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The Undergraduate Guide to Self-Storage

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When the time comes to move away from home, start fresh in a brand-new city, and begin your university years, there’s a lot to think about. Budgeting, making friends, missing family, and that’s all before the stress of your studies! At Kangaroo, we understand the struggles that undergraduates go through when beginning this new chapter in their lives, which is why we take the stress away from the storage side of student life.

It’s no secret university accommodation is usually pretty small, with minimal storage space for your belongings, which can be tricky if you don’t pack light. Within a couple of weeks, your drawers are overflowing, your suitcases are taking up space, and there’s no room to sit comfortably at your desk.

Well, this is where student self-storage swoops in to save the day! We have spacious, clean, and safe storage units close to many universities across Scotland and North West England, so you can store your belongings safely without them taking over your accommodation. And here, we’re providing a complete guide for undergraduates using self-storage – let’s get you organised, tidy, and on the right foot to start your uni years!

Working Out If You Need Self-Storage as a Student

There are many reasons why you might need student storage, but most commonly, undergrads opt for our units because they simply need the extra space. As mentioned, student halls are typically small, with a single bed, a desk, and very little storage space. When first-years move from home, they’ve usually packed up their entire childhood bedroom and fitting this into the room they’re given at university can sometimes be impossible. In these scenarios, self-storage is an excellent option, as it provides some breathing space so that you can keep everyday items in your room and other non-essentials in your unit.

students at kangaroo self storage holding boxes

For international students, self-storage is even more essential. Undergraduates moving from abroad will be bringing items they’ll need all year round, as nipping home to pick up some extra jumpers or drop off books they used in the first term isn’t as simple as it is for UK students. By using a storage unit, international students can leave most of their items in storage and rotate their belongings as and when they need them.

Another reason students choose Kangaroo as a less permanent solution is in-between moves. Unfortunately, delays do happen, and you might not be able to move into your new digs as soon as you arrive in your university city. But what do you do with all your things while you head out for lunch or explore the area? Leaving all your belongings in your parents’ car could be risky, so we provide a safe place to store your items, even if it’s just for the day!

How Self-Storage Benefits Undergraduates

Whether you’re storing items short-term while you get settled, or you need somewhere permanent to keep your things during your university years, there are many benefits to choosing self-storage as opposed to other options like keeping them at home or stuffing them into your accommodation.

  • Breathing space to study. There’s nothing worse than trying to revise or watch a lecture and not being able to concentrate because of the clutter. It’s been proven that a tidy space equals a tidy mind, so remove the items you don’t need every day and let us take them off your hands.
  • Freedom to rotate your belongings. As mentioned, going home to swap your winter and summer wardrobes or to drop off books and study materials you no longer need isn’t always simple. Here, self-storage is a lifesaver, providing you with the freedom to rotate your things and not let them overcrowd your accommodation.
  • Protection from “sticky fingers”. When moving to a new city with people you’ve never met before, it’s understandable to feel a bit apprehensive and protective of your valuables. Self-storage is a great solution for students who want a completely secure place to leave expensive or sentimental items they’re worried about leaving in their halls.
students holding boxes moving into student accommodation

How Self-Storage Grows with Your University Journey

One of the best things about student self-storage is that it grows during your university journey. A lot happens during those three or more years of undergraduate study, sometimes leading to postgraduate education, and during this time, circumstances change.

While at first, you may have rented a storage unit to help you transition during your move or to keep things safe during the summer holidays, you may have found other uses for your unit. Luckily for you, Kangaroo Self Storage is completely flexible, allowing you to upscale or downsize your unit size whenever you need to (providing we have the room!). Just let us know if you need extra space or if you’re not getting the most for your money and want a smaller unit, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Also, if you’ve managed to convince friends that self-storage is the way forward, nothing is stopping you from sharing your space! Each storage unit has an individual padlock, and only the owner holds the key. So, if you want to share it with a friend, that’s completely up to you. But if you’d prefer to keep your items accessible only by you, just bring your friend along to your unit one day and get them to speak to our friendly team, and we can get them set up in their own private unit.

inside kangaroo self storage site

How Close Is Your Self-Storage Unit to Your University?

At Kangaroo, we have self-storage units across Scotland and North West England, most of which are conveniently located close to universities, so you’re never too far away from your belongings. Find your nearest Kangaroo below:

Please note that these are the average travel times to the university buildings, and student accommodation is much closer to our storage sites at each location. For details on where to find us, explore our website to get in touch with our friendly team.

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