. You guessed it; self-storage is the answer. Our facilities provide controlled environments, ensuring documents are protected from moisture, pests, and other hazards. Educational institutions can easily organise and label their archive boxes for efficient retrieval when needed, and with Kangaroo Self Storage, schools and universities can confidently manage their archives, freeing up valuable office space and streamlining administrative processes.

Kangaroo Self Storage unit with a few boxes and a guitar

Secure Storage for Valuable Assets

Educational institutions often have valuable assets that require secure storage, such as:

These items cannot be left to chance, so choosing self-storage is the best option. Our units have enhanced security features such as 24-hour CCTV, burglar alarms, and individual padlocks. Alongside this, our helpful staff are onsite during office hours, and even when they’re not around, you can access your unit. Only you have access to your storage unit, and having the freedom to enter it whenever necessary is crucial. With Kangaroo Self Storage, educational institutions can focus on what they do best, knowing their valuable assets are in safe hands with our team.

Benefits for Educational Events and Activities

Organising educational events and activities often requires storing equipment and supplies, so rather than crowding on-campus storage facilities or relying on expensive short-term rentals, self-storage offers a convenient and cost-effective alternative. Institutions can use our spacious storage units to house event-related items such as audio-visual equipment, exhibition materials, and sports gear.

What’s more? We have handy drive-up storage units at selected Kangaroo Self Storage locations, so you don’t need to worry about navigating stairs or narrow corridors; you can just drive straight to your unit and store your bulky items.

Kangaroo Self Storage drive-up storage units

Self-storage is a game-changer for any industry, but within the education sector, it’s a necessity. From providing temporary student storage to offering space for educational materials and equipment, self-storage offers convenience, flexibility, and security.

So, whether you're a student looking for a temporary storage solution or an educational institution needing additional space, Kangaroo Self Storage is here to meet your storage needs. We’re proud to offer locations across Scotland and North West England, including:

Contact our friendly team or request a quote online to experience the benefits of Kangaroo Self Storage for the education sector.

If you’re considering self-storage for your belongings, knowing how to pack effectively can make all the difference. After all, proper packing not only protects your items but also maximises your space and minimises your cost. So, in this post, we're sharing the dos and don'ts of packing for self-storage to help you get the most out of your storage experience.

From choosing the right containers to labelling your boxes, we'll cover everything you need to know to best pack your storage unit. Whether you’re moving home, packing up your office, or travelling the world, we’re here to provide you with not just the space but the top tips as well; read on to discover how Kangaroo can help you.

Efficient Packing Techniques

Efficiently packing your items is crucial when making the most of your self-storage space. So, to prepare your belongings for self-storage during the packing stage:

Man holding packing boxes

Essential Packing Supplies

Using the right packing supplies is crucial for the safety and security of your stored items; here is what we recommend:

You can purchase all the packing materials you will ever need at Kangaroo Self Storage Box Shops located at each of our storage facilities.

Organisational Strategies

Implementing effective organisational strategies will make it easier for you to access and retrieve items whenever needed. Consider the following top tips from our storage experts:

Woman smiling stood next to boxes and holding a packing checklist

Security Measures

Keeping your stored items safe and secure is of utmost importance, and at Kangaroo, we take this incredibly seriously. We recommend you follow these security measures when packing for self-storage:

Insurance and Documentation

Insuring your stored items and maintaining proper documentation is crucial to protecting your belongings. As we cannot insure your belongings for you, you must consider the following:

Empty storage unit at Kangaroo Self Storage

Storing Safely at Kangaroo Self Storage

At Kangaroo, your peace of mind is our priority, which is why our storage experts are always on hand to answer your questions and help out wherever we’re needed. You can visit our storage stores at these locations:

Or, feel free to contact us, and we will do our best to help you prepare for storing with us.

As the final days of school roll around, you will be looking forward to your next steps, and for many, that means moving to a new city to start university. Moving out is one of the most stressful things you will encounter, packing up all your belongings and saying goodbye to your childhood room. It is an emotional time, and there is a lot to think about, including where you’ll put all the belongings you’ve accumulated over the years.

However, if you discover that your new accommodation is smaller than you expected or you brought one too many boxes, we can help. With our student storage, we can help take the load off and function as a central point for all your belongings so you can sit back and relax, secure in the knowledge that your treasured possessions are safe.

Moving Day Tips

We all know that moving away from home can be exciting but stressful. You are packing away all your childhood memories, favourite albums, posters and knick-knacks you collected at home. Anyone who has been to university has been in the same boat, and it’s hard to put those things in boxes.

But what many people discover when packing is how much stuff they own. Anyone who has been a student will know what it is like to transport car loads across cities, wedged in the front seat with your bedding under your legs while your mum or dad drives.

Student boxing up belongings from university flat

To help lessen the load or the number of trips you need, here are a couple of top tips from our experts:

Need an Upgrade? Downsize or Upsize Your Storage Unit

Kangaroo Self Storage offers simple, flexible, and affordable student storage options, whether for term-time storage or holiday storage. You might begin a term where the right flat has not appeared. Why not put your belongings into a storage unit until you have found the right place? You can come and go as you please, as often as you need, during Kangaroo Self Storage’s open hours.

We are flexible! Our storage units come in an extensive range of sizes, so there is plenty for you to choose from. Look around our storage unit sizes and discover your perfect fit. Think of a storage unit as that spare room you have always wanted.

Store With Your Friends

Want to spend the cost of a unit? You can share the space with your friends! Allow them to free up some space in their rooms and benefit from splitting the cost of the unit with them at the same time.

As mentioned, travelling across the region with a carload of belongings is stressful and often leads to overpacking. So, be the ultimate best friend by helping your friends declutter or organise their belongings.

Students sat on the floor with a cup of tea smiling surrounded by boxes

Locations Nearby Universities: That’s Convenient!

Is it your first time moving away from home? Or are you travelling to a brand-new city and struggling to find a place to settle? We can help. Students across the North West of England and Scotland have trusted us to keep their belonging safe and secure. Our secure, clean, and modern storage units have 24/7 CCTV coverage, burglar alarms, smoke detectors and fire alarms – all to ensure the safety of your belongings.

Each site is conveniently located, for example, our Edinburgh units are only a 25-minute drive from the University of Edinburgh—five minutes from Heriot-Watt University and on the same road as the Napier University campuses. Similarly, if you are in Glasgow, our self-storage facilities are just a 17-minute drive from the University of Glasgow. And, if you’re heading to Dundee, our storage site is only a six-minute drive from the University of Dundee and Abertay University.

Self-storage corridor at Kangaroo Self Storage

Enquire for Student Storage Today

Kangaroo Self Storage is the ideal choice for student storage across Scotland and the North West of England because our locations are on main arterial routes, making the stores easily accessible from many of the colleges and universities in these cities. We have supported students for many years, and hundreds of students have trusted us to keep their belongings secure and safe.

There are no complicated contracts or penalties for moving storage room should you need to; we want to make the entire process as smooth and hassle-free as possible. Check out our location list below:

Or, contact us on 0800 012 1528 and tell us about all the benefits of storing your belongings with Kangaroo.

Kangaroo are thrilled to announce the opening of yet another storage store! This time, Roo and the gang have hopped over to Carlisle, and over the past few weeks, we’ve settled in quite nicely. The city is thriving and proven as a popular place to reside, study, and start a business, which is why we believe we’ll fit in very well.

We’re so excited to widen our reach and be able to help even more people with our storage services. So today, we’re taking a deep dive into our new home and providing you with a guide on living, studying, and owning a business in Carlisle. In addition, we hope to provide some insight into the city and why it’s the ideal place for so many different types of people.

Carlisle’s Rich History

One of the main reasons Carlisle is so popular is its incredible history, which is still visible throughout the city. Many of Carlisle’s famous landmarks have a rich history and, upon visiting, provide you with insightful knowledge of the city’s past. Here are a few of the most famous historic spots in Carlisle:

It’s clear that great history is found around every corner in Carlisle, making it a fascinating place to live, work, or study. We couldn’t be prouder to make Kangaroo history by bringing our storage stores to the beautiful city.

Carlisle cathedral

Things to Do in Carlisle

For those residing in Carlisle, you can be sure you’ll never get bored of the many things to do and see in the city centre and slightly further afield. Here are some of the top things to do:

  1. Walk along Hadrian’s Wall. Providing stunning views and the best picnic spots, this walk can be as short or as long as you wish, and you can start at multiple different viewing points in Carlisle.
  2. Shop at the Lanes Shopping Centre. Whether you need to grab a last-minute birthday present, have some time to kill on your lunch break, or are looking to treat yourself, the Lanes Shopping Centre has everything you need.
  3. Take a stroll in Rickerby Park. Rickerby Park offers a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of Carlisle city centre.
  4. Visit the Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery. With both evergreen and seasonal exhibitions, you’re sure to find something that catches your eye in the city’s most famous museum.
  5. Store with Kangaroo Self Storage! Of course, Kangaroo Self Storage has recently made Carlisle our new home, so you’re more than welcome to visit us. If you’re local to the area, our household storage in Carlisle is exactly what you need to provide breathing space while you reorganise, redecorate, or renovate your home.

man loading boxes into storage unit

Studying in Carlisle

Carlisle is a fantastic, bustling place for students to enjoy their university years. As discussed above, there are plenty of things to do and see, meaning you’ll never be bored during your downtime away from your studies.

The city boasts several high-quality educational facilities, such as the University of Cumbria, which offers an incredibly diverse range of courses.

In addition, Carlisle has been noted for its fantastic career prospects. Studying in the Cumbrian city opens up a variety of career opportunities, particularly in the tourism industry. This is because the university is surrounded by the stunning Lake District, which welcomes over 15.5 million visitors annually.

We offer student storage in Carlisle, so if you are studying in the city, please don’t hesitate to enquire about storing with us. We offer plenty of deals, offers, and discounts for students so you can save while you store!

Starting a Business in Carlisle

Running a business in Carlisle provides a long list of benefits, including:

  1. Growing economy. Carlisle’s economy provides ample opportunities for new businesses to thrive.
  2. Strategic location. As well as being a thriving city, Carlisle is brilliantly located close to major cities such as Glasgow, Manchester, and Newcastle.
  3. Supportive workforce. The local government and business community support entrepreneurship and provide resources and assistance to help new businesses succeed.
  4. Growing tourism industry. Carlisle’s growing tourism industry presents business opportunities in the hospitality, food and beverage, and retail sectors.

If you’re looking for business storage in Carlisle, we’re here for you. We now have first-hand experience running a business in Carlisle and can vouch for all of the above, so if you’re considering starting a company in the Cumbrian city, this is your sign.

Don’t forget, we also have locations across the rest of North West England Scotland, including:

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team or visit one of our stores in person to discover how we can help you, whether you’re a local resident, student, or business owner.

Now that we’re into 2023 and the lull of January has hit, you might still be thinking about how to tackle the year and achieve your goals. For some people, setting goals for the new year means losing weight, reading more, or giving up smoking. But goals don’t have to be about stopping or starting habits, particularly as most of these well-meaning ideas are abandoned by February. Trying to make 2023 the best year it can be is about more than self-improvement; it can be about finally making steps to get to where you want to be in life.

Whether you’ve always wanted to own a business, take the plunge into a brand-new career sector, or move to a new area, make 2023 the year you stop hoping and start doing.

Think About Where You Want to Be

The first step to making 2023 your year is establishing where you are now and where you want to be. How do you want your year to look? Are you hoping to found your start-up business, go to university to finally get the degree you need to switch up your career or move out of your hometown to a brand-new area? Whatever it is, deciding your goals is the first step in ensuring your dreams become a reality.

Once you have a clear idea of your destination, you can begin planning your journey and deciding the best route to make sure you get to where you want to be by the end of the year.

SMART steps written in a notebook

Take SMART Steps

You may have heard of the SMART technique before. If not, it’s an acronym that sets out a way to create, well, smart goals:

Ticking a to-do list

Using the SMART method makes goals more manageable and easier to set out. As you follow each letter of SMART, you are forced to think carefully about the dream, allowing you to make sure that goal is realistic and attainable. For example, if you’re planning on moving to a new house, write that goal down and apply the SMART method so you can start to see your action plan come to life.

S: Where do you want to move to? What’s your budget?

M: When should you have your deposit by? How long until you can start viewings?

A: Realistically, can you afford to move home this year?

R: Will the stress of moving house be worthwhile?

T: What should you do in the next week, month, or six months to stay on track?

We recommend pinning your SMART list to your fridge or sticking a note to your laptop so you can always see it and be aware of the next step.

Take Initiative

Take the initiative with your goals. For example, if you want to begin studying for your degree, spend some time researching which course is right for you, the best universities for your course, and where you want to study. Once the initial research is done, you can start conversations to find out how to apply, when to apply, and what you need to do to prepare and make the transition to a student as stress-free as possible.

Start written on the road

Additionally, if you want to start your own business, start your research. There is so much information available online, so even if you have no clue how to set up a business, set aside time to find out. Message small business owners through sites like LinkedIn and see if any would be willing to have a chat with you about the process. Don’t just collapse on the couch when you get home from work, do the right thing and begin your journey.

One of the main factors to consider is where your business will be based. Choosing home-based work is an excellent idea if you’re looking to keep costs low. At the same time, it can be challenging to separate work from home, so ensuring you don’t overwhelm yourself with business belongings taking over your home is key. Our business self-storage is the best choice, as it provides you with the space you need to store business items, so you don’t lose or damage documents or fall over stock in your spare room. We have storage sites across Scotland and North West England, including:

Maintain a Positive Outlook

Setbacks and failures happen to everyone; what sets apart the people who succeed and those who don’t is how they handle that failure. Don’t let a bad day or a bad week sour your motivation. Instead, take some time to shake it off, return to your SMART goal and pick up where you left off.

Woman cheering looking at laptop

And don’t forget to share your goal with your friends and family; celebrate your wins with them, no matter how small. Their support will help you keep that positive energy focused on your goals.

Evaluate and Re-Adjust

A year is a long time to plan for, and it will go by in a flash. If you find yourself struggling or you think your wants may have changed, there’s no shame in adjusting your goal accordingly. After six months or so, evaluate your progress by looking at where you started in 2023 and what you’ve achieved so far. Maybe you’ll have already completed your goal, or perhaps you didn’t manage to get started. Either way, take some time to reflect on your progress and re-adjust if necessary.

We hope you feel inspired to make the change you’re looking for in 2023. From everyone at Kangaroo Self Storage, we hope this year brings you what you’re looking for. As always, we’re here to provide support in the form of extra space whether you need domestic self-storage when moving home, student self-storage when going to university, or business self-storage when starting your own company.

Moving home is often considered one of the most stressful times in your life. Whether from one accommodation to the next or going back home for the holidays, it is often the bain for most students' university experience. Being a student, it often feels like you spend much of your year moving to a fro.  

Whether your parents are hassling you to pack up your room before you leave for your big adventure to university or you are worried about your personal belongings being safe when you come home, we can help. With our student storage, we can help take the load off and act as a central point for all your belongings so you can relax, knowing they are safe and secure. 

Early Preparation is Key  

When it comes to jobs you may not look forward to, it often feels like a heavy weight on your shoulders, and you may find yourself procrastinating and leaving everything to the last minute. However, when it comes to moving out of student accommodation, preparing early can offer significant relief.  

If you like to be super organised, you could even create a schedule with to-do lists that can be completed throughout this time, leaving the big move day a breeze because most of the jobs will have already been completed in advance. 

Lists and Sectioning  

Lists are the best way to organise your time and help break the big task of moving down into more manageable chores. Making a list of all your items and ticking them off can give you an incredible sense of gratification. Then, decide whether you intend to take it with you, leave it at home (or your accommodation), and any leftover items could be boxed up and put into a storage unit, keeping both locations tidy and free from clutter. You can book one of our units for term-time storage or holiday storage, and we offer the most competitive prices for all budgets.   Student writing down a list of items she needs to take to university

Another way to break down the big move is to section your space or room into more manageable areas. For example, plan to cover areas in spells; your wardrobe could be task one, your chest of drawers task two, and under your bed could be task three. Having smaller sections can help reduce the overwhelming feelings a move can provide.  

Get Help Organised From the Start  

Making sure you have the relevant help before beginning to pack will lessen the stress come moving day. Whether you need help moving or dismantling furniture, having the extra hands will help lessen the load and make it a much more enjoyable experience.   People helping to move uni items into student accommodation

It is also a good idea to make sure that when it comes to the big day, you have someone to help with transportation. Even if you use your own vehicle, the extra weight and overloading of your car is not healthy and can cause damage if travelling long distances. Ask friends and family for help or recommendations for someone who can. If there is no other option, many removal companies can offer discounts to students, and it may be worth checking with your university for their suggested removal services. 

Labels and Boxes Are a Must  

Although using bags for life and bin bags may feel more accessible, unpacking can become challenging when you get to your new accommodation. Searching through miscellaneous bags for items you need immediately can cause settling-in stress.  

Boxes offer more protection and better organisation. Unlike a bag, a box will offer a more rigid and stackable structure, preventing your personal belongings from getting broken or damaged in transit. In addition, they provide a perfect surface to ensure correct labelling and itemised content listing. This offers significant ease when unpacking as you can locate the items you wish to put away first. Alternatively, if you plan to put things in storage, it helps remind you of each box's contents after extended periods.   Moving boxes ready for university

We offer a broad selection of storage boxes within our box shop. We stock sizes for every item, including conducive wardrobe boxes, protecting your clothes at all stages of the move.  

Sort Through Clothes Before Moving 

If you are preparing to move and know you will not use an item of clothing until you have moved out, organise a system in which you pack away items after they have been washed and dried. This can help save you time and packing later down the line, reducing the stress and time needed to pack. It can also be applied to bedding and sheets, saving you from needing to wash when you unpack.  

If you believe you may have too many clothes or have a significant amount you no longer wear, take the opportunity to reduce what you need to take with you. You could organise three piles, clothes to donate, seasonal clothing, and clothes to take. If you have a considerable amount of seasonal clothing, we have a selection of storage sizes that you can use to rotate your wardrobe without cluttering your room.   Uni student looking through clothes to move

Suppose you need any additional storage help whilst at university or returning home. In that case, we have competitive prices across all our storage unit locations and offer storage across various locations in the North West and Scotland, ideal for students.  

Our Dundee student storage, for example, is a quick 6 minutes from the University of Dundee and Abertay university. So, where ever you are studying, see if we have a unit close to you and book a storage space online.  

As the university year comes to a close, many student accommodation tenancies will be coming to an end. Whether you're heading home for the summer, going travelling or moving everything to your new digs, moving out of student accommodation can be stressful. Not only do you need to pack up everything you own – including all the things you've accumulated over the year, but you'll want to make sure to leave your accommodation clean and as you found it when you arrived if you want to get your security deposit back.

Get Organised

Before you start packing up your room, it's good to find out exactly what you need to do ahead of and on moving day. First, check your tenancy agreement and confirm your move out date. With this date in mind, you can start to arrange when you're going to empty your room, clean, and hand back the keys. If, for example, you're studying at a university in Glasgow, now is also an excellent time to book your student storage in Glasgow if you need somewhere safe and secure to keep your belongings over the summer.

At this point, it's also a good idea to talk to your flatmates about their moving out plans to make sure everyone does their fair share of cleaning the communal areas. You may even be able to split the cost of student storage in Edinburgh if their plans align with your own.

Check Your Inventory

When you moved into your student accommodation, you will likely have completed an inventory declaring the condition of everything in the property. Before moving out, check the inventory and make sure everything is in the same condition you found it when you arrived. Any damage to the property will be deducted from your initial security deposit, so it pays to do a thorough inspection of the inventory.

If anything is damaged or broken beyond what could be considered general wear and tear, honesty is the best policy. Talk to your landlord or student accommodation provider before moving out and report any maintenance issues. They are likely to be more understanding if you're honest with them.

student checking accommodation inventory

Bills, Utilities and Changing Address

Depending on whether your rent includes utilities, you may or may not have final bills to pay and metre readings to provide to energy suppliers. If you've been paying utility bills yourself, you'll need to take final metre readings, settle your final bills, and close your accounts. Keep a record of any metre readings and payments you make for future reference.

If your bills are included in your rent, your landlord or accommodation provider should have this in hand, but do make sure you've informed any other companies you receive bills from that you've moved to a different address. Nowadays, most companies send bills electronically, but it's a good idea to set up a redirect with the Royal Mail to make sure any paper bills get forwarded to your new address.

Declutter, Donate and Recycle Unwanted Things

You've probably accumulated a lot of unnecessary stuff over the past year, and moving out is the perfect opportunity to declutter and find new homes for the things you no longer need. Set any unwanted clothes, books or anything else you want to be rid of to one side. See if your flatmates want anything you're giving away and donate anything in good condition to a local charity shop.

For items that are broken or not in a suitable condition to be donated, try to recycle them before throwing them straight in the bin. Your local recycling centres will often accept everything from old clothes to electrical equipment, so it's best to dispose of things this way rather than in your general waste bins.

cleaning products

Do a Deep Clean

It may not be glamorous, but a thorough clean of your student accommodation is an absolute must if you want to get your full security deposit back (money aside, it's also the respectful thing to do). Many accommodation providers will offer guidance on their expectations for an end-of-tenancy clean. Still, as a general rule, it should be a thorough, deep clean that covers every nook and cranny of your accommodation.

A deep clean is best performed once you've moved everything out and are working with an empty space. This is where student storage in Dundee comes in handy, as you can get all your possessions into a storage unit and out of the way before you start cleaning. Clean everything from the carpets to the walls, insides of the kitchen cupboards and the oven, and you'll get your deposit back in no time.

student packing boxes to move out

Arrange Student Storage

We've touched upon using self storage like that available from Kangaroo, but we're going to mention it again because it really can be a lifesaver for students and parents. Self storage can take the stress out of moving house by giving you a safe, clean and secure place to keep your things for as long as you need.

Whether that's a few weeks, the whole summer, or years, units like Kangaroo's self storage in Altrincham, Warrington, Preston, Dundee, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Liverpool and Wirral come in a range of different sizes, so you'll never pay for more space than you need. Moreover, as a student, you'll likely move house multiple times, between halls of residence, your parents' house and off-campus house shares. That's a lot of shifting all your things back and forth. Using self storage whilst you're between houses is a great way to alleviate some of the stress of moving, so get a quote for self storage in Scotland and the North West today.

Moving into your student accommodation can be daunting. For many, it may be the first time you’ve ever spent any extended time away from home. But fear not, because with some simple decorating tips and tricks, you can make that uni accommodation feel like your very own bedroom in no time!

Beat that homesickness with these ideas:

There's No Place Like Home


Personalised Noticeboard

Your accommodation probably comes with a noticeboard, and if it doesn’t, you can get them pretty cheaply. Noticeboards are great because you can pin anything you need to remind yourself of, or create your very own personalised display to make your room look ten times better.

Pin pictures, tickets, wristbands, leaflets and anything else you gather during your time as a student and add them to the board to create your very own snapshot of your student life. It will act as amazing décor for your room and also serve as a useful visual timetable for upcoming events.

Put a Pin in Thatvia GIPHY

Display Photos

It goes without saying, but having constant reminders of your friends, family and pets in the form of photos will help keep that homesickness at bay. Forget printing them on paper, get yourself some proper photo prints of your favourite memories and stick them up around the room. Better yet, invest in some beautiful frames and have them displayed on your desk where you can always see them.

There are plenty of creative and unique ways to display photos if your uni is strict about sticking things to walls, like using pegs attached to string lights; you could even add the photos to your noticeboard to make a collage.

A Photo Display

Choose Familiar Bedding

Most people buy brand new bedding for their university room, and it makes sense, you’ll still want a made bed at your home for the holidays, after all. However, if you want to make sure your uni room reminds you of home, you could opt to buy identical or very similar looking bedding, so it feels like it’s already your bed.

Tiana Falling on Her Bedvia GIPHY

Personalised Door

University halls tend to look completely identical with nothing but a number identifying which room is which. So why not personalise your door so everyone knows which room is yours? It’ll allow you to splash a little of your personality and interests on the front of an otherwise dull, boring door.

You can get posters specifically sized for doors, or you could stick some kind of sign on it, inviting people to knock, or you could even opt for a doormat to lay outside, making your room feel like your very own mini house.

Ash Getting a Door Slammed in His Facevia GIPHY

Rearrange Furniture

Uni rooms are ashamedly identical as a result they’re a little characterless. It’s not always possible to do anything about this, as the furniture may be nailed down or because the room is too small to move anything around. But, if possible, you could consider moving stuff around to try and make your room feel more like what you have at home.

If there is space, you could even get some more furniture for added home comforts, such as a comfy bean bag or a rustic bedside table.

Pivot!via GIPHY

Cushions, Cushions Everywhere

There’s a reason your parents have cushions in every room and on every chair. Cushions are great for decorating blank spaces as they come in any colour, pattern or design, and unlike ornaments or decorative pictures, you can actually use them in a practical sense. Take a page from your parents’ book and get yourself some jazzy scatter cushions to make your room more decorative, homely and inviting.

Pink and White Cushions

A Comfy Throw

Never underestimate what a giant, snuggly throw can do for a room. Tucked onto the end of your bed or draped across a chair, a fluffy throw or a big knitted blanket will give your room a pop of colour and add an extra decorative touch that will make you feel right at home.

The Goldbergsvia GIPHY

Fairy Lights

It’s a total cliché, but there’s a reason for that. There is just something magical about fairy lights that can transform any dull, boring university accommodation into a sparkling wonderland. Well, maybe not that extreme, but they’re certainly pretty, and they will make the room a million times cosier.

Student Using Laptop in Bed Surrounded by Fairy Lights

Add Little Touches that Make You Happy

The best way to make sure your uni accommodation feels like home is to take as many reminders as you can. Whether it’s an old teddy you’ve had since you were small, or an ornament from the windowsill which has been there for as long as you can remember, filling your student accommodation with those personal, homely touches will help you transform any space into your very own home away from home.

Good to Be Homevia GIPHY

When it comes to the end of term or end of year,  Kangaroo Self Storage Scotland can help you keep your belongings safe and sound. No need to carry all those homely touches home – you’ll need them when you’re back anyway.  If you’re thinking of travelling and don’t have your student accommodation over the holidays, or you need somewhere to store your things moving between digs, we can help. We provide clean, secure and affordable student storage in Glasgow, Dundee and Edinburgh. We sell boxes and we’ll even pick up – just get in touch.

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